Hospital Staff Appreciation Week

By Michael Lerner
Tuesday, March 20th 2018
Your employees are the faces of your company. They interact with patients and their families. As a care provider, you always want your staff to put their best foot forward and provide superior care. Even if you show them all year round, Hospital Staff Appreciation week (May 6-12) is a perfect time to express how vital they are to your facility or organization. Reward them and show your appreciation for all they do. Happy staff lead to well cared for patients and happy families, that’s the best PR anyone could ask for.

There are countless people who contribute daily to your organization to make it run smoothly and appear effortless to patients and visitors alike. The obvious employees that come to mind are the administrators, doctors, nurses, CNAs and technicians. There are so many others that do their jobs behind the scenes to enable the people at the front to do their jobs so well. Security guards, maintenance staff, cafeteria workers, orderlies just to name a few. Let’s not forget all of the wonderful people who volunteer their time as well.

There are an endless variety of ways to express your appreciation at all levels, just a few examples include:

Decorate – Place banners and balloons declaring the importance of your staff throughout the facility. Patients and visitors will be inspired to thank their caretakers throughout the week.

Celebrations – a breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert party can go a long way towards showing your staff that you care about them.

Promotional Gifts – There are so many options at every price point, choose from smaller items, such as custom printed pens, key chains, badge holders or even a candle to a more impressive gift such as a tote, beach towel or umbrella they can all carry a message of recognition along with a creative logo proudly touting your organization.

Promos On-Time offers the largest selection of theme decorated nurse, Certified Nursing Assistants, Doctors, Volunteer and other staff appreciation gifts as well as over ten thousand promotional gift ideas that can be personalized with your hospital or health center's logo, artwork and sentiments of praise. Choose from low minimum quantity gift ideas or order in bulk and save. Hospital Staff Appreciation Week is a time to unify and let your dedicated professionals know just how much they mean to your organization and the community.