Smart Marketers Utilize Smart Phones

By Michael Lerner
Wednesday, January 2nd 2019
While it may seem like a Zombie Apoclypse when we see hoards of people walking down the street with their heads down stairing into their phones, it also could be a promotional rebirth! As many young people multi-task both social and business communication with their cell phones as they walk, that means their devices become a valuable piece of advertising or motivational real estate!

As annoying as it is to surf the sidewalks these days, it is reality and will likely be this way for some time to come. People text, do research, look up directions or gasp... actually talk to others on their iPhones or similar devices. This lends an opportunity to get your logo, message or contact information in front of an extremely captive and growing audience. This is why one of the fastest growing product segments in the promotional products industry is smart phone accessories.

It comes down to either attaching your organization's imprint to their phone or keeping it very close. Fortunately, there are some clever gift ideas that will become permanent partners to cell phones either on the go, in the office or at home. And best of all, most of these items are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to transport or distribute. This makes phone related promotional giveaways ideal for trade show promos, staff gifts, or handouts for visitors.

Every industry or organization can get their message across using the cell phone as its vehicle. Imprinted smart phone accessories are ideal for restaurants, health care organizations, safety related establishments like police, ems or fire, and for any business looking to reach either clients, prospects or staff members. Available in many colors, sizes and formats, these little items are coveted by any recipient.

One of the most popular phone related giveaways is the mobile phone pocket. These plastic or silicone attachments adhere to the back of cellphones and become a permanent (although removable) billboard that will be seen often throughout the day. Besides showing off your logo or name, they allow easy and convenient storate of credit cards, identification, cash or keys. They are great for joggers, walkers, hikers or anyone on the go.

Sometimes cell phones and their owners need a little break. Especially when they need to be recharged. Desk and table top mini-stands add another piece of real estate for your logo to reside. While keeping phones in view for incoming texts, calls or reminders, these lightweight and durable stands help keep your marketing or inspirational message alive when phones are not in hand.

How about those mobile phone holders that cannot put their phone down... ever? You may ask how they can keep their phones charged for as many as 12-15 hours a day! Portable chargers and power banks solve that problem. Pocket sized chargers allow you to add another place for your logo. Customized phone chargers are available in many sizes, weights, colors and strengths that will add peace of mind and convenience to the cell phone junkee.

Promos On-Time offers dozens of promotional products to pare with your employees' and cients' cell phones. See our custom phone accessories and get those zombies looking at you!