Recognition Event and Motivation Ideas

So, how do you thank a nurse? Do you hand out buttons, lapel pins and other "flair"? Do you have a pizza party or ice cream social hour? Do you have an awards ceremony for each shift and honor every dedictated member of your staff? Well, the answer may be yes to every quesiton above. As for the first question, we can certainly help you find both inexpensive tokens of appreciation as well as high-end gifts personalized with your organization's logo and a phrase of praise.

Natonal Nurses Week is held on May 6-12th every year, and it is one of the most celebrated recognition events in the same esteem as similar events for Teachers and other hard-working professionals. Here is our list for the most popular Nurse Appreciation Gift Ideas today:

1. Tote Bags
Nurses love bags. Afterall, they likely spend a good time each day commuting to their place of work. Weather it is a change of clothing, educational material or a meal, the need for a good caryall bag is always there and quality tote bags with your hospital logo and a slogan of appreciation will let them share their pride with everyone they pass from home to the job. Available in cotton, Polyester or more economical Non-Woven material, personalized totes are available with your custom message or our current Nurse Appreciation Week slogan.

2. Lapel Pins
Cute and catchy themed lapel pins always have been and always will be an unofficial part of a nurses uniform. Promos On-Time offers a wide selecton of all-time best sellers and even more new designs for this year. Made of qualithy die-struck metal, our lapel pins let your nurses where their pride on their chest and let patients and co-workers know that caring is the business they have chosen.

3. Candy
The best way to someone's heart is through there stomach, and nurses are no different. After a particulary tough shift, sometimes a sweet treat is just the fix to keep them sharp and motivated with a smile. Choose from a wide selection of candy including lollipops, mints and our Nursing Is A Work of Heart Chocolate Bars.

4. Drinkware
Hydration is vital during a long stint of work, especially those grueling overnights. Specially decorated or customized drinkware makes a great gift that can be enjoyed on breaks or at the nurses station. Choose from a wide selecton of coffee mugs, sports bottles and the popular vaccum bottles that keep drinks hotter or colder for up to 12 hours!

5. Apparel
On or off the job, fun clothing items will remind nursing staff members, their family and friends that nurses are a "work of heart". Choose from custom t-shirts, socks and baseball hats all decorated with a creative nurses slogan and graphic or your own artwork

6. Decorations
A gift is great, but when you make nursing stations, break rooms and common areas festive with a proclamation of National Nurses Week, you are letting everyone know that you truly love your nursing staff. Every year, we provide a theme with posters, buttons, balloons and other colorful items that will make your facility a fun place to celebrate Nurse Appreciation events.

Nurses truly are national treasures and should be honored for the hours they dedicate to your facility and its patients and coworkers. A small token of appreciation in the form of a useful and quality gift will go a long way to let them know that your organization recognizes their constant and relentless efforts.

Posted by Michael Lerner

Your employees are the faces of your company. They interact with patients and their families. As a care provider, you always want your staff to put their best foot forward and provide superior care. Even if you show them all year round, Hospital Staff Appreciation week (May 6-12) is a perfect time to express how vital they are to your facility or organization. Reward them and show your appreciation for all they do. Happy staff lead to well cared for patients and happy families, that’s the best PR anyone could ask for.

There are countless people who contribute daily to your organization to make it run smoothly and appear effortless to patients and visitors alike. The obvious employees that come to mind are the administrators, doctors, nurses, CNAs and technicians. There are so many others that do their jobs behind the scenes to enable the people at the front to do their jobs so well. Security guards, maintenance staff, cafeteria workers, orderlies just to name a few. Let’s not forget all of the wonderful people who volunteer their time as well.

There are an endless variety of ways to express your appreciation at all levels, just a few examples include:

Decorate – Place banners and balloons declaring the importance of your staff throughout the facility. Patients and visitors will be inspired to thank their caretakers throughout the week.

Celebrations – a breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert party can go a long way towards showing your staff that you care about them.

Promotional Gifts – There are so many options at every price point, choose from smaller items, such as custom printed pens, key chains, badge holders or even a candle to a more impressive gift such as a tote, beach towel or umbrella they can all carry a message of recognition along with a creative logo proudly touting your organization.

Promos On-Time offers the largest selection of theme decorated nurse, Certified Nursing Assistants, Doctors, Volunteer and other staff appreciation gifts as well as over ten thousand promotional gift ideas that can be personalized with your hospital or health center's logo, artwork and sentiments of praise. Choose from low minimum quantity gift ideas or order in bulk and save. Hospital Staff Appreciation Week is a time to unify and let your dedicated professionals know just how much they mean to your organization and the community.

Posted by Laurie Lehrer

Finding and keeping good employees is an important part of running a successful organization or business. Employee retention is on every employer’s mind and building a strong team means assembling and keeping a great team. After completing the hard work to recruit and hire the best candidates, it is vital to ensure that they stay with your business for a long time. Replacing departed employees is time consuming and extremely expensive.

Besides providing a challenging and pleasant work environment, it is important to recognize success and promote team building. Giving staff members rewards for a job well done, conducting achievement ceremonies, recognizing milestone and anniversaries, and celebrating birthdays are great ways to keep employees engaged, loyal and motivated.

The longer an employee is with your company or organization, the better they get at performing at their job. As staff members help to grow within the organization, their value grows as well. And when you achieve a high rate of retention of staff members, your business saves money on the costs of hiring new employees, staff training, and your companies cultures becomes more stable and happy, with less turnover.

Lengthening the tenure of your best employees is key to having a strong business. These are the best performers who contribute more and more value, the longer they’re with you. Extending the duration of their employment is extremely key to keep turnover costs down. How can we keep these fantastic employees happy? Show them how much you care and appreciate their strong efforts with employee appreciation gifts with one of our many decorated items that convey how much they are valued, or imprint your logo and a message of your own. Some of the most popular gift ideas include lunch bags, drinkware, desk items, backpacks and messenger bags. But there are literally thousands of ideas that can be personalized with a motivational message.

A few times a year, throw an employee appreciation day with contents and rewards given out to top and long term contributors. Providing small perks like gift baskets and candies can make a big difference with employees. You can also have certain days of the week designated for employee appreciation. For example, you can turn Friday into Fun Friday and give out custom wrapped candy with a message to your employees to show how much you care. It may seem insignificant, but it makes a huge difference. This shows employees that you care about their happiness and keeps them more interested in sticking around.

