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A lot of progress has been made in educating the public on the dangers of smoking tobacco. Most states now prohibit smoking in restaurants and public places and many companies make smokers do their business in a place far from where their second hand smoke can affect non-smokers. In this country, it would be pretty hard to believe that someone would still light up in light of all of the graphic advertisements broadcast in recent years. We have all seen the shocking and tragic commericals showing cancer and emphysema victims deteriorating down to their last gasp.

And yet still, you cannot go out in front of your office, college dorm and even a hospital without seeing a pack of people chugging cigarettes as if they actually provided pure oxygen. The fact is, oxygen is what they will need later on in life when smoking has taken its toll on their lungs, heart and other vital organs. Not to mention discolored teeth, funky breath and a dent in the wallet or purse.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention),

  • Tobbaco is still the largest preventable cause of death and disease in the US
  • Cigarette smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year
  • 41,000 people die each year disease related to secondhand smoke
  • The cost of smoke-related illness costs our country more than $133 billion a year

    The Great American Smokeout, held this year on November 19th, provides an opportunity to provide a day of oxygen for smokers. An entire day without smoking may be difficult for addicted smokers, but at the same time will be a breath of fresh air. It will also be a nice way to show children and teenagers that smoking is not a great choice and proclaim that not smoking is the best and only choice.

    For schools, police departments, health clinics and hospitals, it is a great day to educate children and adults on the dangers of smoking. Hand out education materials for The Great American Smokeout such as information sliders and bookmarks for adults and coloring books and stickers for children.

  • Posted by Mike Lerner

    With the staggering fact that over 12% of women in the United States will get breast cancer in their lifetime, it is vital to promote awareness and regular screenings. With advancements in testing and treatment, the rate of survival continuously increases.

    Every women 40 and older should get regular mammograms at their doctor's office or at a health care facility. A regular patern of check-ups will help fight the odds and turn them to every woman's advantage.

    Spreading the word about catching, fighting, curing and eventually preventing this disease has become easier with social media, television and a growing popularity of tie-ins with professional sports leagues, Hollywood and the business world. Breast Cancer awareness is now virtually a household phrase and most of the population is more than aware of its importance.

    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a chance to not only promote and inform the country and world, but it is a call to all women to act. Regular screenings should not go ignored, because you never know which visit and check-up is the one that can save your life. Held in October, this monthlong event is marked with themed health fairs, road races, walkathons, and most importantly, the color pink. The pink ribbon is the symbol for BCAM and the wearing of lapel ribbons has spread to everthing "pink"

    As an institution, school, business or health care organization, you can plan and sponsor a breast cancer awareness event such as a road race, screening, fundraiser or sports-related event and decorate with pink promotional products. While there are thousands of items available in the color pink like mugs, backpacks, totes, t-shirts and pens, ribbons are still the most popular giveaway. Besides satin ribbons that can be worn on apparel, there are ribbon-shaped magnets, buttons, lapel pins, bracelets and so many more items.

    In addition, there are plenty of health themed products with breast cancer information in the form of pamphlets, calendars and pocket planners. Adding your organization's name, contact information and a message provides you with an opportunity to show how much you care for your staff, patients or the community.

    The hope is that one day, pink will go back to being just a pretty color and there will be no need to promote the disease, but only a preventive cure. But until that time, awareness is the best treatment to stopping the number 2 disease for women in this country.

    Posted by Michael Lerner

    Fire Prevention Education Fire Safety Month is of course in October; however, the dangers from fires never take time off. Therefore, educating the public is of the utmost importance in every community. Even the smallest spark can lead to uncontrollable infernos consuming thousands or acres of forests, neighborhoods, and cause immeasurable damage and heartbreak. Human habits and Mother Nature both contribute to this devastation. Although there may not be much to do about nature, communities can reeducate their neighbors one how to do their best to change certain behaviors, such as tossing out lit cigarette butts, improperly disposing of hot charcoal, and to adhere to fire bans when given.

    In conjunction with educating on fire prevention, there is a great need to instruct the community on what to do in the home to protect against fires and what to do should a fire break out. There are several means for firefighters and city officials to get the message out about fire safety. For example, they can turn to local news outlets, public facilities such as libraries or schools, as well as online forums or social media sites. These avenues of communication will offer the maximum amount of publicity without the need to waste time on canvassing neighborhoods or mailing out letters, which is time that could be spent educating the community.

    Fire safety professionals will find it easier to inform the public with helpful tools that can be given out to the public as constant reminders of fire prevention awareness. Customizable products such as the following will aid in helping children understand.

