Get On The Green Today

By Michael Lerner
Friday, July 21st 2017
The sport of golf and business have gone together for years. In fact, they go together like peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and sprinkles, and baseball and hot dogs. To tie into this age old marriate, many corporate golf events mold the business world. They also double as a theme for hope and change. From small to big, golf events generate revenue for charities, fundraisers, and raise awareness on certain issues. Golf is also a great team building event and raises company morale.

There are nearly 30 million golfers throughout America. Golf courses make up nearly 3,500 square miles of land mass in the United States. With a sport this popular, especially in the business world, it’s important to take advantage of potential gifts and giveaways. Having a golf outing? Give away a customized polo shirt to employees and attendees. You can also give a high quality sport duffel bag with your imprinted logo or message printed directly on it. These simple, yet great gift ideas are perfect for the green.

One great way to utilize golf to bolster your business is by sponsoring a tournament. Become an associate sponsor at a local or regional golf tournament. There will be a large amount of publicity generated from the event and your brand could gain from increased exposure. With your company name on banners, you will be the face of the event.

A company golf outing is another great idea to have your business utilize golf. Golf events will help build business morale and employee relations. Make your staff feel more valuable by giving them a variety of golf gifts. There are many ideas that cover a wide arrange of price points and needs. Imprinted tees are just pennies each, imprinted golf balls will be cherrished throughout the 18 holes and hopefully beyond and other accessories like divot repair tools, shoe cleaners and towels only add to the endless list.

Local golf courses are usually open to advertising. Get involved with these courses by asking them about donations for events, parties, and more, in exchange for some publicity. Show your organizations philanthropic side by getting involved in important and meaningful charities. You can also help set up a youth gold program or even organize golf lessons for kids in the area.

Whether your sponsoring an outing for cancer awareness or holding an an event for staff and clients, golf is a fantastic business tool. Use the event to push promotional items and get the attention of avid golfers. Most golf items are affordable enough for most events and have great rewards. Golf giveaways create a great impression and make people happy. What are you waiting for? Get on the green today!