Top 10 Keepsakes For Prom Night

By Michael Lerner
Wednesday, May 29th 2019
Whether you are a school administrator helping to plan the student prom or a parent throwing an after prom bash for your kid, you will need something to make the night even more memorable - What better way to do so than with prom night keepsakes and gifts? Many trinkets can be personalized with the year, the school, and/or the prom theme. If the party is intimate enough, you can even consider including each person’s name. How special would that be?

The top 10 prom gifts and keepsakes are as follows:

1. Key Tags – Many of you many have gotten one of these at you own prom. Well, this little gift can be improved upon by having them include a message about safety and the dangers of drinking and driving.

2. Water Bottles – Dancing the night away at junior or senior prom will naturally work up a thirst. Therefore, having their own prom water at the kids’ disposal will make the night feel even more special. The label can be personalized to the class’s theme to fit in perfectly to the decorations.

3. Goody Bags – Who doesn’t love leaving an event or party with a bag full of goodies and treats? These are always a big hit and the best part is, even the goodies can be personalized to commemorate the student’s special night.

4. Custom Chocolate Bars And Candy – These customizable sweet treats not only make a great prom gift, but they are perfect prom fundraisers as well. The students on the prom committee can sell these to raise extra funds for their prom decorations, keepsakes, and so on.

5. Coffee Mugs – This is most likely another special keepsake you received at your prom. This is one of the most popular items to give out on this memorable night. Many keep these for years and years to look back on with nostalgia and remember a fun filled night.

6. T-Shirts – This is another highly popular prom keepsake, especially for after prom parties. The students can get out of their formal were and don these to dance the night away. Personalized prom Ts are a perfect way to retain cherished memories by students signing them with special messages to each other.

7. Photo Frames – With today’s smartphones, there is absolutely no doubt that prom means hundreds or even thousands of pictures will be taken. These fun filled images can be proudly displayed in a prom themed photo frame.

8. Magnets – These useful gifts and be customized for a Save-the-Date and handed out to the kids when they purchase their prom tickets. The students can count down the days to this high school milestone while having these as a little reminder they can place in their lockers.

9. Custom Lapel Pins – These little pins can be imprinted with the prom’s theme/motto, date, and so on. Both boys and girls can wear these the night of the prom or just hold on to them for memorabilia sake. If prom t-shirts are part of the prom gifts, these can be attached to them.

10. Banners And Balloons – No prom would be complete without customized balloons and banners. At prom night’s end, many even take these items home to keep.

There are many more options for prom night keepsakes and gifts, as these are just the top 10. The wonderful thing is, you can pick several of these items and customize them in different ways for the students to keep for years to come. In addition, there are items that can be used on the night of their prom and other items they will cherish forever.