Conducting "stay” interviews is another great way to keep employees aboard. In addition to having exit interviews with employees that are leaving, have "stay” interviews. Asking employees why they have chosen to stay with your company or leave can offer great insight. You can see if these issues are negotiable and even retain more employees. You can also learn more about why your happy employees are staying, and use this knowledge to keep more employees. This information will strengthen your employee retention strategies.

Celebrating employee anniversaries with the company is also a great way to keep employees happy. When an employee reaches five years, or ten years, or fifteen years, for example, it’s important to show the employee that you appreciate their contributions and loyalty. You should also celebrate employee birthdays to give them a quick, nice break from the typical schedule. Have a staff party during lunch hours or serving a cake on Friday for anyone with a birthday that week lets everyone in your organization know that you treat your staff like family.

Giving your employees appropriate expectation is another great way to keep them happy. When you both know what to expect, good things happen. Employee appreciation is an aspect of business that should not be taken for granted.

Posted by Joe Bradley

Help your new employees to be successful from the start of their service by providing them with a warm welcome. As they begin to feel included and valued, they feel relaxed and inspired to give your company their best.

Orientation and training are decisive in providing staff members with the knowledge necessary to accomplish their tasks. It is incumbent upon companies to fully prepare employees and offer a comprehensive introduction to organizational goals, procedures, and company culture. Motivational talks, PowerPoint presentations, extensive training, paid lunches, and meetings with the owner or president all go a long way toward assimilating new staff members into the company.

Promos On-Time is ready to help you welcome new employees with our promotional giveaways. When you hand out an appealing item to new staff members, you remind them that of your appreciation. Each time they see your logo on the product, they will be filled with a sense of belonging.

Assuming that your employees will spend a great deal of time at their desks, they will appreciate the many items we offer that make the workday easier and more efficient. Part of efficiency is being on task and on schedule. We have a wide variety of desk planners and calendars that will remind them of meetings, project due dates, special assignments, travel, and other important activities. Inspire them year round with the Motivational Monthly Planner and the Motivations Wall Calendar – 2017. The Lifting Shoulders Magnetic Block symbolizes the type of group cooperation essential to work success. When work gets stressful, they’ll appreciate having the Awesome and Success Stress Balls around. Be sure to check out our hundreds of innovative, contemporary pens – the Bic Tri-Tone Twist Pen, Flow Pen, and MaxGlide Click Chrome Pen, among many others – all great for placing your company’s name and message in your staff’s hands.

While they take a coffee break, be sure to continue boosting their dedication with the Caring Is the Business We Have Chosen Mug – or add your own slogan to the Sausalito, Two Tone Tuxedo, and Jamocha Mugs, featured among twelve pages of designs. At lunchtime, they’ll appreciate one of our many insulated bags that keep meals fresh and tasty, including the Thanks For Being Awesome, We Can’t Spell Success Without You Lunch, and I’m Appreciated Lunch Bags.

If your staff members have to take to the road or fly to distant areas, make their business travels more pleasurable with business bags such as the spacious Wheeled Duffel, Rolling Executive Travel Case, and Carryon Satchel. Of course, we also have bags for bringing to work every day: the Mega Messenger Bag, Miama Briefcase, and Document Bag.

After their training is completed, recognize them with our Commitment to Excellence, I Make A Difference, and Star Performance Lapel Pins. We also have pins for specific professions: volunteers, nurses, customer service, and more. Each one is also great for award ceremonies.

New staff members will also appreciate our sweet treats with exclusive slogans: Bursting With Appreciation Starburst, Thank You Chocolate Gold Coins, and Lifesavers Roll With Custom Wrapper.

Call our friendly customer service representatives at 1-800-793-7184 for outstanding products sure to provide a warm welcome to all those joining your team! They’re ready to take your order and provide further suggestions.

Posted by Jeff Tone

So much time, effort and expense is required to acquire, motivate and keep your staff of talent. And despite the fact that many jobs are disapearing due to attrition or relocation of companies, there is an even greater shortage of qualified personnel to fill many jobs. When a good team is assembled and developed, it is imperative to keep them together for as long as you and your organization can.

While compensation and benefits are important, sometimes therer is more to making an employee happy besides perks and job enjoyment. I personally have left more than one job for slightly less money for my own sanity and peace of mind. A great work environment can just the thing to keep your star performers from jumping the fence and leaving for greener pastures. Many companies are rethinking how they approach their way of treating their staff members and one theme is a sense of family.

Face it, many of us spend more time at work than we do with our families. It stands to reason that our "other home" should be a pleasant place to be for 8 to sometimes 12 hours a day. Creating such an envrionment requires that everyone interacts and works together for the good of "the family". Some of the most creative ways to make your office or facility feel like a family place include:

MORNING RITUALS The family that eats together starts the day off better. Sponsor daily, weekly or even monthly company breakfasts. Coffee, juice and bagels in the break or conference room gets everyone together to chat socially and segway into the day's workload. A pleasant start to the work day leads to a productive atmosphere and helps to reduce stress and anxiety that more and more employees face every day.

TAKE IT OUT OF THE OFFICE Family members do activities together. Examples are cookouts, bowling nights, sporting events and parties. The occasional company night out for drinks, pizza or a sporting event bring common interests together and create social bonds that strengthen the team approach.

SPORTS ARE A HIT! If your company or organization is big enough, sponsor a softball or tennis league, running club or walking team. Athletics build loyalty and encourage a fun competitive environment that will pay off dividends in the workplace. Cover permit fees or provide logo apparel or t-shirts for particpants and take your company's logo to the field or courts.

FAMILIES THAT COMMUNICATE STAY CLOSE As you build your warm and nurturing work environment, it is likely that some family members will develop issues that must be resolved. As an employer, it is important to be like a parent or big brother/big sister and nip problems in the bud. Make sure your office is always open for discussions that are work related or personal in nature that may effect on-the-job performance.

While employees and contributors will always come and go, it is so important to keep a core of key members in place to build around. A family atmosphere assures you a higher level of loyalty and perfomance that will not go unnoticed by clients, patients or members of your community.

Posted by Michael Lerner

What’s one of the best ways to ensure that your employees will give their best throughout the year? Show that you take a personal interest in them.

