Making Commutes More Tolerable

By Michael Lerner
Monday, August 7th 2017
The commute to work can be a boring and time-wasting part of anyone’s work day. With an average two-way commute of at least two hours per day, the typical employee spends a lot of time on their smart phone, reading, or simply sleeping. This time can be taken advantage of to give your staff members, clients, or acquaintances a useful promotional product and give uninterupted exposure to your brand, services or message.

Commuters need useful items and gadgets that will make their trek to work a little less tedious and bit more enjoyable. Be it drinkware, toys or items that will help them get some business day work done, personalized promotional products fill this role while markeing or reenforcing your message.

One of the best giveaways is customized travel mugs and tumblers which can be very useful to commuters as they enjoy coffee, tea or other beverages in their cars, on the bus or train or even during short walks . If an employee is getting up at the crack of dawn, then caffeine can be essential and a branded mug is sure to become a chrished possession that will be used every day while promoting your organization or it's motivational message.

Portable phone chargers are another fantastic giveaway for commuters. There’s nothing worse than being cut off from using a smart phone device before or after important work events. Personal power banks will give your logo and brand the charge it needs while giving recipients more hours to use their valued phones and tablets.

Another alternative tool to making any commute less stressful is meditation. Practicing and utilizing mindfulness an help you be more clear-headed and productive during your day, instead of suffering from stress. Staying calm will keep you more in control during your work day and improve your health. Stress balls are a great tool to help alleviate typical daily stress, combined with meditation. And for those on the bus or train, custom fidget spinners will help reduce tension and boredom for any strap hanger.

Staff and customers can also spend time during their commute listening to music or an educational recording with our imprinted headphones and ear buds.

There are a literally thousands of gift ideass and giveaways that can be extremely useful to commuters while promoting your company, facility or school. From umbrellas for inclement weather to laptop, brief and duffel bags we have everything to make the commute to and from work more pleasurable and productive.