Promos That Travel

By Michael Lerner
Monday, October 2nd 2017
Whether you’re traveling locally, across the country, or somewhere internationally, travel companion items can make a big difference in how well your trip goes. Did you know that every day, 8 million people fly to different cities and countries? With so many people vacationing or taking business trips, it only makes sense to provide promotional giveaways for your business or organization that help make their journey easier and more convenient.

In 2014, 3.3 billion people traveled throughout the world. That’s nearly 44% of the world’s population! That’s also represents a large and valued resource of potential business for your organization.

Just think of how easy it will be to get your logo, name, message or contact Information in front of clients and prospects. All of Promos On-Time’s gifts and promotional products can be personalized to create the perfect advertising piece that can be handed out at conventions, trade shows, meetings or on sales calls.

Start with bath kits. Performing proper grooming and hygiene tasks is difficult when away from home, but an imprinted kit that can hold vital supplies will be a life saver for that big meeting, wedding celebration or awards ceremony. while traveling around the country or world.

While we hope you remain healthy during your travels, accidents happen. This First Aid Kit can ease your nerves, especially when traveling with little ones. It includes scissors, tweezers, and a pill box for medicine. It even has latex free bandages, gauze pads, bandage fasteners, alcohol swabs, and more! Keep your mind at ease while traveling and know if an accident happens, your prepared. You can even personalize our First Aid Kit’s and give them away at trade shows or even holiday gifts.

Staying fit while traveling can also be a challenge. The Hercules Fitness Kit is a fantastic tool to stay fit and healthy while traveling for work or leisure. The health and fitness kit includes 6 pieces to ensure a strong workout, when traveling on business or vacations. Personalized bag features an internal pocket to stay organized. It even comes with dumbbells, 2 hand grips to work on that grip strength, jump rope, and resistant rope. Add your logo to the fitness kit to create a great gift and show off your fit and healthy lifestyle.

When traveling with kids, it can be tough to stay organized. We at Promos On-Time completely understand this as most of our employees have children themselves. Stay organized with the Collapsible Auto Organizer and let your worries fade away. The organizer is made from laminated non-woven polypropylene, which means it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. It folds flat and expands wide with a cardboard reinforced center. This is an ideal item for car dealerships looking to give away a gift with a new purchase, food stores, and other businesses.

On average, more than 8 million people fly a day. Today, over half of the world’s population will have traveled somewhere by airplane. Be prepared for your long flights. At Promos On-Time, we offer a variety of different items to make traveling easy and fun. From pillows, to travel organizers, to health and safety kits.