Keep Kids Safe In School

By Michael Lerner
Thursday, March 21st 2019
In order to boost students’ academic achievements, they must feel safe in school. Children who worry about being bullied, for example, have difficulty concentrating on their studies and paying attention in class. In contrast, those who go to school with a sense of well-being and trust are able to thrive.

Promos On-Time is your premier site for educational products that help your school maintain itself as an outstanding place of learning. We have the items that will help educational professionals like you meet today’s student safety challenges.

Internet use has resulted in a variety of safety issues that affect youngsters. Many students have encountered bullying and threats on the web, and have also come upon sites that are inappropriate. For younger children, we offer the Internet Safety Coloring & Activity Book, which features activities that reinforce the valuable lessons, as well as the Internet Safety Storybook, and Internet Safety for Kids Pocket Guide & Record Keeper. Present older children with the Internet Safety Guide and Internet Bullying Bookmarks, which list valuable safety points.

We also have educational resources that focus on bullying in general: the How to Deal with Bullying Coloring & Activity Book and No Bullying Storybook. Since bracelets are all the rage with youngsters, be sure to hand out our Bully Free Zone Bracelets widely.

Drug use is one of the greatest dangers to current students. Promos On-Time is your one-stop-shopping site for items that will help you prevent their using illegal and harmful substances. Each one features attention-getting anti-drug slogans, created with the valued input of educators like you. We offer Red Ribbons that display such powerful themes as "The Choice for Me Is Drug Free,” "Proud To Be Drug Free!,” and "I Am My Own Anti-Drug.” At drug prevention rallies, hand out such popular products as the "Life Is Sweet Drug Free” Chocolate Bar, "Stay Smart Drug Free” Pencil Sharpener, "Say It Loud, I’m Drug Free and Proud” Megaphone, and "Live Life Drug Free” Button. Be sure to display the "Celebrate Red Ribbon Week: Not Just For A Week But For Life” Banner at rallies and in the lunchroom and hallways. Kids will enjoy adding the "No Drugs, No Way” and "No Drugs, No Way!” Stickers to their collections. Distribute our Coloring & Activities Books: "Be Smart, Say No To Drugs,” "Stay Drug Free,” "We Don’t Need Drugs: Just Say No,” and "Smart Kids Say No To Drugs.” Make sure that young readers have a "Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Aren’t For Me” Bookmark. Remind students to stay away from other harmful substances with the "Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Aren’t For Me! Bookmark.”

Of course, you must also be concerned with students traveling safely to and from school. Hand out our School Bus Stress Ball and School Bus Magnet, complete with a safety slogan from your school. Introduce young children to school bus safety practices with the "School Bus Safety” Coloring & Activity Book.

To help parents keep their children safe, distribute the "Your Child’s Safety at School” Pocket Slider, the Reflective Wrist Band, DNA ID Kit, and Fingerprint ID Kit. Reinforce safety standards among your entire staff year round with the "Think Safety” Monthly Planner, Safety Pocket Planner, and Safety Wall Calendar.

Promos On-Time is ready to help you keep your students safe so they can concentrate on learning and fulfilling their potential. Call our friendly customer service representatives today for today’s best school safety products at 1-800-793-7184.