Promos On-Time is your one-stop-shopping source for everything you need to celebrate special occasions in your staff’s lives, including birthdays, work anniversaries, sending them off on vacation and welcoming them back. You can start with our wide variety of candies and greeting cards that are sure to bring smiles to your employees’ faces.

Recognize your staff’s accomplishments and provide positive reinforcement, whether on an individual or team level, with products ranging from apparel to mugs to pens to drinkware and more. They’ll wear company apparel and hats with pride. Spacious bags and backpacks enable staff to bring their necessities to and from work. Stress balls help them relieve tension during company busy seasons. We’ve got you covered at work or home, from Promotional Desk and Office Items to Household and Kitchen Products, so that no matter where your employees are, they’ll know that you care. While they’re commuting, they’ll appreciate tumblers that fit most car cup holders, as well as our Promotional Flashlights and Tools that help keep them safe on the road.

If you haven’t already, present every member of your team with Promotional Calendars and Planners. In addition to helping everyone stay organized, they feature your special message that will be seen every day. Personalized Stationery, Portfolios and Note Pads are also handy for a wide variety of everyday assignments.

Choose from a wide variety of products that show concern for your employees’ health and safety: emergency lights, auto safety kits, first-aid kits and more. Be sure to review our sliders on a wide variety of health and safety issues, and present them with coloring books on these topics that they can take them home to their children. When you focus on employee wellbeing, you also boost their productivity and attendance. Hand out our attendance awards, including lapel pins, certificates and pencils, to staff who compile a good record.

Your company, like so many others, has probably "gone green” and is doing its part for the environment. As you reduce your carbon footprint, rally everyone around this aspect of your company culture with our Eco-Friendly Promotional Products, made of recycled products.

Check our events calendar to keep up with special times that celebrate your professionals throughout the year. And feel free to download our complimentary posters and certificates available for a wide selection of recognition themes.

Posted by Jeff Tone

A hospice is no ordinary medical institution. It takes an exceptional individual to be part of a hospice staff. Your doctors, nurses, counselors, dietary employees, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers are specially trained to provide care and comfort to patients at the end of their lives, and to their loved ones. They are there for your patients medically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. They surely must sometimes find their roles to be stressful, yet they display compassion and dedication throughout the year.

National Hospice Month in November offers you the opportunity to honor these exceptional professionals. Promos On-Time offers you a one-stop-shopping experience to serve all your event needs. Choose now from four pages of unique products, priced to meet your budget.

Customers like you helped us choose slogans guaranteed to make your staff feel special: "Hospice: Making Moments Matter,” "Touching Families One Life At A Time,” "Caring Is The Business We Have Chosen,” and more. Add your personalized message to reinforce the point that these are the values that your organization represents.

Your staff will proudly wear our "I Make A Difference,” "Together We Make A Difference,” and "I’m Appreciated” Lapel Pins. Outfit them with "Touching Families One Life At A Time” and "Making Moments Matter” T-Shirts, and the "Caring Is The Business We Have Chosen” Hat.

Make lunch breaks convenient with the "Hospice: Making Moments Matter” Food Container and Lunch Kit, as well as a wide variety of Lunch Bags, Drinkware, and Treats. Remind them how much you care with Badge Holders, Umbrellas and Key Tags featuring unique messages of praise.

National Hospice Month will be here before you know it. Act now to give your hospice staff the special recognition they deserve. Choose from our wide selection of gift ideas that feature heartfelt slogans and graphics, or customize from a wide choice of imprintable items.

Posted by Jeff Tone

Your EMS staff plays a vital role in protecting the entire community year round. They are known for their timely responses to medical emergencies, whether providing on-the-spot care or transporting patients to the hospital. They are called upon to deliver sound judgment in pressured situations.

It’s well known that one calls 911 when faced with an emergency. Perhaps less well known is the fact that it’s EMS that often answers the call. They respond in a wide variety of settings, including the home, work or recreation. In addition, EMS staff members are often on hand at large gatherings such as concerts and sports stadiums to ensure public safety.

EMS also provides a wide variety of community education programs on emergency response, injury prevention, senior care, CPR, calling 911, and other issues centered on public health and safety.

EMS Week presents you with the opportunity to sing the praises of these often unsung heroes and to re-introduce them to the community. Promos On-Time is your one-stop-shopping source for all you need to hold a successful event:

  • Educate children with the "Know Your Emergency First Aid,” "Learn About 911,” "Say No To Strangers” and "Practice Bike Safety” Coloring and Activities Books
  • Help ensure community safety with the Compact First Aid Kit, Deluxe Child I.D. Kit, and Personal First Aid Kit
  • Teach adults about important safety measures with the First Aid Safety Tips Slider, CPR & Heimlich Maneuver Key Points, and First Aid Medical Emergencies Key Points
  • EMS staff and the public will proudly wear the EMS Star of Life Lapel Pin and "EMS Saving Lives” Lapel Pin
  • Make it easy to pack a healthy lunch with the "I’m Appreciated” and Flip Flap Insulated Lunch Bags
  • Everyone can refresh themselves with the "I’m Appreciated” Stainless Steel Tumbler, "I’m Appreciated” Gripper Water Bottle, and Polyclean Sports Bottle
  • Display our Full Color Banner in your facility to get everyone excited about this special week Review our four pages of outstanding EMS products and get set for a meaningful EMS Week for your staff and community.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

  • Nursing assistants play a vital role wherever there is a need for attentive, personal health care. They are essential to so many medical facilities: hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, hospice, departments of corrections and any place that offers long-term care.

    Working under the supervision of nurses, nursing assistants enable patients to perform all daily tasks, from dressing to feeding to walking to motion exercises and more. They play a vital role in the lives of their clients and apprise nurses of their conditions.

    Nursing assistants are qualified professionals. Those who work in a nursing home must pass a state test and are listed in a state registry. Some nursing assistants are certified (CNA), while others are registered (RNA), licensed (LNA) or state tested (STNA).

