School Event and Promotion Ideas

Your sports teams play valuable roles in your school. They enable athletes to do their best in fair competition and teach them important lessons in working together to meet and exceed goals. In addition, they serve as a source of unity and enjoyment for your students and staff. Everyone enjoys coming out to the athletic field and showing their school spirit by cheering on the team.

Of course, the uniforms, upkeep of the grounds, and team practice all involve money. Many schools operate on a tight budget and must raise the necessary funds to keep their teams in top shape. Promos On-Time has all the popular items that are essential to support a thriving sports program. You can stock these items in the school store, sell them at games, and have students take home flyers and order products to support your team.

Some of the most successful school team fundraising items are those associated with sports. Students can use the Sporty Retro Gym Bag, Excel Duffel Bag, or Trainer Sports Bag, among many other spacious and sturdy bags, for recreation, including at the gym. They will enjoy tailgate parties when they bring along the 24 Pack Sports Cooler, Koozie Sport Bag Kooler, and Game Day Tailgate Cooler. The Extreme Sports Motivation Calendar-2017 will inspire them to take part in athletics all year. While working up a sweat, students will appreciate the HydroClean Gripper Sports Bottle-32 Oz., Biodegradable Bike Bottle-28 Oz., and Value Sports Bottle-28 oz. For students who are stressed by their exams, the Football, Baseball Hat, and Baseball Stress Balls help provide needed relief. Soccer Ball, Tennis Ball, and Golf Ball Stress Ball Key Chains are always popular choices. Naturally, you can also use our apparel to outfit your team.

Sporty apparel will also be bestsellers. Outfit them in the USA Made Cotton Cap, Econo Cap, and Washed Cotton Color Cap with matching Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton, UltraClub Youth Cool & Dry Sport Performance Tee, and Next Level Premium Fitted Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirts. To complete the outfit, students will want to purchase Pacer Athletic Pants or Champion Sweatpants, as well as one of our Hooded Sweatshirts.

Of course, sports among spectators are associated with enjoyable snacks. The "You Need Team,” "We Can’t Spell Triumph Without You,” and "You’ve Gone The Extra Mile” Chocolate Bars certainly fit the bill. We offer plenty of other popular candies: Jelly Beans Color Packs, Picture Phone Mint Tin, and Gummy Worms or Hershey’s Kisses Snack Bags. Want to offer something longer lasting? Try the Ultimate Snack Tin-2 Gallon, Express Treats Selection, and 4-Way Treat Tin.

Look through our site for other fundraising items that always sell quickly. Students can use the Sling, Stripe Drawstring, and Mesh Pocket Drawcord Bag to bring supplies to and from school. Since every student needs pencils and pens, offer them a combination with the Pen & Pencil Set With Case, Monaco Classic Pen & Pencil Set, and 4-In-1 Writing Set. They will also find great use with such holders as the Metropolitan Pencil Cup Clock, Pencil Box Calculator, and Striped Bamboo Pen Holder.

Place your sports teams’ mascot or logo on each product you order. Join schools throughout the country that are helping sustain their teams through Promos On-Time. We’ve got the products and the economical prices that will enable you to hold successful fundraisers at your school. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to answer your call and help you now. Get in touch at 1-800-793-7184.

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Nothing brings a school together like a pep rally. It’s a time to demonstrate and reinforce school unity and pride. Everyone, including students, teachers, and staff, comes together to make the statement that your school supports your teams and enables youngsters to achieve their dreams.

To hold a successful rally, be prepared with products that boost school spirit and good cheer. Since your school is number one, be sure to widely distribute Foam #1 Cheering Mitts and Hands, as well as the Foam Cheering Paw Mitt. Make sure that those leading the cheering are heard loudly and clearly by amplifying their voices with the Megaphone. Boost excitement, too, with blasts from the Air Horn and clangs from the Large Cow Bell. Everyone will have fun waving Foam Cheering Noodles, Rally Towels, and Pom Poms, available with a stick or split ring handle. Just for fun, hand out the Bulldog Temporary Tattoo, easily washable with soap and water. Decorate your rally with our Full Color Banners, available in various sizes from 8’ x 4’ to 4’ x 2’.

At sports-oriented rallies, present students with the Large Foam Football, Football Pillow Ball, and Large Football Stress Ball. Hand out other football-oriented products that students will use every day: the Football Stress Ball Key Chain, Football Bank, and Football Drawstring Backpack, which they can use to carry their supplies to and from school. Be sure to check out other sports-oriented themes: the Baseball and Baseball Bat Stress Balls and Baseball Caps, plus the Soccer Ball Stress Ball Key Chain, Soccer Bank, and Hydropouch Soccer Ball Collapsible Bottle. Reward students with sporting apparel: the Deluxe Hooded and Fruit of the Loom Fleece Crew Sweatshirts and Champion Sweatpants.

Of course, you can also use our products at Red Ribbon Week rallies. The "We’ve Got Spirit Drug Free” Red Ribbon Week Stadium Cushion will not only add to participants’ comfort, but will also reinforce your drug prevention message (we also offer a generic Non-Woven Stadium Cushion). Please review other Red Ribbon Week items, which include the Custom Red Ribbon Week Banner, "Live Life Drug Free” Button and Silicone Bracelet, and "Life Is Cool Without Drugs” Red Ribbon Week Fans. Youngsters will enjoy adding our "No Drugs No Way” Stickers to their collections. Educate younger students with the "Be Smart, Say No To Drugs,” "Stay Drug Free,” and "Say No To Drugs” Coloring & Activity Books.

