Don't Let The Desktop Go To Pasture!

By Michael Lerner
Tuesday, January 8th 2019
We all know that promotional products can be one of the most effective and economical means to broadcast your marketing or motivational message to clients or employees. But with tens of thousands of items to choose from, it can be a daunting task to choose just the right ones.

Usually, an event of some kind is where the planning starts. Few people just say, "let's get some pens with our logo and hand them out at some time". In most cases, a person or committee is responsible for handling the logisitics of a trade show, confererence, presentation or a staff appreciation or motivation event. So, once you know what you are doing, it is time to figure out what you want to accomplish.

For most events like conventions, awareness drives or team building recognition, there is a goal. It can be luring and earning new clients, promoting a cure or treatment for health care related events or honoring a department in your company. There are hundreds of events each year... just see our comprehensive calendar to scratch the surface. In addition to the show and conference ciruit, there are recognition and awareness dates for Teachers, Nurses, Customer Service Representatives, Breast Cancer, Autism Awareness, Safety and so many more.

So, you have been given a budget, a list of attendees or particpants and a theme. It's time to come up with gifts or giveaways that will convey your message to create more business, inform the community or inspire staff members. Where do you start with all of the ideas available? Well, let's start in an easy place that for many will captivate their attention and a good part of their day. We are talking about the desk. It may be a cubicle, work station or even a motor vehicle, but everyone sits down to either work on their computer, talk on the phone or do paperwork. Desktop promotional items come in a wide selection and are available to provide a use for both genders as well as most age groups. And best of all, they will show off your logo, message or theme throughout the day.

With prices ranging from $.14 up to over $25, there are plenty of gifts and handouts you can distrubute at trade shows, on sales calls or at awareness and recogntion events that will convey what you want your end users to know. Few other mediums can provide the marketing or informational punch of promotional products, and the desktop is a great place to inhabit. Here are some great ideas that will get you noticed:
Sometimes the first thing we think of is our morning cup of coffee. For many, it is also the last thing we think of as well. Needless to say, custom coffee mugs make useful gifts that will be enjoyed for that morning jolt or for tea, soup or hot cocoa. The basic ceramic coffee mug comes in many styles, sizes and shapes and provides a large space for your imprint. And how many promotional gifts can you say that literally go right to the mouth?
Sheet for sheet, a printed note cube pad becomes an ornament parked smack dab on any recipient's desk. Most cube pads allow for up to four different pieces of artwork (one on each side) as well as an imprint on the top of each sheet. 3" x 3" cubes are the most popular and come in a choice of adhesive or non-adhesive. Man and woman cannot live by their cell phones alone, especially when they are talking into them. Sometimes a note is easier and more effective.
And going hand and hand with the custom note pad is the obvious pen accompaniment. Promotional pens and other writing instruments have long been the most popular giveaway item because they are inexpensive and lightweight. For as little as $.14, you can place your logo, a message and contact information in the hand of every client, prospect or employee.
There are plenty of old-school folks who still like to use a mouse device with their desktop computer or laptop. And mouse pads probably provide the best desktop advertisement because you can print an extrememly large space with your full color artwork, logo or a photo.
The desktop is not always a happy place. As employees (both yours' and your clients) get more work dumped on them, the level of tension rises. Fortunately, you can provide some relief with our custom imprinted stress balls. Available in hundreds of themes, you will likely find exactly the shape you are looking for, be it a basic shaped stress reliever toy or a fish, animal, plant, food or gadget shaped one.

Of course, you can leave your mark on a wide choice of other desktop accessories like staplers, tape dispensers and organizers. There are enough ideas to fill up the list of demands for your next 10 trade shows, conventions or recognition events.