    Due to staff shortages, nursing assistants often have a heavy workload and are under tremendous pressure to care for many patients. That’s all the more reason to salute them for the crucial work they perform. Promos On-Time is ready to help you do so with a variety of products:

  • "Nursing Assistants Compassion In Action,” "CNAs Make A Difference,” "Nursing Assistants Touching Lives” and "Certified Nursing Assistants Care” Lapel Pins are sure to be worn with pride

  • Help your nursing assistants enjoy a healthy lunch with our "Nursing Assistants Touching Lives” Cooler and Nursing Assistants Food Container – or save by buying both together with our Nursing Assistants Break Pack

  • They’ll appreciate having a place for all their daily necessities with our spacious Nursing Asssistants Reward Tote Bag

  • Help nursing assistants quench their thirst during breaks by presenting them with the Stainless Steel and Mason Jar Tumblers

    Whatever you choose, you’re sure to delight your nursing assistants and hold a successful CNA Week celebration!

    Posted by Jeff Tone

  • Social workers work hard to make a positive impact on individuals and families in every community. They offer many services to help those who need it most, whether focusing on everyday problems or treating mental health issues.

    Those who concentrate on children and the family help them receive the services they urgently need, whether tending to abused youngsters in child protective services, providing clothing and other necessities for impoverished families, or making arrangements for adoptions. Social workers diagnose and treat children and families when required and help them deal with divorce, mental health concerns, dysfunctional family relations and disruptive or traumatic events.

    School social workers work in cooperation with teachers, psychologists and school administrators in both public and private schools. They come to the aid of students who are dealing with issues that impact their schoolwork or affect their sense of well-being. They deal with students who have trouble dealing with stress or anger.

    Health care workers provide services in a hospital, clinic or other medical facilities. They might focus on hospice care to tend to the dying or elderly care to assist the aging. They also counsel patients, arrange for Medicaid, conduct support groups or teach health care professionals about the impact that physical sickness may have on mental health.

    Social workers who focus on mental health treat people who have such disorders as depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems or bipolar disorder. They provide services at clinics, private practices and residential facilities. They conduct group therapy, crisis intervention and offer training in social skills.

    Holding a meaningful National Social Workers Month event is much easier with the right items. Choose from gifts of appreciation that are just right for these outstanding professionals. Present social workers with drinkware, bags, sweet treats and more popular gifts featuring themes that thank them for the services they provide: Caring Is The Business We Have Chosen, I’m Appreciated and I Make A Difference.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    Have you ever asked yourself why you do not give up more of your time to help others through volunteering? And if you do volunteer, have you ever asked why you could not do as much as others you know? We all want to help out in the community, but sometimes there is just no time. But that does not stop us from showing thanks to those who do help seniors at nursing homes and centers, brighten our streets and public gardens by planting, clean up our fields and beaches, visit patients at hospitals, help disadvantaged children or even hand out water at a charity road race.

    National Vounteer Week, held in April every year, provides a great opportunity to show support and encouragement for the volunteering efforts of so many. As a business or government leader, you can do your part by proclaiming the event in your facility, business or civic institution. Honoring everyone who shares their time, talents or money should be recognized with a mention of praise and a small gift or token of you or your organization's appreciation.

    Some of the best celebration ideas will not only bring smiles to the honorees, but help spread the word to others on the importance of volunteering. From ice cream parties to luncheons, there are ample occasion suggestions that certainly will not break the bank. And when it comes to volunteers, it is impossible to even put a financial value on what they do because they are priceless.

    Because volunteers are so giving of their time and their hearts, they usually don't expect or require praise. But being humans, everyone likes to know their efforts are recognized in some way. And for a small price, you can let these kind souls know just how important they are in so many people's lives. Here are a few gift ideas that will warm your volunteers hearts:

    Many volunteers like to plant and tend to garderns in local municiplities. We have all seen these folks lovingly till the soil and clean up weeds in front of public buildings, road islands and parks. How about a little planter kit with Forget Me Not Seeds, soil and a planting cup that features the thoughtful sentiments "You're Unforgettable Efforts Make All the Difference!" on one side and "Thanks For All You Do! We Appreciate You!" on the opposite side.

    Many volunteers actually enjoy their work so much that they make it a regular function, not unlike a career. So, a meal break is often the norm for volunteers at hospitals and senior centers. Our specially decorated "Our Volunteers are Souper" soup mugs with spoon include a meal starter kit that includes Lipton Cup of Soup packet and crackers.

    If volunteers are not doing their thing outdoors, it is certainly possible that they may end their stint and have to walk out into inclement weather. Our "Volunteers are Treasures in the Community" Umbrellas make a wonderful gift that will be used whenever it rains out. And there is the added bonus of promoting volunteerism when others see your message.

    SOMETHING SWEET FOR SOMEONE SWEET A small budget item with a big impact is our Volunteer Appreciation Chocolate Bar. These full sized delicious candies feature decorated wrapper with matching engraved Volunteer graphic on the chocolate itself.

    For a full list of great volunteer appreciation gifts, click here.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    Each January, special leaders are honored in the community for their work with older adults and seniors. Activity Professionals Week is celebrated in nursing homes, assisted living centers, retirement communities and local senior centers. Activity Professionals help to improve the daily lives for many loved ones, getting them out of bed and away from their televisions and four walls.

    While these caring and compassionate people improve the quality of life for others, they rarely receive the accolades they thoroughly deserve. Put this time aside to honor Activity Professionals and say thank you and let them know how much they mean to so many.

    For facility directors or administrators and community leaders, Activity Professionals Week provides an opportunity to promote activities that will bring smiles to the staff members themselves. Here are just a handful of great ideas to make your event memorable.

    1. Kick off the week with a breakfast. Economical alternatives include donuts or bagels, spreads, coffee, juice and milk.

    2. Let patients and visitors know how you feel about your Activity Professionals by decorating your facility with colorful balloons, banners and posters. The sense of pride will be infectious.

    3. Break up the week with a lunch or dinner (assuming there are evening shifts). Everyone loves pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers. Or encourage other departments to provide homemade treats. Ice cream or cake also make a nice breaktime event that will hit the sweet tooth.

    4. Have some fun amongst the community by having a guess the photo contest with Activity Professionals bringing in pictures of themselves when they were kids.

    5. Hold an awards ceremony for professionals reaching milestones or who have a resident or family with a great story about how they changed somone's life. Hand out plaques or certificates with each recipients' name.

    6. Ask local politicians, business leaders and even care recipients to get up at an informal ceremony to praise the work and accomplishments of the Activity Professionals at your facility.