Since students always need pens and pencils, rallies offer you a good opportunity to hand out both. Choose from thirty-four pages of contemporary pen designs, including the Bic Grip Grip Roller Pen, Metallic Accents Ballpoint Pen, and the handy Silver Ballpoint Pen With Attachment Clip. Also present students with the Triple Click Mechanical Pencil, Foil Pencils, and Mood Pencils, which change colors with the warmth of one’s hands. Be sure to add your school’s name and slogan. Remember that personalization is available on most of our products.

At Promos On-Time, we realize how important rallies are for boosting spirit and unity at your school. Similar to all of our school products, we offer economical prices for all of these items to enable you to hold frequent and successful rallies. Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to help you place your order and offer more exciting suggestions. Call them right now at 1-800-793-7184!

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crossing-guard.jpgIn order to boost students’ academic achievements, they must feel safe in school. Children who worry about being bullied, for example, have difficulty concentrating on their studies and paying attention in class. In contrast, those who go to school with a sense of well-being and trust are able to thrive.

Promos On-Time is your premier site for educational products that help your school maintain itself as an outstanding place of learning. We have the items that will help educational professionals like you meet today’s student safety challenges.

Internet use has resulted in a variety of safety issues that affect youngsters. Many students have encountered bullying and threats on the web, and have also come upon sites that are inappropriate. For younger children, we offer the Internet Safety Coloring & Activity Book, which features activities that reinforce the valuable lessons, as well as the Internet Safety Storybook, and Internet Safety for Kids Pocket Guide & Record Keeper. Present older children with the Internet Safety Guide and Internet Bullying Bookmarks, which list valuable safety points.

We also have educational resources that focus on bullying in general: the How to Deal with Bullying Coloring & Activity Book and No Bullying Storybook. Since bracelets are all the rage with youngsters, be sure to hand out our Bully Free Zone Bracelets widely.

Drug use is one of the greatest dangers to current students. Promos On-Time is your one-stop-shopping site for items that will help you prevent their using illegal and harmful substances. Each one features attention-getting anti-drug slogans, created with the valued input of educators like you. We offer Red Ribbons that display such powerful themes as "The Choice for Me Is Drug Free,” "Proud To Be Drug Free!,” and "I Am My Own Anti-Drug.” At drug prevention rallies, hand out such popular products as the "Life Is Sweet Drug Free” Chocolate Bar, "Stay Smart Drug Free” Pencil Sharpener, "Say It Loud, I’m Drug Free and Proud” Megaphone, and "Live Life Drug Free” Button. Be sure to display the "Celebrate Red Ribbon Week: Not Just For A Week But For Life” Banner at rallies and in the lunchroom and hallways. Kids will enjoy adding the "No Drugs, No Way” and "No Drugs, No Way!” Stickers to their collections. Distribute our Coloring & Activities Books: "Be Smart, Say No To Drugs,” "Stay Drug Free,” "We Don’t Need Drugs: Just Say No,” and "Smart Kids Say No To Drugs.” Make sure that young readers have a "Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Aren’t For Me” Bookmark. Remind students to stay away from other harmful substances with the "Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Aren’t For Me! Bookmark.”

Of course, you must also be concerned with students traveling safely to and from school. Hand out our School Bus Stress Ball and School Bus Magnet, complete with a safety slogan from your school. Introduce young children to school bus safety practices with the "School Bus Safety” Coloring & Activity Book.

To help parents keep their children safe, distribute the "Your Child’s Safety at School” Pocket Slider, the Reflective Wrist Band, DNA ID Kit, and Fingerprint ID Kit. Reinforce safety standards among your entire staff year round with the "Think Safety” Monthly Planner, Safety Pocket Planner, and Safety Wall Calendar.

Promos On-Time is ready to help you keep your students safe so they can concentrate on learning and fulfilling their potential. Call our friendly customer service representatives today for today’s best school safety products at 1-800-793-7184.

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School just started, yet major events are coming up fast! Each one involves an important aspect of student well-being and safety. By fully involving children, faculty, staff, and parents, you will show how much your school cares about each and every youngster.

Now’s the time to start preparing. Just as you relied on Promos On-Time to help you welcome everyone back, you can also trust us to provide you with today’s latest, most exciting products for Bully Prevention Month; School Lunch Week, October 9-15; Bus Safety Week, October 17-21; and Red Ribbon Week, October 23-31. As always, we’ve got the budget-friendly prices that will help your school hold successful events.

One of today’s most critical school issues is bullying prevention. Children who are victimized by their peers clearly cannot concentrate on their studies, but the problems go way beyond that. Students can suffer psychological or physical harm, leading up to suicide. Join educators across the land who participate in Bully Prevention Month. We offer you so many ways to get this vital message across. Our Internet Safety, How To Deal With Bullying, and Playground Safety Coloring & Activities Books combine narratives and activities to introduce kids to anti-bullying concepts. We also offer two Storybooks – Internet Safety and No Bullying – to help children avoid bullying online and in everyday life. Hand out the Internet Bullying Bookmark to mark their pages. Reinforce your efforts with our popular Flying Disc, Bracelet, Whistle Key Ring, and Pencil, all featuring anti-bulling themes. Display our Bully Free Zone Banner in prominent school areas, and hand out T-shirts with the same powerful statement.

With the constant temptations of fast food and junk food, children need encouragement to eat nutritiously. We can help them bring healthy lunches to the cafeteria and choose healthy snacks. Make our Eat Right, Eat Healthy Coloring Book part of every child’s nutritional curriculum. Older kids – along with parents and staff - will profit from our Healthy Snacks Key Points Wallet Card, plus the Healthy Eating Post Up, perfect for placing on the fridge, and the Childhood Obesity Slider. Help everyone relieve tension with Stress Balls in the shape of fruits and vegetables. Make our good nutrition Stickers part of your healthy eating campaign. Motivate everyone to eat healthfully with the Lunch-To-Go Kit, Snap-A-Snack, and 3-Piece Salad Shaker Set.

