Keeping Staff Safe Begins With Awareness

By Michael Lerner
Tuesday, February 12th 2019

National Safety Month is about focusing on awareness. Injuries leading to an OSHA recordable lost time incident can be prevented with proper awareness of safety procedures. During the month of June, extra safety classes and/or seminars can be hosted to ensure all employees are aware of the correct techniques for lifting heavy items, caring them to a different location, and how properly to operate any company machinery.

Office managers need to be sure all new and existing staff members are up to date on all implemented safety policies. This can be done through creating Safety Manuals and handouts that are customized with important safety messages. Catch slogans are another great way to keep employees’ awareness on safety matters. For example, “The Right Way is the Safe Way,” “Safety Starts with You,” or “Safety First” are just a few of the more popular ones.

Using items that have been imprinted with these messages or slogans will ensure that staff will have a reminder. Some great products that are likely to be used daily are as follows.

  • Lunch Bag Safety Incentive with Slogan
  • Drawstring Backpack Safety Incentive with Slogan
  • Safety Wall Calendar
  • Reflective Safety Vest
  • ANSI Safety Hard Hat
  • 4-in-1 Turbo Radio Light
  • Indoor/Outdoor Entry Mat
  • Travel Mug Safety Incentive with Slogan
  • Safety Is Up To Us T-Shirt
  • Engraining the importance of safety into each employees will prevent costly time loss accidents, as well and the little ones too. Everyone needs to know there is a right way to do his or her job duties and a wrong way, and the wrong way could get them hurt. To accomplish this, businesses need to implement strict safety policies right away.

    One of the first steps in implementing these policies is safety awareness. Business owners and managers can have signage created with little reminders at each workstation on how to remain safe. Using banners like "Zero Accidents" or "Team Safety - Together, Smarter, Safer" are perfect reminders as well. Posting either around areas where the potential to have an accident like around dish washing stations, frying vats, machinery, and so on is always a good idea.

    Focus on safety should not stop at National Safety Month and with the right manuals, signage, banners, and customizable products companies will ensure their staff remains safe while on the job. Just one reportable time loss accident can range from $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the accident. There are also many hidden costs and according to the OSHA website, for each dollar spent on an accident, there are three dollars in hidden costs, such as accident clean up, time spent training a new employee while the injured one is out, and any OSHA fines that may have been incurred.

    Therefore, safety awareness not only keeps employees safety-minded and production up, but also will keep the company’s budget from taking a big hit. No business wants to deal with workers compensation claims or the loss of a valuable employee. June may be Safety Month, but safety awareness continues throughout the year.