  • Escaping Fire Danger Coloring & Activity Book
  • Fire Safety Coloring & Activity Book
  • A Trip To The Fire Station Coloring & Activities Book
  • Practice Fire Safety Coloring & Activities Book
  • Stop, Drop & Roll Stickers
  • Children's Plastic Fire Safety Hat

    There are item for families as well like the following, which will aid in being reminders and help in planning.

  • Home Fire Hazards Pocket Guide
  • Fire Hazards & Escape Plan Pocket Slider
  • First Aid Safety Tips Slider
  • Fire Safety Handout Bag - 9" x 12"
  • Fire & Home Safety Slider

    Experts should be sure to include a message about preventing forest fires, especially during the summers months when camping is a very popular family activity. In addition, bringing awareness about how important it is for the home to have properly functioning fire and carbon monoxide alarms, is imperative. Many tragedies could have been avoided if only the home was equipped with these life saving devices. This can be done by a simple calendar magnet handout, so the family can get on a schedule of regularly testing the alarms and replacing the batteries.

    A community that is fire prevention educated is a much stronger and safer place for all its residents. When all humans habits are changed, every kid sees firefighters as real people instead of fun characters in a book, each home is equipped with working fire alarms, and all families have real plans on what to do in the event of a fire, only then will the need to educate be done. Until then, these important messages need to continue throughout the year in every neighborhood across the country. Act today, don’t let a preventable fire devastate your community or your family.

    Visit our full selectoin of fire safety promotional items. Choose from stock designs with valuable messages, or create your own imprint on a wide choice of products.

  • Posted by Jack Davis

    While students may regret the passing of summer, they’re also excited about a new school year. The same can be said about parents, teachers, and staff. With all the excitement comes a great deal of preparation. In order to be successful, everyone must have the supplies they need throughout the year.

    That’s where Promos On-Time comes in. We’ve got the products necessary for everyday school use, academic awards, and special school events. The first event, of course, is the beginning of the school year! Provide a warm greeting through Welcome Back Gifts and build pride with your school’s custom imprint. Students can be also be anxious as they return. These gifts go a long way to helping acclimate them to the end of summer and the resumption of their classwork. Present them with essential supplies, including highlighters, rulers, pens, backpacks, erasers, and more. Hand out the Economy Padfolio and Apple Stress Ball Key Chain to teachers. Everyone will appreciate lunchtime gifts: the Lunch To Go Kit, Salad To Go Kit, and Freezable Gel Lid Storage Container. Recognize volunteers from the start with the School Volunteer Lapel Pin. Place your school’s custom Welcome Back message on our Full Color 6’ x 4’ Banner.

    All teachers know that motivating students is critical to their success. This positive reinforcement ensures that they will continue to give their very best effort to their schoolwork. Hand out student aswards, including lapel pins and certificates, that recognize their strides in reaching the honor roll, math and science, art and music, citizenship and volunteering, reading, athletics, and attendance. Each award is great for award ceremonies and individual recognition.

    The easiest way to motivate students is to put a message of praise right in their hands! Our colorful Student Award Pencils feature messages sure to place smiles on their faces: "A” and "A-B” Honor Roll, Student of the Month, Participation, Readers Are Leaders, and the all-purpose Achievement and Wow! Good Job! Fantastic! Pencils. Place your school’s statement on Zippered Pencil Cases.

    Keep students and teachers organized with our Custom Academic Planners & School Year Calendars. We offer a wide variety, from the 14-month Academic Desk Planner – School Year 2019-2020 to the Weekly Academic Pocket Planner to the Soft Touch Designer Academic Pocket Planner in elegant two-tone vinyl. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to keep everyone on track all year long.

    Express your gratitude to your staff members, whose dedication makes your school a special place of learning. After all, they need motivation too, especially when the school day is stressful. There are so many ways to show them how you feel: the ABC, Staff Recognition, and Teacher Apple Lapel Pins; I’m Appreciated Gripper Bottle, Success Chocolate Apple, and Appreciation Planter Set. These gifts, including our Teachers Are Our Treasure 6’ x 4’ Banner, are also perfect for holding a successful Teacher Appreciation Week.

