Business Is Like Baseball

By Michael Lerner
Wednesday, July 12th 2017
Hitting a home run is usually the goal when it comes to baseball and business. Getting a single, double, triple, or even a walk are also considered successful at-bats. America’s pastime offers great analogies to be used in business. The sport is full of management decisions and many lessons on leadership can be learned. Transferring these lessons from baseball to the business world can be very useful.

When you reach your maximum goal, you hit a home run. The crowd goes wild or in your case, your team has done job well done. Getting a single is like receiving a small order. It won’t change the outcome of the score, but hitting many singles can. Hitting a double is when someone goes the extra mile. They put in that extra effort to reach second base. Smashing a triple is when someone slides into third base, taking advantage of a risen opportunity. Finally, a walk is playing it safe. Sometimes there a big advantages to taking the safe route in business. Sacrifice flies or hits or the ultimate team move.

With baseball’s all-star week upon us in Miami, now is the perfect time to talk America’s pastime. When hiring or building a team, the most prolific candidate isn't always the best for your business. Businesses need to build a staff of workers with complementary skills and high chemistry employees. The same can be said for baseball. You can have a team full of talent, but if they aren't happy playing together, their play worsens. The best teams are able to blend skills and chemistry together.

In baseball and business it’s also important to measure, observe, and analyze your talent. Good baseball managers are great at this and so are successful business owners. It’s important to regularly evaluate and adjust your game plan, based on observations of your team’s strengths. You must take advantage of what your staff is great at. Like in baseball, who you choose to sign or hire and how you use them is extremely important. You must learn to adjust to how your employees operate, so you can use them to their full potential. Business leaders must do everything they can to set their workers up to succeed.

When the Major League Baseball all-star game’s ratings dipped to below average numbers, changes needed to be made. The game was treated like a company picnic or softball game, instead of a professional game showcasing its best players. To make the game more competitive, the league winner was given home field advantage in the World Series. The success of your business relies on the product value to your customer. When baseball raised the value level of the game, it became more competitive and ratings increased.

There are many more analogies that can be used to describe the relationship between baseball and business. It’s important to reward employees and recognize their successes, even if it’s just a single or a walk. Your utility players can be just as important as the power bats. At Promos On-Time we offer a variety of products to pay homage to America’s past time. Reward your players for a game well played, today.