    7. Hand out personalized gifts and promotional items that feature your organization's name or logo along with a sentiment of appreciation. Recipients always like food gifts, drinkware, bags and tech items. You can find a wide selection of Activity Professional Gifts here.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    There are many ways to show a health care staff member they are appreciated. From a luncheon to celebrate an event such as National Nurses Week or Professional Social Work Month, to an on the spot recognition program that honors staff for individual accomplishments. In most cases, the show of appreciation involves a gift to the nurse or staff member.

    Imrinted promotional products that carry slogans of thanks and praise are perfect ways to express this recognition without breaking the bank. For these professionals, practical promotional gifts shine as rewards, delivering not only the slogan, but a useful tool to make their busy lives a bit easier.

    Travel Mugs - Custom printed travel mugs are useful to health care professionals that are often on the go. Nurses and other hospital staff rarely have an office that they call their own, moving from station to station depending on their shift and area of specialty. Travel mugs that declare how much they mean to the patients they serve are a way of enjoying coffee or tea during the commute to and from work, as well as throughout a shift that might have them on the run.

    Badge Holders - Security is part of every health care professionals life. Access to departments within a facility, patients and pharmaceuticals all factor into a nurse, doctor or employee carrying credentials in the form of an ID card. This ID card can be hung conveniently from a breakaway lanyard or badge holder, custom printed with a slogan of thanks, keeping it close by for easy access.

    Duffel Bags - A change of clothes is a daily requirement for those who have to wear scrubs throughout their day. Nurse, nursing assistants, environmental staff and other employees who need to wear these uniforms can carry their change of clothes along with a reminder of how much they are appreciated for their work with a custom duffel bag.

    Customer Service WeekThe customer service staff in a company or organization stands as the image that a consumer or client will associate their experience with. This role is an important part of the success of any group and should be elevated through motivational events and recognition programs. Management can take an aggressive approach to inspiring their customer service staff, leveraging incentive programs such as "employee of the month" or "caught doing good" to reward and distribute gifts to staff members. These tokens of recognition will serve to instill pride and it will reflect in the service that is provided to customers in turn.

    Events such as Customer Service Week can also serve to motivate the important face of an organization. This week long event can include a newsletter that highlights the accomplishments of the service staff, educating the entire organization as the the challenges and goals that they work towards. The winners of employee competitions and recipients of special feedback from customers can also be featured. In addition, a luncheon or dinner celebration can be held during Customer Service Week to honor the entire group for their success.

    Housekeepers WeekTheir recognition event is held during a month in the fall, but the contributions of these staff members peak during the heat of the summer. Of course housekeepers are diligently maintaining hotels, motels and resorts throughout the year, but the increased volume of vacationers and travelers during the summer break puts a stress on even the most experienced housekeeper.  Managers who work with these staff to put forth the best image possible for the facility and their guests have the opportunity to plan a recognition event in September that will let them feel special.

    Planning for International Housekeepers Week can begin early. Organizers can survey the housekeeping staff to determine what their preference would be for an event. Suggestions of a tailgate party, playing into a fall football theme or a simple brunch that allows the staff to be catered to rather than performing the catering. During the long days of summer, the housekeepers can be motivated with the knowledge that the end of the busy season will hold an appreciation celebration. Custom gifts and giveaways can enhance the event, delivering a message of thanks to all the housekeepers who contributed to the summer success. Ideas for the gift can also be proposed to the staff, identifying one or a range of printed items that will be most enjoyed as a reward for their busy season work.

    Housekeeping AppreciationThe summer inspires us to travel. Warm weather, time off from school and a slowdown in most industries create the opportunity to pack up and get away for a weekend or longer. One industry that benefits from this is the hospitality business. Resorts, hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts find themselves booked solid. Keeping guests happy means earning an annual customer, which is the goal of businesses everywhere. Housekeepers are a big part of the success of these businesses.

    Upon arrival, vacationers are usually presented with the reality of whether their room is ready or not. A successful hotel works hard to limit the amount of time that these incoming guests are faced with and the housekeeping staff works to support this goal. Housekeepers are tasked with the responsibility of making each room perfect, presenting the vacationers who may be spending their savings with a grand experience. From immaculately clean facilities to impossibly neat bedding, the professional housekeeper can be the first impression that lasts throughout the stay.

    Beyond the tips that supplement their income, housekeepers can be presented with gifts that reflect just how appreciated they are. Hotel management can leverage events such as International Housekeeping Week after the busy season to reward these staff members, as well as deliver appreciation on the spot during the crush of the summer season. A small token of thanks can go a long way to inspire and motivate these hard working behind the scenes staff members while the make guest feel like royalty.

    The informality of modern business can be empowering as well as a handicap. Remote offices, working from home, "Google style" office layouts where sandals and sneakers are more common than dress shoes, all factor in to a shift in business etiquette. The problem is, most business is still conducted in a traditional fashion. Of course the pomp and circumstance of truly vintage business etiquette is gone, but there is still a certain level of dignity and respect that flows through meetings, networking and transactions. Combined with these traditions are new observances, covering the use of technology. National Business Etiquette Week is an opportunity to reinforce this foundation, both on a personal and team level.

    Traditional business etiquette still exists. Taking the form of business card transaction, Robert's Rules of Order and general appearance and language standards. Making the most out of any business interaction is based upon the foundation of pleasantry and formality. A firm handshake, an exchange of business card and general courtesy can carry a business person through a world of scenarios, including foreign interactions.

    The modern world presents a host of curve balls that can throw a business person off their game. Smart phones, tablet computers, laptops all contribute to a number of distractions that will draw attention from a meeting. The new world dictates certain application of traditional etiquette in regards to these tools. From disregarding text messages and personal emails to excusing oneself from a meeting in order to take a call, these may seem like common sense actions, but reinforcement is sometimes required.

    The spring and summer present the right weather for events that bring families from far and wide together, family reunions. Due to the "relative" informality of these get togethers, regardless of the size, there is a challenge as to how to keep everyone engaged and interested. Unlike more forma events such as company picnics and awareness organization fund raisers, family reunions include relatives that will not hold back in their criticisms of the activities, food, location and other elements. Of course, these critiques will be delivered with love, after all they are family! But the robust souls who plan and organize these events can take a few steps to ensure that most if not all have a good time.

    Location - Starting with the selection of location, family reunion organizers can do their best to anticipate and prepare for the unexpected. The location should accommodate weather variations, offering an indoor or covered areas in case of rain. Once an Aunt or Uncle gets rained on, without any recourse, they will light up the phone lines comparing this years event to better ones in the past.