With many students riding the bus twice a day throughout the school year, school bus safety is mandatory. Provide children with a review of basic bus safety rules with the School Bus Safety Coloring & Activity Book. Remind parents of safety rules to review with their kids by handing out Your Child’s Safety At School Pocket Slider, which includes bus safety tips. Our School Bus Stress Ball, Magnet, and Lapel Pin provide important safety reminders. Remember your school bus drivers for their year-round efforts to transport children safely by recognizing them with our Travel Mug, Drawstring Backpack, Lunch Bag, and Safety Incentive Stainless Steel Bottle, all featuring our exclusive slogans.

One of the best ways to prevent our nation’s youth from using drugs is for schools like yours to hold a robust Red Ribbon Week. You can hold theme days, essay contests, anti-drug rallies, poster contests, and skits encouraging kids to live a drug-free life. Of course we have red ribbons with powerful themes: The Choice For Me Is Drug Free, I Elect To Be Drug Free, Power To Say No To Drugs, Proud To Be Drug Free, and more. Educate youngsters with the Stay Drug Free Coloring & Activities Book, and hang the Red Ribbon Week and Drug Free Zone Banners in common areas throughout your school. Check out our Flying Disc, Lollipops, Pencil, Bracelet, Stickers, and other popular anti-drug products.

Remember, Promos On-Time offers you budget-friendly prices to enable you to hold memorable, successful school events throughout the year. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help you.

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October 5, 2016

While students may regret the passing of summer, they’re also excited about a new school year. The same can be said about parents, teachers, and staff. With all the excitement comes a great deal of preparation. In order to be successful, everyone must have the supplies they need throughout the year.

That’s where Promos On-Time comes in. We’ve got the products necessary for everyday school use, academic awards, and special school events. The first event, of course, is the beginning of the school year! Provide a warm greeting through Welcome Back Gifts and build pride with your school’s custom imprint. Students can be also be anxious as they return. These gifts go a long way to helping acclimate them to the end of summer and the resumption of their classwork. Present them with essential supplies, including highlighters, rulers, pens, backpacks, erasers, and more. Hand out the Economy Padfolio and Apple Stress Ball Key Chain to teachers. Everyone will appreciate lunchtime gifts: the Lunch To Go Kit, Salad To Go Kit, and Freezable Gel Lid Storage Container. Recognize volunteers from the start with the School Volunteer Lapel Pin. Place your school’s custom Welcome Back message on our Full Color 6’ x 4’ Banner.

All teachers know that motivating students is critical to their success. This positive reinforcement ensures that they will continue to give their very best effort to their schoolwork. Hand out student aswards, including lapel pins and certificates, that recognize their strides in reaching the honor roll, math and science, art and music, citizenship and volunteering, reading, athletics, and attendance. Each award is great for award ceremonies and individual recognition.

The easiest way to motivate students is to put a message of praise right in their hands! Our colorful Student Award Pencils feature messages sure to place smiles on their faces: "A” and "A-B” Honor Roll, Student of the Month, Participation, Readers Are Leaders, and the all-purpose Achievement and Wow! Good Job! Fantastic! Pencils. Place your school’s statement on Zippered Pencil Cases.

Keep students and teachers organized with our Custom Academic Planners & School Year Calendars. We offer a wide variety, from the 14-month Academic Desk Planner – School Year 2016-2017 to the Weekly Academic 2016-2017 Pocket Planner to the Soft Touch Designer 2018-2019 Academic Pocket Planner in elegant two-tone vinyl. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to keep everyone on track all year long.

Express your gratitude to your staff members, whose dedication makes your school a special place of learning. After all, they need motivation too, especially when the school day is stressful. There are so many ways to show them how you feel: the ABC, Staff Recognition, and Teacher Apple Lapel Pins; I’m Appreciated Gripper Bottle, Success Chocolate Apple, and Appreciation Planter Set. These gifts, including our Teachers Are Our Treasure 6’ x 4’ Banner, are also perfect for holding a successful Teacher Appreciation Week.

Besides the beginning of school, you can also plan for important events throughout the year. Boost pride at sports events, test-taking rallies, and homecoming with School Spirit and Pep Rallies gifts: Foam #1 Hands, sports-oriented stress balls, plush toys, pom poms, and rally towels. At the end of the year, hold an outstanding prom by placing congratulatory and safety messages on our Buckle-Up Key Tag, 20-oz. Slim Poly Bottle, and Nylon Drawstring Backpack. Make moving up and graduation meaningful and inspire students to continue their education with our Graduation Lapel Pin, Participation Certificate, and Graduation Cap Stress Ball.

The new school year will be here before you know it! Start it off right by preparing students, teachers and administrators with supplies, reminders, motivators and welcome back gifts.

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When it comes to school spirit events, it is hard to not think of homecoming. Usually revolving around a tradition of football rivalries, this almost universally celebrated event captures the spirit of a school, and the community that supports it. The spring season inspires thoughts of test taking, prom and graduation, all big events, but none truly motivates school spirit for the students as a whole. Deciding to hold a spring spirit event can be a big step for a school, but it can return excitement and enthusiasm for a broader range of activities. If done right, this event can raise awareness of spring sports, inspire pride and involve the community even more in the success of the school.

While there may not be a premier football game during the spring season, there may be a tournament for one of the spring sports that may provide the anchor for the spring spirit event. Identifying a baseball, lacrosse or soccer event that would serve as a feature is an important first step. Bracketing the sport aspect with a series of in school activities involves the entire school enrollment. A spring themed pep rally, activities such as picture scavenger hunts, team obstacle courses and talent competitions will broaden the involvement to students who may not be inspired by athletic teams. A message of school success can be delivered to the students via assemblies, introduction speeches and class discussions. Pride can be translated into achieving academic excellence, connecting the enthusiasm of striving to be the best in extracurricular activities to doing well in the classroom.

