Welcome Teachers, Students & Staff Back To School!

By Michael Lerner
Friday, August 2nd 2019
While students may regret the passing of summer, they’re also excited about a new school year. The same can be said about parents, teachers, and staff. With all the excitement comes a great deal of preparation. In order to be successful, everyone must have the supplies they need throughout the year.

That’s where Promos On-Time comes in. We’ve got the products necessary for everyday school use, academic awards, and special school events. The first event, of course, is the beginning of the school year! Provide a warm greeting through Welcome Back Gifts and build pride with your school’s custom imprint. Students can be also be anxious as they return. These gifts go a long way to helping acclimate them to the end of summer and the resumption of their classwork. Present them with essential supplies, including highlighters, rulers, pens, backpacks, erasers, and more. Hand out the Economy Padfolio and Apple Stress Ball Key Chain to teachers. Everyone will appreciate lunchtime gifts: the Lunch To Go Kit, Salad To Go Kit, and Freezable Gel Lid Storage Container. Recognize volunteers from the start with the School Volunteer Lapel Pin. Place your school’s custom Welcome Back message on our Full Color 6’ x 4’ Banner.

All teachers know that motivating students is critical to their success. This positive reinforcement ensures that they will continue to give their very best effort to their schoolwork. Hand out student aswards, including lapel pins and certificates, that recognize their strides in reaching the honor roll, math and science, art and music, citizenship and volunteering, reading, athletics, and attendance. Each award is great for award ceremonies and individual recognition.

The easiest way to motivate students is to put a message of praise right in their hands! Our colorful Student Award Pencils feature messages sure to place smiles on their faces: "A” and "A-B” Honor Roll, Student of the Month, Participation, Readers Are Leaders, and the all-purpose Achievement and Wow! Good Job! Fantastic! Pencils. Place your school’s statement on Zippered Pencil Cases.

Keep students and teachers organized with our Custom Academic Planners & School Year Calendars. We offer a wide variety, from the 14-month Academic Desk Planner – School Year 2019-2020 to the Weekly Academic Pocket Planner to the Soft Touch Designer Academic Pocket Planner in elegant two-tone vinyl. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to keep everyone on track all year long.

Express your gratitude to your staff members, whose dedication makes your school a special place of learning. After all, they need motivation too, especially when the school day is stressful. There are so many ways to show them how you feel: the ABC, Staff Recognition, and Teacher Apple Lapel Pins; I’m Appreciated Gripper Bottle, Success Chocolate Apple, and Appreciation Planter Set. These gifts, including our Teachers Are Our Treasure 6’ x 4’ Banner, are also perfect for holding a successful Teacher Appreciation Week.

Besides the beginning of school, you can also plan for important events throughout the year. Boost pride at sports events, test-taking rallies, and homecoming with School Spirit and Pep Rallies gifts: Foam #1 Hands, sports-oriented stress balls, plush toys, pom poms, and rally towels. At the end of the year, hold an outstanding prom by placing congratulatory and safety messages on our Buckle-Up Key Tag, 20-oz. Slim Poly Bottle, and Nylon Drawstring Backpack. Make moving up and graduation meaningful and inspire students to continue their education with our Graduation Lapel Pin, Participation Certificate, and Graduation Cap Stress Ball.

The new school year will be here before you know it! Start it off right by preparing students, teachers and administrators with supplies, reminders, motivators and welcome back gifts.