    Gifts - Organizers can ensure that everyone feels like they came away from the reunion with something by distributing a gift. Reunion gifts can include custom t-shirts, stadium cups or even a keytag that has been printed with the date and family name. These souvenirs can serve to remind all attendees of the good times they had, regardless of whether they ran into that cousin they disliked or a distant Aunt who annoys them.

    Activities - Keeping attendees active during family reunions serves two purposes. Games and challenges are fun for family members who will be quick to compete against siblings and cousins. But beyond the fun, activities will distract the complainers from having the time to actually complain!

    Wait Staff AppreciationThe workday for waiters and waitresses are long and arduous, with the majority of them being spent on their feet. Servicing the customers of restaurants and food establishments large and small, wait staff work shifts that may far different from the normal 9 to 5 staff member. Working for tips and gratuity, their compensation can be affected adversely by food quality, maitre d' scheduling performance as well as factors such as the weather. Fighting to deliver a top notch experience to customers regardless of adversity, wait staff do their best to make a lunch at a fast food restaurant as memorable as a night out at a five star restaurant.

    National Wait Staff Day is an opportunity for customers and management to give a pat on the back to the servers who staff restaurants and food service facilities. A banner announcing the event will inspire customers to reach out to deserving wait staff to thank them for their good service, adding a little verbal bonus to their tip. Management can hand out a special gift to the waitstaff, complete with a custom imprint of an appreciation slogan directed to them. 'I'm Appreciated' is a sentiment that can reward and inspire, making a travel mug or tote bag into a cherished gift that also provides a practical use. Waitstaff can use the gifts during commutes to and from work or as conveniences during off hours, constantly reminding them of the role they play in satisfying diners.

    Night Shift AppreciationIt's easy to forget the night shift. Easy to overlook the fact that there is an entire group of employees that stock store shelves, staff gas stations, fix infrastructure and manufacture goods, all while the majority of the work force is sleeping. During the recognition weeks and observances, the night shift can be easily left out, due to their unusual schedule. But the act of rewarding and motivating these thirds shift staff members is just as, if not more critical than recognizing their day light counterparts.

    National Night Shift Worker Day is a chance to say thanks to these dedicated employees. Honoring them with a special lunch or dinner celebration that is held during their shift rather than a leftover celebration from the day shift is a way of making them feel special. Rewarding their dedication to this inconvenient but critical shift with a practical gift of appreciation can go a long way to motivate them on the date of the event as well as throughout the year. Useful items can carry a motivational slogan that inspires as well as appreciates.  A custom lunch bag that declares "I'm Appreciated" can serve to remind recipients each night during their break that their efforts have not been unnoticed. A travel mug can provide a hot cup of coffee for the commute to and from work, making the time a small detail that is easily forgotten.

    company picnicsOne of the best ways to keep employee motivation high during the year is by bookmarking the seasons with appreciation events, two in particular, a holiday party, and a company picnic. A good rule of thumb is to remember to schedule an event on or around the Winter and Summer Solstice. Since we are approaching the latter, lets discuss what makes for an exceptional summer appreciation event.

    employee giftsThe way to a staffers heart is through their stomach, and food is always a welcome way to say thanks to hardworking staff. The timing of a summer employee appreciation event tailor makes it for barbecue food. Depending on the budget, hire a reputable corporate catering company, or get some volunteers from management to set up a barbecue spread. The smell of hamburgers and hot dogs will give the event a family feel, and reinforce a sense of team as staff enjoy their office party.

    Providing corporate gifts is a great way to give the attendees a souvenir of the event. From something as simple as a custom stadium cup that commemorates the event, to a gift of an insulated cooler bag that can be used throughout the summer, staff members will appreciate the recognition. These promotional items are much more than budget friendly giveaways, they live on after the event, reminding the employees that their teamwork contributes to the success of the entire company.

    Mothers Day GiftsMother's Day is a celebration that is much more than treating mom to a brunch or serving her breakfast in bed. At churches, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Mother's Day is a time to thank moms as a group for their care, parenting and guidance. When children move on to create families of their own, the widening of the family unit can result in a diluted appreciation sentiment for grandmothers and great grandmothers. Congregations and nursing home staff can fill the gap that inevitably comes from this, coordinating grand events that honor mothers and make them feel special.

    These special Mothers Day events can include special musical guests, a play or entertainer. This entertainment can come along with a luncheon or brunch. The event can be promoted to the family members and communities in the weeks preceding Mothers Day, garnering interest and participation. For nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the event can prove to be the biggest visitation turnout of the year. This increase in visitation can lend itself to the excitement of the holiday, along with giveaways such as custom manicure sets, candy gifts or desk items. These gifts can be customized with an appreciation slogan just for moms, acting as reminders throughout the year of how much they mean to their children and families.

    Church congregations can make their Sunday service all about moms on Mothers Day, decorating and coordinating a brunch to honor them. Handing out custom printed fans and bookmarks to parishioners, church administrators can let everyone know the important role that mothers play in bringing children into religious education. The content of the sermon can highlight the role of mothers in scripture and the teachings of the church.

    Teacher Seed GiftsApril is Garden Month. A great time to get out in the fresh air, in between rain showers of course, and grow a garden. Gardening is a way to exercise, develop a sense of accomplishment, and perhaps even find some relaxation. Giving a gardening gift to a teacher or nurse during their appreciation weeks can be the perfect way to say thanks to the staff for helping a student grow or a patient bloom in their recovery.

    Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurses Week are great events to commemorate with a garden related gift. Imprinted with a sentiment that ties in with the event, a flower packet can proclaim "Thanks For Helping us Grow." These flower packets are just the beginning, a Planter Gift Set is a cup with forget me not seeds that lets the entire staff know their "Efforts Are Not Forgotten." These gifts will be appreciated by the recipients when they are given and will continue to show them they are recognized as they flowers bloom and grow.

    For educators, the seed gifts offer an additional benefit of a lesson plan. Getting students involved with a real life planting project brings them closer to science, nature and agriculture. Combining the satisfaction of caring for a living thing with the gift of appreciation that a teacher received creates a synergy that cannot be extracted from a text book.

    Social Work MonthMarch is National Professional Social Work Month. An event that not only shows appreciation to social workers for their work but also recognizes a profession that supports so many people. Social workers strive to improve the lives of others who may not be able to deal with the challenges they face. Tapping into backgrounds in psychology, education, sociology and other disciplines, social workers are able to help students, patients, seniors and others to navigate sometimes daunting situations.