The school activities that comprise the spring pride week can be brought to a new level of interest with themed merchandise. At the most basic level, students can be inspired to wear spirit apparel, emblazoned with the mascot of the school. Reinforcement of participation can be in the form of spirit points that can be exchanged for leverage in the competitive activities that make up the week. Attributing a certain amount of points for those students who wear a t-shirt, hat, sweater or other item can be monitored by a homeroom check. For scavenger hunts and obstacle courses, this creates an exciting wild card for close competitions. For those who are not participating in the competitions, the points can be traded in for snacks or giveaways throughout the spirit week. Prizes and giveaways that traditionally support homecoming are also great for spreading pride. Foam #1 hands, noisemakers, buttons, stadium cups and other custom spirit giveaways can carry the school mascot and rally message.

Involve the community to build excitement and also raise funds. Parent organizations, churches and fire departments are great ways to spread the word to the community as a whole. Parents of students are likely to be part of these groups, and will be more than happy to participate in the planning and execution of the festivities. Fundraising by selling school branded merchandise, holding bake sales, and 50/50 raffles are some of the ways that these groups can help make the spring spirit event into a reality. These funds can be used to extend the participation by supporting ads in the local news channels as well.

Working together will enhance involvement for students and parents during the spring months. Providing a much needed boost for students, a spring school spirit event can boost morale and lift the enthusiasm for spring sports. Additionally, spirit events offer a stress relief and inspiration for test taking season. A warm counterbalance to the classic homecoming, this new spring tradition will be a welcome way to celebrate school pride.

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The teachers in your school or community make a lifelong impact on their students. They work hard to instruct and motivate the next generation. Think back to your own school years. Surely there was a teacher who inspired you with a love of learning and helped you believe in yourself and achieve your best.

American Education Week presents you with the opportunity to thank and reward these dedicated individuals, as well as the administrators, bus drivers, nurses, custodial staff, cafeteria employees, substitute teachers, guidance counselors – anyone who plays an important role in making your school a special place of learning.

Look through our Education Incentives & Tools to discover two pages of unique, cost-effective products that express your appreciation to these outstanding individuals. They’ll wear our "ABC,” "Teacher’s Apple,” and "Staff Recognition” Lapel Pins with pride, and hand out "Reading” Lapel Pins to students who make reading strides. Display our inspiring "Welcome To Our School Community,” "Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow,” and "Great Day To Learn” Banners in prominent places throughout your school. Backpacks and Totes help teachers carry everyday necessities to and from school each day.

Treat educators sweetly with our "Success” Chocolate Apple, "Teachers Make Learning Sweet” Chocolate Bar, and Mini Hershey Chocolate Bars for Teachers and Staff. The "Thanks For Making A Difference” and "I Make A Difference” Tumblers are perfect for breaks and commuting. They’ll also enjoy a variety of gifts that enhance reading: the Bookmark Magnifier, Bendable Book Reading Light, and Flexi Book Light.

Educators are surely one group of professionals who deserve recognition for all they do. At Promos On-Time, we’re proud to offer you products that will help you hold a successful event. American Education items can be found here.

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The senior prom is one of the most significant events in the lives of your students. They dress in their finest, share memories and photos with friends, enjoy dancing, and look back at their past accomplishments and forward to the future.

This is a special night indeed. Young men attend in their tuxedos and young ladies in formal dresses with corsages on their wrists. The event is usually held in an elegant ballroom. The prom king and queen are revealed and honored.

The prom is the last time that so many members of the graduating class will be together until class reunions are held years later. That makes it all the more reason to present students with a keepsake to remember this special night.

At the same time, all educators and parents are concerned about prom safety. Drinking and driving, drug use, and other irresponsible behaviors must be prevented.

Promos On-Time has everything you need to hold to a memorable prom–and to raise safety awareness among all of your students. Be sure to place prom and safety messages on these popular items.

  • Boost safety awareness by handing out our Binge Drinking Pocket Slider, Drinking & Driving Info Slider, and Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Aren’t For Me! Bookmark. These items can be presented in classes and discussed before the prom.
  • Place your prom message on our Full Color 6’ x 4’ Banner
  • Treat students sweetly with Belgian Chocolate Squares, Smile Face Chocolate Gold Coins, Custom Wrapped Hershey & Nestle Chocolate Bars, and Custom Head Lollipops with Imprinted Stick
  • Help students carry school and recreational supplies with our Nylon Drawstring Backpack and China Clipper Barrel Bag
  • Preserve cherished prom memories with our Desktop Photo Flip Album
  • Students will enjoy refreshing themselves with the Slim Polly Bottle featuring your school prom imprint
  • Stock up on Stadium Cups and Paper Cups, also featuring your prom message

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    graduation-joey.jpgGraduation is more than just a ceremony. This one event represents the culmination of years of hard work and achievement. Students have grown in so many ways. Some have excelled in certain subjects, some in sports, some in the arts. One hopes that they have are leaving school with bright memories.

    At the same time, the event is also a time of transition as students begin to chart their future course and prepare for success and fulfillment. Certainly the graduation ceremony is meant to inspire them, from the speeches to the handing out of diplomas to the jubilant throwing of the caps in the air.

    When you hand out a graduation gift, you also inspire students by presenting a keepsake that serves as a reminder of your pride in them. Every time they look at your gift, they have an immediate association with this special day and with the esteem that they have earned.

    Promos On-Time has assembled a collection of gifts that your graduates will be sure to use and enjoy. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to make graduation more meaningful.

