Safety Month Prep Starts Now

By Michael Lerner
Wednesday, March 27th 2019
As the next Safety Month approaches, you can plan top-notch meetings and/or seminars to really get the message to stick. This is a great opportunity to educate staff members on the company’s safety procedures. However, it is never too soon to plan and get prepared. There will need to be presentations, at least one speaker, handout materials, and promos/giveaways. These meetings will showcase workplace safety techniques and procedures. So, making sure everything is taken care of from A to Z will ensure it all goes smoothly.

When prepping for the meetings, be sure to keep the following in mind.

Presentations – There are several types of presentations you can use, such as slides, short movies, graphs, illustrations, PowerPoint, black or white boards, demonstrations, and more. Keep them interesting, fun and to the point. This will capture and hold the attendees’ attention. Humor is another way to present the material and keep it from becoming mundane. For example, there can be slides of comedic accidents that can be the lead in to discussing real potential hazards in the workplace.

Speaker(s) – An outside speaker can be hired or a supervisor or manager can be the one to speak. If you go with an outside speaker, choose one from a safety company who offers experts with many years of experience. If you go with someone within the company, be sure there is enough time to rehearse and get down exactly what needs to be covered.

Handout Materials – These can be pamphlets covering safety techniques, Safety Pocket Calendar, First Aid Safety Tips Slider, flyers, and other materials to help drive home the message.

Promos/Giveaways – These items are one of the easiest to plan. There are many options and all of which can be customized with the meeting’s safety motto and other important and memorable safety message. Some of the safety-imprinted items are Mini Hard Hat Keychain, Drawstring Backpack Safety Incentive with Slogan, Team Safety T-Shirt, Travel Mug Safety Incentive with Slogan, Hard Had LED Key Chain, and ANSI Safety Hard Hat.

Topics – Keep the topics interesting and upbeat. Be sure to cover topics such as the importance for following procedures, using safety equipment, how to operate equipment correctly, why there should not be any goofing off while performing job duties, the need to stay safety-minded, and so on.

In addition, posting signage around the company in high accident areas will be constant reminders that accidents can happen at any time and safety needs to be practiced at all times. Customizable banners are a great option for this. There are even some ready to be posted with perfect safety messages, like one that reads, "Team Safety - Together, Smarter, Safer." June may be National Safety Month, but prepping now will ensure the meetings and lectures are executed with precision. The sooner you have everything pulled together, the easier it will be when June arrives. When the presentations go well, the entire company will have and keep the safety goals on their minds.