    From working through applications to finding support for drug addiction, social workers help those in need. Their care, patience and ability to guide their clients through these challenges reflect their abilities as professionals. From schools to hospitals, the role of a social worker is to help those who cant help themselves. But beyond the assistance, they are able to deliver practical tools to their clients that give them a chance to help themselves in the future. Much more than therapy, the work of a social worker results in a person who is better equipped to survive in the world.

    Social Work Month in March is a chance to say thanks to these dedicated professionals. Holding an appreciation luncheon or breakfast is the first step toward showing them how much they mean to those they serve. Giving them a gift of appreciation that communicates the thanks is a way of letting that recognition last beyond the event. A travel mug or lunch bag that declares "I'm Appreciated" can become a daily tool for a social worker that reflects the appreciation message all year long. This kind of recognition gift makes every commute and every lunch break an appreciation event.

    custom fleece jacketsWhether rewarding a sales team for meeting goals, recognizing teachers during an appreciation event or thanking customers for their loyal business, a custom fleece jacket will deliver a warm message. These lightweight promotional pullovers and zip ups are a unique wearable that can be used throughout the year for warmth and convenience. Embroidered with a logo or slogan, fleece jackets are warm enough to stand up to cool spring and fall weather and lightweight enough to act as a layer under a winter coat. Perfect as a team gift, the members of a staff in an office or school will feel pride as they wear their logo fleece. Handed out to educators during Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Week or a nursing department during Nurses Week, they will get use on and off the job.

    As a item to thank retail and corporate customers, recipients will show off their logo fleece as a reflection of their brand loyalty. Offered for sale, they will carry a higher perceived value when recipients identify them with their sale price, resulting in them being even more appreciated as a gift.

    Custom Fleece JacketsWinter can be a tough on an office. Employees are treated to a long string of weeks with cold commutes to work, dark drives home and of course, no holiday time off for a while. With the exception of Valentine's Day, there isn't much to look forward to until the spring. This time of the year calls for a little office humor, and Fun at Work Day is the perfect occasion to implement it. An event set aside for staff to unwind during a work day, every 3rd Friday of January is a time to enjoy camaraderie, team pride and the coworkers that share the daily grind. Management can use Fun at Work Day to beat stress in the workplace and motivate staff to have a better attitude during these long winter months. Some ideas for celebrating Fun at Work Day...

    Crazy Day - Dressing up is not just for Halloween. Designate this Friday as a "crazy day," calling for staff to wear one unusual item of clothing. Crazy Hat Day, Crazy Socks Day and Hawaiian Shirt Day are some themes that the entire staff can get into. Rewarding participants with a gift of appreciation such as a chocolate bar or commemorative t-shirt can add to the excitement.

    Stress Less - Toss out some stress relieving squeeze balls at a pizza party. Stress balls are available in unique shapes and novelty themes making them perfect giveaways for a staff event. Management can create a room full of laughter with a funny stress ball that pokes fun at an office joke or the workload of busy season. Along with stress management tips, the gift will provide not just fun for the day, but stress relief ideas that will last.

    National Compliment DaySometimes motivation can be as simple as a pat on the back, a compliment for a job well done. On National Compliment Day this action is highlighted, reinforcing its ability to motivate employees, students and volunteers to continued success. Much is made of appreciation events, from Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring to Customer Service Week in the fall, celebrations of staff and departments get a set observance that includes gifts and luncheons. But the simplicity of National Compliment Day is one that can actually inspire motivational behavior throughout the year.

    Paying a compliment to someone who did a good job,  coming from a manager, a co-worker or a customer, can reinforce the motivation that inspired them to do the good job in the first place. This compliment can come in the form of a verbal "thanks", a written review or an "on the spot" gift of appreciation. Something small and compact, like a custom printed pen or chocolate bar that states: "I'm Appreciated" or "Great Job" can be given to a staff member to compliment their efforts.

    International Programmers DayRarely seen but always appreciated, the programmers at a business or organization get their recognition day today. International Programmer's Day offers an opportunity to reach out to these technology focused staff members and say thanks for their hard work and support. Maintaining systems, writing code for new projects and putting out network fires throughout the year, programmers spend the majority of their time office bound and buried in a language that few of us understand. Supporting the framework that makes up most modern offices, they are the keepers of the systems that allow websites to run, contact management systems to work, complicated reports to be generated and communication to stay available. While they may exist in most coworkers minds as the other end of an email conversation, these staff members deserve a recognition day to honor their part in the success of an organization.

    A day to say thanks along with a celebration for breakfast or lunch can go a long way to show programmers how much they are appreciated. Along with a celebration, management can hand out promotional gifts that tie into their expertise. A computer accessory such as a USB gadget can carry a slogan that reflects the appreciation for programmers and delivers a practical or novel use for the recipient.

    National Cookie DayWhat a sweet event! National Cookie Day celebrates the wonderful baked treat known as the cookie. Cookies have an almost folkloric status in our culture, especially during the holidays when Christmas revelers leave a gift of cookies and milk for Santa Claus. This status as a gift is not just for seasonal traditions, cookies make great gifts for family, friends and business associates. In fact, National Cookie Day can inspire a number of holiday gift ideas.

    Just the Cookies - Gift baskets usually contain a variety of different elements. From cheese to popcorn and nuts to hot chocolate. Most will agree however that the best part are usually cookies, anchoring the gift basket with a satisfying snack. So why not send a box of gourmet cookies instead? Skip right to the good stuff in a corporate gift and make a spectacular impression.

    Make Your Own - Give a gift of cookies and they will enjoy a treat, give a gift of a cookie cutter and they can make their own! Corporate gifts can be practical too. With custom cookie cutters, recipients will remember a message of appreciation each time they set to baking their own holiday cookies.

    Everyone Covered - A custom message cookie can carry more than an imprint, it can come covered in decadent chocolate. Chocolate covered cookies are a great way to give employees a holiday treat. Individually wrapped cookies can be presented to staff members along with their holiday party invitations or as a favor at their desks.

    custom desk giftsOffice staff spend a large portion of their day at their desk. Amongst the papers, folders, and assignments are desk items such as staplers, paper clip dispensers and pen holders. These desk accessories can be the generic kind found in stores such as Staples and Office Depot, or they can be custom printed items that express appreciation for hard work.