  • They’ll wear the Graduation Cap, Star, and Shooting Star Lapel Pins with pride
  • Treat your graduates sweetly with Belgian Chocolate Squares, Way To Go Chocolate Cookies , Congratulations Chocolate Bars, Mrs. Fields Custom Cookie Cakes, Box of Signature Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate Telegrams
  • Hand out our handsome, smooth-writing Graduation, Santorini, Commonwealth and Bic Worthington Pens
  • This is the perfect time to present graduates with impressive Soho Wrist Watches for young men and women
  • Display our Full Color Banner announcing your graduation
  • Place your graduation message on our apparel: the Washed Chino Cap, Front Runner Cap, Hanes Beefy T-Shirt and Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt
  • Have fun by distributing our Nerd Glasses to your studious graduates
  • Help students carry books and other supplies with our Nylon Drawstring and Turtle Backpacks
  • Students can stay on schedule and preserve their graduation memories with our Photo Frame Clock

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    teacher-week.jpgTeacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to recognize the tremendous, positive impact that teachers make on the lives of their students. All teachers are unique in the way in which they influence youngsters and make the classroom a place to learn and grow. Through their efforts and dedication, they inspire students to realize their aims in life.

    The teaching profession is both difficult and essential. Every one of us remembers a particular teacher who motivated and advised us, who aroused our curiosity and sparked our love of learning. One word of encouragement from a teacher can make such a difference in a student’s life. Teachers can not only boost students’ confidence, but they can also help them set their future course.

    Teacher Appreciation Week in May is the perfect time to acknowledge the contributions of these dedicated individuals. It’s a time for the entire school community to express their appreciation, including students, parents, PTA/PTO, other staff members and the principal. Everyone can take this opportunity to thank the teachers who taught us and who teach our children. The event also reminds us to praise our teachers more often for the crucial part they play in our school, community and nation.

    When choosing teachers’ gifts, it’s important to remember that the gifts teachers bestow are priceless and last a lifetime. Promos On-Time offers a wide range of gifts that will help you thank the teachers in your school and hold a memorable celebration.

  • Present teachers with drinkware perfect for breaks and commuting

  • Help teachers carry daily supplies to and from school with durable totes, backpacks and lunch bags

  • Make it easy for teachers to bring a delicious lunch to school with our Teacher Salad Bowl Gift Set, Teachers 3-Piece Salad Shaker Set Collapsible Food Container With Utensils and Our Team Is "Souper”   Mug With Spoon

  • Since teachers plant the seeds of success, present them with our Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit, Solar Powered Dancing Flower and Forget Me Not Seed Packs

  • Supply teachers with items they’ll use every busy day: the Desk Clock & Pen Cup, Clipboard With Oval Clip, Trimark Triangular Highlighter, Teacher 4 In 1 Writing Set and more

  • Recognize your teachers with our Apple, ABC and Children First Lapel Pins

  • Don’t forget the rest of your staff! Show appreciation with our We Love Our School Staff Hershey’s Chocolate Bar and Coffee Mug and gifts featuring the themes Caring Is The Business We Have Chosen and We Can’t Spell Success Without U

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    Early summer conjurs up thoughts of the beach, pool or vacation time, but for college and university administrators, it means school is around the corner. With most institutions starting classes in late August and early September, it means the month of July is a hectic one for making last minute plans to welcome new and returning students.

    For most institution leaders, two of the biggest words are 'education' and 'fiscal'. Providing a great learning experience and growth environment must be balanced with tuition receipts and any state/government funding. Besides providing class rooms and possible lodging, it is important to motivate students to participate in school activities, ahere to safety rules and most importantly, attend class and excel. Finding economical and effective reminders to reach college students can be daunting, but there are plenty of choices for a wide variety of activities.

    The only way a higher learning instituion can retain or improve its ranking is by the success of its student body. Promote studying by handing out low priced promotional giveaways like pens, usb memory drives, tablet covers and smart phone chargers. Electronic items are probably the post popular items as just about every student communicates, takes notes and even reads with some type of new technology. Personalized accessories give you a chance to print your school logo or mascot and an inspirtation message to to instill pride and motivation.

    Only a handful of students might play for the University's football, basketball or other atheltic team. But since all schools also have intramural sports, this is a great place to reach both male and female students. Imprinted apparel, sports bottles and duffel bags are great giveaway ideas.

    Everyone reads the news these days about safety on campus. It is a concern more than ever. There are plenty of promotional ideas to give to students to let them know what to do in the case of emergency. Some of the biggest safety topics include drinking, drug use and dating. And then there are every day issues on what to do in case of an emergency cauased by fire or a criminal activity. Finally, theft in dorm rooms and other university areas is always a concern within the student base. Topical education reminders will inform students that your institution and its safety department does not accept inappropriate behavior.

    Custom printed promotional items do not necessarily have to be handed out for free. They can be sold to students who are eager to wear them on campus and at home on breaks to show off their alma mater. Custom t-shirts, backpacks, drink ware, license plate frames and technology items can be sold at school events, games, club meetings or if permissable; at school book stores.

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    Each year, administrators have the opportunity to formally recognize the contributions of teachers to the success of their schools. Teacher Appreciation Week is an event that honors the work of teachers. Usually funded and coordinated by PTA and PTO organizations, they may involve a breakfast or luncheon as well as a gift of appreciation. But this event can be so much more than an obligatory free meal and tchotchke giveaway. Organizers can turn the appreciation week into a school motivation celebration, involving the students, parents and entire staff.Expand The Appreciation – Teachers are not alone in the education of our students. Turn the celebration into Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, inviting the entire staff to be honored. Include teachers, school nurses, janitors, guidance counselors and administrative staff in the recognition, highlighting the team’s efforts and how they all take part in bringing a student from grade school to graduation.Decorate For Years – Budgets are always tight for events such as Teacher Appreciation Week. Organizers can alleviate the pressure on future planning by purchasing certain decoration items without a date on them. By leaving a date off of a Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week banner, and imprinting the school mascot instead of a unique theme, it becomes a reusable decoration. The same approach can be used for balloons, allowing them to be purchased in bulk, reducing the per-piece price and allowing for leftovers to be used in future years.

