Say “I Do” To Wedding Giveaways

By Michael Lerner
Tuesday, February 28th 2017
Weddings are one of the most joyous times for newlywed couples along with family and friends. A lot of planning goes into a wedding, from bridal showers and bachelor parties to rehearsal dinners and the final ceremony and reception.

Plenty of time is spent on the choosing the function hall, caterer, flowers and a band. Further time must be spent registering for gifts, choosing a menu and selecting a cake. The entire process can be mind-blowing. But in all of this preparation, sometime an import ingredient for wedding celebration success gets left out. We are talking about keepsakes and mementos for the wedding party and guests.

Promotional products lend themselves to a wide range of uses. Everyone knows they are excellent for building business relationships at trade shows and conferences, or for motivating employees. But, imprinted merchandise also makes ideal gifts for party attendees. For weddings, it's a marriage made in heaven!

The entire path of events leading to a wedding is memorable. Why not create a keepsake for participants to remember this special time for years to come. Start with the pre-wedding events like engagement parties, showers and bachelor and bachelorette parties. Save the date magnets will remind invitees when your events will occur as they occupy most household refrigerators. Men will certainly enjoy a beer mug with the bachelor party event and date printed directly on their glass. And the women’s side will love spa-like items including body lotions, manicure kits and other items that will fit in their hand bags.

For engagement parties outdoors, personalized beer and soda Koozies are one of the most popular handouts. Imprinted plastic cups, tumblers and other drinkware also will be a big hit. Frisbees and beach balls with the bride and groom’s name also make fun giveaways for any opening or pre-celebration event. With the cost of most weddings these days, a barbecue or picnic for friends and family is more than enough.

Golf figures heavily into many wedding events. Weekend getaways for men and women to golf resorts is more popular than ever when it comes time to pre-toast the groom or bride. And destination weddings often have a golf tournament a day or two before the big event. Needless to say, custom printed golf balls make excellent gifts ideas. And golf tees more than symbolize the "teeing off” of a new marriage.

When the special day itself arrives, make sure to have items that guests can bring home to remember every second. Start off with custom wrapped candies and mints or lollipops that attendees can enjoy during the reception or they can put in their pockets for the ride home. Full color photos of the newlyweds can also be printed on chocolate bars, cups, plates and especially good bags. If the wedding is an out-of-town event for most of the guests, consider items like massagers or sleeping masks that they can use after a day or night of partying.

During a four or five hour wedding reception, most attention not focused to the newlyweds goes to the dance floor. If you have a band or DJ, make sure to also have fun party staples like hats, sunglasses, lights and masks. They always provide added fun and make wonderful mementos.

Promotional products for weddings are easy to choose and easy to order. And despite the positive impact they have to any wedding, they are surprisingly inexpensive making a tiny dent in most budgets.