    The usual gift for being employee of the month is a plaque on a wall, or worse, a name on a plaque on a wall. Why not ramp up the employee appreciation gift to something that will both mean something to the recipient and be useful. Promotional desk items can carry a logo or message of thanks and will be displayed on an employees desk as a daily reminder of how much their work means to the company.

    Available in a variety of styles, from traditional black to funky translucent, a stapler is a necessary desk item for any employee. A stand up rubber grip stapler brings ergonomics and takes up less desk space with its unique design. For earth friendly office staff, there is the staple-less stapler, a unique item that attaches papers together without staples.

    Doctors_DayAlthough Doctor's Day 2018 is around the corner, there are still options on how you can show them appreciation this spring. From rush production and stock printed items to grouping Doctors along with the rest of staff during Hospital Week, an organization can show each doctor how much they mean to the patients they serve.

    3, 2, 1 Day Production - There are a wide variety of promotional products available that can be produced in a rush. From key tags to Koozies, there are items that will carry an appreciation message to doctors and stay within budget. When combined with expedited shipping, these rush products can arrive in time for Doctors Day, even if the event organizer has procrastinated to the last minute.

    Stock Items - Appreciation doesn't have to be 100% personalized. There are an assortment of stock gifts that are available that would make a doctor feel appreciated. Custom soup mugs complete with soup and gift packaging, lapel pins and pre-printed mugs carry an appreciation message. These items don't have to be printed so the production time is cut down, expediting your doctor gifts to your event.

    Hospital Week - Missed out on Doctor's Day? Plan for Hospital Week, where you can celebrate the entire staff of the hospital. Approach doctors with a gift that their staff will be receiving as well and the team will be reinforced. Incorporating the doctors into a group celebration means bridging the gap between them and the rest of the hospital.

    March is National Professional Social Work Month, and behind this event is a unique opportunity to say thanks to a sometimes overlooked group of counselors. Social workers ply their trade in schools, hospitals and community organizations, often migrating from location to location. This migratory existence can make it difficult for fellow staff members and coworkers to really thank them for their work. Some peers may not even realize who their social work staff is. But these social workers perform a critical role in many organization, from helping students deal with bullying to being a resource for cancer patients making hard decisions on treatment. Outreach and guidance result in the social worker becoming intimately involved with patients, students, and their families, garnering appreciation on a daily basis from their clients, but hardly ever from the staff.

    Social Work Month can be celebrated in a main facility or office and can include a breakfast or luncheon. A custom banner and balloons can mark the occasion, staying up all month long. Pride will be inevitable as the social work staff sees the decorations. At the event, each member can receive a custom printed promotional item such as a mug or totebag imprinted with a slogan that reflects the appreciation for their work.

    So what if it's not football season yet, and so what if there may not be a football season at all, it doesn't mean you cant have a tailgate party for the fun of it. A unique idea for a corporate picnic or a 4th of July BBQ, a tailgate party, complete with open trunks, barbeque grills and parking lot games can be an employee event that will be remembered throughout the year. Let staff members know well in advance that the summer recognition event will be a tailgate party, and that the required attire is an article of clothing from their favorite team. It can be any sport, any team, even high school or little league. Provide a supply of tailgating favorites, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and soft drinks. All served on paper plates and out of coolers in the parking lot of the office.

    Printed frisbees and promotional sport balls can be tossed around. Custom beach balls will add to the festive atmosphere, quickly getting staff to have impromptu volleyball competitions. Employee gifts to commemorate the event, like an aluminum sport bottle or a promotional cooler bag can send everyone home with a summer time promo gift that will be used and appreciated. Far too often the corporate picnic is just that, corporate, spice it up a little with a fun employee tailgating party.

    Far too often, we lose sight of the impact of our parents as we move along our busy days. In many cases our parents are afterthoughts that end up being called on holidays and birthdays. And while churches and community organizations follow the retail store lead and promote Mother's Day quite extensively, Fathers Day is a much less recognized event. June 17th marks Fathers Day 2011 and church groups, nursing homes and offices should take the lead in showing a bit of appreciation to the hard working fathers that have guided and supported and continue to do so.

    While not as easy to purchase for as mothers (Dad wont really appreciate a bouquet of roses picked up on the way) there are many promotional gifts that can make Fathers feel appreciated on their special day. From barbecue grill sets, to imprinted barbecue aprons that make him feel like the "King of the Grill" promotional gifts are a low cost way to say thanks to Dad.

    For nursing homes, where the resident fathers are much less likely to use grilling tools, a printed ceramic mug can make each morning feel like a special one. A simple sentiment of how much they have meant to the children they raised can be a daily reminder of why they are a success. So while there may not be as many sales, and the retail stores may not promote as much, gifts for Dad can go a long way to making him feel like this holiday is one that is meant just for him.

    The payment for volunteering is of course the satisfaction of helping people and the community around you. From helping out at local schools, traveling to a different state to build houses for the needy, or joining a group that helps out poor towns in other countries, volunteers contribute time, effort anad emotions to thier nobel tasks. One week during the year, the Volunteers transform from givers to receivers...of praise. National Volunteer Week is an opportunity for organizations and communities to say thanks to the volunteers, and give them tokens of their gratitude. Here are some ideas of how you can show big appreciation on a small budget.

    Sweet treats go along way to bring a smile to a volunteers face. Perfect for tabel settings at Volunteer Week luncheons or dinners, custom printed wrappers on chocolate bars deliver special messages of thanks. Thanks For Volunteering, We Can't Spell Success Without You, and a simple Thank You are some of the most popular imprinted chocolate wrappers for volunteer gifts.

    Another way to say thanks is by handing out useful promotional gifts, imprinted with a slogan of appreciation. Volunteers will apprectiate the convenience of gifts like an Insulated Travel Mug, Lunch Bag, or Ceramic Coffee Mug, all featuring the solgan "Volunteers: Rays Of Hope." These promotional gifts will carry this powerful slogan everytime the volunteer uses them.

    Always popular with volunteers, especially for collecting, are lapel pins. Unique because of the ability to display them on a daily basis, lapel pins show volunteers your apprecaiton, as well as allowing volunteers to show their pride. Slogans such as We Care, and Caring & Sharing as well as Volunteer, will be worn with pride on both men and women, young and old.