    Gift With Practicality – The investment in a teacher gift will easily be justified if the item given is a useable one. A custom lunch bag, tote or travel mug with a slogan of thanks will be appreciated during the Teacher Appreciation Week celebration, and will have the added benefit of being used long after the event. Each time the school staff member enjoys the item, they will be inspired by the sentiment that was customized on it. Inspiration such as this will continue the good feelings throughout the year.

    Get Active – Breaking through the standard luncheon/gift routine can give an appreciation event an edge over years past. Coordinate a raffle or set up a scavenger hunt for the staff. Friendly competition between departments can fuel the excitement and make the activity into an annual tradition. Students may also be allowed to participate, being split up amongst the departments rather than as their own entity, further incorporating the entire school.

    Whether you are a school administrator helping to plan the student prom or a parent throwing an after prom bash for your kid, you will need something to make the night even more memorable - What better way to do so than with prom night keepsakes and gifts? Many trinkets can be personalized with the year, the school, and/or the prom theme. If the party is intimate enough, you can even consider including each person’s name. How special would that be?

    The top 10 prom gifts and keepsakes are as follows:

    1. Key Tags – Many of you many have gotten one of these at you own prom. Well, this little gift can be improved upon by having them include a message about safety and the dangers of drinking and driving.

    2. Water Bottles – Dancing the night away at junior or senior prom will naturally work up a thirst. Therefore, having their own prom water at the kids’ disposal will make the night feel even more special. The label can be personalized to the class’s theme to fit in perfectly to the decorations.

    3. Goody Bags – Who doesn’t love leaving an event or party with a bag full of goodies and treats? These are always a big hit and the best part is, even the goodies can be personalized to commemorate the student’s special night.

    4. Custom Chocolate Bars And Candy – These customizable sweet treats not only make a great prom gift, but they are perfect prom fundraisers as well. The students on the prom committee can sell these to raise extra funds for their prom decorations, keepsakes, and so on.

    5. Coffee Mugs – This is most likely another special keepsake you received at your prom. This is one of the most popular items to give out on this memorable night. Many keep these for years and years to look back on with nostalgia and remember a fun filled night.

    6. T-Shirts – This is another highly popular prom keepsake, especially for after prom parties. The students can get out of their formal were and don these to dance the night away. Personalized prom Ts are a perfect way to retain cherished memories by students signing them with special messages to each other.

    7. Photo Frames – With today’s smartphones, there is absolutely no doubt that prom means hundreds or even thousands of pictures will be taken. These fun filled images can be proudly displayed in a prom themed photo frame.

    8. Magnets – These useful gifts and be customized for a Save-the-Date and handed out to the kids when they purchase their prom tickets. The students can count down the days to this high school milestone while having these as a little reminder they can place in their lockers.

    9. Custom Lapel Pins – These little pins can be imprinted with the prom’s theme/motto, date, and so on. Both boys and girls can wear these the night of the prom or just hold on to them for memorabilia sake. If prom t-shirts are part of the prom gifts, these can be attached to them.

    10. Banners And Balloons – No prom would be complete without customized balloons and banners. At prom night’s end, many even take these items home to keep.

    There are many more options for prom night keepsakes and gifts, as these are just the top 10. The wonderful thing is, you can pick several of these items and customize them in different ways for the students to keep for years to come. In addition, there are items that can be used on the night of their prom and other items they will cherish forever.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    If you think back to your school days, some of the best lessons were those that were hands-on. No matter what it was, it was far better than the standard textbook assignments. Teachers are regulated to certain curriculum they must teach their students. However, there are certain times of the year when he or she gets to break out of their lesson plan box. Thanksgiving just happens to be one of these great opportunities when this is possible.

    History can be brought out of the textbooks and brought to life through the stories and events of Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and Native-Americans. American History can be fascinating when there are fun creative activities to help bring home the lesson. There is much students must absorb in classes, why not make some of the lessons more interesting than the normal robotic learning style of reading, testing, reading, testing, and so on.

    One special lesson to blend the Thanksgiving story with the school curriculum on the impact both the settlers and the Native-Americans had on each other and history is to recreate the first Thanksgiving feast. This feast was celebrated to represent the coming together of two cultures in peace and harmony. The lesson of what this meant can be reinforced by having students bring their own traditional dishes to share with their classmates. Teachers can have special gifts made up for each student to remember what they learned. For example, a customized Apron with the date and school name or a personalized Quilted Cotton Canvas Oven Mitt both make great options. As an added bonus, the apron can be signed by everyone in the class with a mention of the dish they brought.

    For younger students, coloring books can make a big impact. For example, a Make A Difference and Volunteer Coloring & Activity Book can reinforce what the first can current Thanksgivings are meant for. The Native-Americans and the pilgrims came together to help each other out, in essence they volunteered their time, knowledge, and food. Teachers can even imprint Crayon Sets or a cute Turkey Stress Ball with a little message of sharing for their students.

    Historical recreation craft projects are not only a blast for the students, but will build a connection to the history of Thanksgiving. Replicas of the clothing of the times are great craft projects. Teachers may want to consider getting each student a special gift they can take home after the lesson, such as a Water Color Paint Set that has been customized for the event.

    There are many ways teachers can make the textbook events surrounding the Colonists, the Native-American, and the history between them exciting. With just a little hands-on lessons and activities, it can turn another lesson into an experience they will remember for years to come. In addition, if the students have customizable momentous from the day's learning event, they are sure to keep what they have learned retained even longer. Class can be a daily grind for many students – why not make some lessons unforgettably fun?

    Posted by Jack Davis

    The new school year is many things to many people. A fresh academic year for students and teachers holds promise of improvement and growth, both in the class and after school. Some will be looking towards college prep and applications, while others will be continuing their quest to succeed through elementary and middle schools. Unfortunately, the new school year also holds opportunity for those involved with drugs. Those looking to attract new buyers from schools need only leverage the fresh class to exploit fears, lack of confidence and desire to fit in. Dealers will be looking to hook new students and it is important to head them off before they can make contact.

    Tying in an aggressive anti-drug campaign to the beginning of the school year can help suppress some of the risk associated. Educators can reach out to classes with a message of prevention, influencing them to say no to drugs and the problems that they bring. In addition to the yearlong promotional effort, there can be benchmark events such as Red Ribbon Week in October to build excitement. Educational anti-drug coloring books along with creative projects that promote a drug free life can welcome students back to the new year.

    While the red ribbon reminders may seem trivial to some, if the impact of wearing pledges to steer clear of drugs influences just one student, they have done their job. Custom wrist bands, ribbons, and other red reminders can last long beyond the October event, serving to constantly deliver the message of "saying no." Reinforcing the idea that is is cool to stay drug free can build a foundation in elementary and middle school children that will carry on into the more difficult high school years, where peer pressure may be at its peak

    Red Ribbon Week Contestquest to succeed through elementary and middle schools. Unfortunately, the new school year also holds opportunity for those involved with drugs. Those looking to attract new buyers from schools need only leverage the fresh class to exploit fears, lack of confidence and desire to fit in. Dealers will be looking to hook new students and it is important to head them off before they can make contact.

    Tying in an aggressive anti-drug campaign to the beginning of the school year can help suppress some of the risk associated. Educators can reach out to classes with a message of prevention, influencing them to say no to drugs and the problems that they bring. In addition to the yearlong promotional effort, there can be benchmark events such as Red Ribbon Week in October to build excitement. Celebrated from October 23-31st, this nationawide push for drug prevention in schools and communities brings the anti drug message to students from elementary classes through high school. The symbol of the red ribbon can be seen adorning the grounds and classrooms of schools that celebrate the event, making it evident and noticeable that they have declared their community a drug free zone.

    Part of holding a successful Red Ribbon Week event is having plenty of ribbons to distribute to students, teachers and parents before and during the celebration. Stocking up before the start of the school year is a great way to get a head start on preparation. Starting off with a theme selection, organizers can work with students and teachers to choose a fun and meaningful slogan and design for the red ribbon. After the slogan and concept has been chosen, volunteer artists from the community or even student body can submit designs to compete for the annual red ribbon contest. Whether chosen by committee or put to a vote, the winning logo design can be printed on custom red ribbons and other giveaways. Distributed in anticipation of Red Ribbon Week, they can help build excitement and increase participation in the anti drug event.

    Tying in an aggressive anti-drug campaign to the beginning of the school year can help suppress some of the risk associated. Educators can reach out to classes with a message of prevention, influencing them to say no to drugs and the problems that they bring. In addition to the yearlong promotional effort, there can be benchmark events such as Red Ribbon Week in October to build excitement. Educational anti-drug coloring books along with creative projects that promote a drug free life can welcome students back to the new year.

    While the red ribbon reminders may seem trivial to some, if the impact of wearing pledges to steer clear of drugs influences just one student, they have done their job. Custom wrist bands, ribbons, and other red reminders can last long beyond the October event, serving to constantly deliver the message of "saying no." Reinforcing the idea that is is cool to stay drug free can build a foundation in elementary and middle school children that will carry on into the more difficult high school years, where peer pressure may be at its peak.

    Making a serious message into a fun celebration is one way of creating an easy to digest, student friendly education experience. The topic of drug abuse and its impact on society may be a bit too heavy for elementary school age children. Celebrating Red Ribbon Week through theme days and group activities make the message easy to teach and interesting for the students.

    Red Ribbon Week theme days start by determining a way that the entire school can show their participation, such as wearing "funky" socks. Then coordinators can come up with a catchy slogan to tie the theme into the activity. "Sock It To Drugs" is a slogan that ties in nicely to funky sock day, keeping the event focused on drug prevention at the same time. Supporting the theme day with promotional giveaways can keep the message going all year long. A silicone bracelet, imprinted with a custom anti drug slogan will be worn throughout the year, a constant reminder of the fun that was had during Red Ribbon Week and the drug free message that it delivered.

    Other theme days include crazy hat day, wearing clothes backwards to show how "backwards" drug use really is and there are giant poster signing days that have the entire class or school make their pledge to a drug free way of life. For more ideas on Celebrating Red Ribbon Week, click here.Posted by Jack Davis

    Academic PlannersKeeping track of assignments, exams and extracurricular activities can be a challenge for students, teachers and parents. The whirlwind of excitement connected with a new school year can build to such a point that things can fall through the cracks in the process. Noting details on a reliable academic planner is one way of keeping these commitments in order. The standard written calendar is a basic, yet effective, way of organizing and is a great gift for Welcome Back to School celebrations. Passing each returning student two custom academic planners along with their other school supplies gives them and their parents a tool for the entire school year. These planners can be used to organize both academic and personal schedules, ensuring that there is little confusion as to when and where a student should be.

    From an educational perspective, the academic planner can help teachers and administrators to stay on track for their assignments. Custom printed with a mascot or school slogan, they will make a spirit rich addition to a teacher's desk. Incorporating the planners into an overall lesson plan about organization, the entire school can improve their academic performance as well as their personal life. By making the planners mandatory for the students, teachers, administrators and parents, they can all be part of an education and improvement process that will reach far beyond the years of school.

    Gift PensAn example of the importance of advertising pens in our society does not lie solely in their advertising value. Pens are a symbol of benchmarks in the life of an individual and important points in history. Supporting the impact of a promotional pen as a gift for employees, one only has to look to a graduation celebration, anniversary or retirement. These celebrations often include a gift of a custom engraved pen.

    A symbol of achievement, the pen received may never be used, but rather held in reverence, or displayed in an office. Another occasion where custom pens show up is at historic signings. Heads of state and politicians often use multiple pens to sign documents, giving each to an honored recipient as a souvenir of the occasion. It is no surprise that promotional pen gifts have such an impact when given for such minor events like the holidays or employee recognition celebrations. Staff members will appreciate a slogan of thanks each time they use the pen for signing or writing.

    During the spring and summer, the backyards are filled every weekend with graduation parties of all kinds. From high school to graduate school, the tremendous efforts of students will be noted with events ranging from informal barbecues to extravagant dinners. The simple gift of a high quality engraved pen to a graduating class can give them both a symbol of achievement and a quality tool that will bestow confidence for them each time the sign a document in their upcoming lives. Choosing a pen that is equally symbolic and practical, the recipient will appreciate the classic sentiment.

    Summer Volunteer AppreciationThe summer time is volunteer time. Many students, parents and seniors will be spending all or part of their summer volunteering for a cause. From building homes to staffing awareness events, volunteers will help facilitate efforts for the needy and afflicted. It is easy to see why these dedicated givers of time and effort should be recognized for the work they do. Regardless of what faith, belief system, or political allegiance, volunteers give themselves to helping those in need, and deserve praise for their efforts.

    Holding a volunteer appreciation celebration is easy, and doesn't have to break the budget. From pot luck dinners to low cost gifts like logo key tags and imprinted lunch bags, any show of appreciation will make a volunteer know that their work means allot to the people they help.

    Another important aspect of volunteer appreciation is its impact on recruitment. Recruiting volunteers is critical to keeping organizations running smoothly. Promotional handouts at recruitment events become popular possessions. Commemorative t-shirts, mugs and tote bags are just some of the gifts that will be carried around with pride, representing the honor of being a volunteer to others, inspiring them to ask questions and inquire about joining.

    Graduation Gift PensWhat to get for these graduating students? Some are tasked with the challenge of finding a gift for an entire class, department or even school, making the already difficult process of picking a suitable gift even harder. For administrators and group leaders, budget is always a concern, however the intention of marking the occasion with a symbol of achievement calls for a meaningful gift. How can a large group of students be honored for their achievements without breaking the bank? The answer lies with one of the most traditional gifts to be given at ceremonies, a pen. Writing instruments have long represented knowledge, making them the perfect gift to honor an important event such as a graduation. And with the price points that pens fall into, it is easy to stay within budget while rewarding students for their achievements.

    For high school, college and graduate school, a higher end executive pen can be engraved with the year of their graduation along with the name of the school. A heavy weight, smooth writing, refillable pen can last for years, reminding the graduate of the hard work and dedication that supported their success. A conversation starter, coworkers and clients will take note of the custom imprint, possibly influencing networking and familiarity.

    For elementary school students, a lower cost pen with an executive look can be handed out to commemorate their moving up in grade. These budget friendly pens can be accompanied by a description of the role and significance of the gift of a writing instrument. Examples of how Presidents and heads of state often sign documents with multiple pens, giving them to VIP guests as souvenirs. This foundation of knowledge about pens will allow students to truly appreciate future gifts upon accomplishing higher education benchmarks.

    school nurse appreciationGoing way beyond the act of applying some antiseptic and a bandage, school nurses are an important part of a students academic career. With medical knowledge and awareness as well as increases in prescriptions, the role of a school nurse has expanded over the years. Between ADHD, increases in allergies and treatments that have been developed, the school nurse is responsible for keeping doses correct and responding with fast acting emergency treatments that may mean the difference between life and death. This role is of course still combined with the caring and soothing presence they have always provided.

    Nurse Lunch BagNational School Nurse Day is a chance for administrators, parents and students to show appreciation to their on staff nurse. While they may be recognized during school staff events, their impact is important enough to warrant a special day of recognition, held solely for them. With gifts that are found in nurse appreciation offerings rather than educational catalogs, the school can give each nurse in a district a sentimental and practical item. Gifts such as custom travel mugs or personalized lunch bags that carry slogans such as Nurses - On Call With Care will make each school nurse feel special on their day and throughout the year.

    Earth Day BagThe annual observance of Earth Day is one that garners quite a bit of media attention, as well as community activity. But the event gets the most attention in schools throughout the country, where educators take the opportunity to teach environmental responsibility to students. This foundation of caring for the environment is one that will translate into the student developing into an adult who is more likely to make eco friendly decisions. But a simple approach of classroom lesson plans can only take the students so far. It is important that teachers engage students in hands on activities and field trips during and around Earth Day. Participation ranging from growing organic gardens on school grounds to visiting water treatment facilities are some of the projects that can help reinforce the lessons learned during Earth Day.

    plant GiftsA vegetable garden is an educational tool on many different levels. In addition to teaching biology, agriculture and responsibility, the garden can be an experiment that highlights the benefits of organic gardening. Classes can set up two gardens, one using organic methods and one using common techniques. In addition to the differences in effort, students can take note of the environmental impact of each approach, recognizing the negative effect that pesticides have on the world around us. Additionally, a test can (hopefully) bring to light how much more flavorful and natural tasting organic produce can taste.

    Earth Day Coloring BookA field trip to a water treatment facility or lab can be an impressive event for students during Earth Day. Children can be given a tour that shows the different treatments and processes that must be employed to make waste water safe for the environment. Staff members of the facility can speak about how irresponsible waste disposal and chemical disposal can impact the world around us. Facilities can reinforce the lessons of environmental responsibility by handing out educational coloring books and other reminder giveaways to the visiting class.
    Posted by Jack Davis