    Besides the beginning of school, you can also plan for important events throughout the year. Boost pride at sports events, test-taking rallies, and homecoming with School Spirit and Pep Rallies gifts: Foam #1 Hands, sports-oriented stress balls, plush toys, pom poms, and rally towels. At the end of the year, hold an outstanding prom by placing congratulatory and safety messages on our Buckle-Up Key Tag, 20-oz. Slim Poly Bottle, and Nylon Drawstring Backpack. Make moving up and graduation meaningful and inspire students to continue their education with our Graduation Lapel Pin, Participation Certificate, and Graduation Cap Stress Ball.

    The new school year will be here before you know it! Start it off right by preparing students, teachers and administrators with supplies, reminders, motivators and welcome back gifts.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    We all want children to have fun and stay safe. When riding their bicycles or playing in the playground, there are certain rules they need to keep in mind to protect themselves.

    Each year, thousands of kids wind up in emergency rooms due to bike accidents. Children must wear a helmet every time they ride, since a head injury can impair the brain. Make sure that the helmet features a sticker stating that it adheres to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards.

    First, bike helmets should be a comfortable fit. Children should avoid wearing hats underneath. Helmets should be level and cover the forehead, not tipped back. Make sure to fasten the straps. Riders should not be at risk of having the helmet fly off their heads. The straps should be tight enough so that the helmet can’t be twisted. After a crash that affects the helmet, buy a new one. Reflective stickers on the helmet increase visibility, as do bright clothes and bike reflectors.

    Bicycle seats, handlebars and wheels should be a tight fit. The chain should be oiled. Brakes should not stick; they should stop the bike immediately. Tires should have enough air and tire pressure.

    Loose pants, backpack straps and long shoelaces don’t belong on bikes, since they can get caught in the chain. Children should wear sneakers, not sandals, flip-flops, or cleats. Riding barefoot is completely unacceptable. Kids should hear clearly while riding, which means avoiding wearing headphones.

    Parents should establish how far their children are allowed to ride. Those under 10 must stay on the sidewalk. Bike routes free of cars are the best choice for kids. They should be ready for big hills and possible hazards, including wet leaves, puddles, uneven roads, rocks, and curbs.

    Other rules include keeping one’s hands on the handlebars; looking right and left for traffic; crossing only at intersections, not between parked cars; walking bikes across heavily trafficked intersections in the crosswalk; obeying traffic signals; riding the bike on the right side of the street with the traffic, not against it; using designated bike lanes; avoiding riding too close to parked cars, since doors can suddenly open; obeying stop signs and red lights; riding with friends single file; passing others, including bikers and people, on the left, and learning bike hand signals.

    Playground Safety

    While children enjoy the outdoors, recreation, and their friends’ company at playgrounds, parents should be certain that the equipment isn’t faulty, the surfaces are smooth, and that youngsters play safely. Thousands of kids are treated in hospitals as a result of playground accidents that are avoidable.

    Children should be taught important playground safety rules. They should not push others or use equipment improperly. They must check that other kids are not in their way (for example on slides), wear clothes without drawstrings or cords and wear sunscreen. They should also remain at a distance from those using swings and seesaws. On climbing equipment, kids should use both hands and stay well away from others. Such equipment should not have too many children on them at the same time.

    In addition, parents should make sure that playground equipment is used properly and safely. Children should only play when adults are watching. They should be able to clearly see youngsters as they play.

    Adults must check that the playground surface is soft and thick in case a child falls. Children should not play on blacktop, asphalt, concrete, grass, soil, and packed earth. The surface should not have puddles, tree stumps and rocks that could cause children to fall. It should also not have metal or broken glass. Rubber mats, wood chips, and sand are safe surfaces.

    Finally, equipment should be appropriate for different age groups. Areas for younger children should be apart from those for older kids. Guardrails and protective barriers should be in place where needed. Moving parts, such as swings and seesaws, must be separate from other equipment. There can be no spaces that could trap any part of a child’s body. Equipment must not be broken, cracked, splintered, or rusting.

    Present children with Promos On-Time educational tools and reminders that raise safety awareness:

  • Children can review important safety rules and enjoy activities that reinforce the lessons with our Practice Bicycle Safety and Playground Safety Coloring & Activity Books.
  • Hand out Nontoxic Crayons with the Coloring & Activity Books.
  • As kids enjoy recreational activities, they’ll build up a thirst. They’ll appreciate our Bike and Sports Bottles. Be sure to add your safety message.
  • Hand out our Safety Reflective Stickers and Strips to help keep kids safe and visible in the evening. Reward them for wearing their helmets while bike riding with our Helmet Safety Smart Stickers. Also hand out Play It Safe! Stickers as children enjoy playground activities.

    Personalize a wide selection of childrens's health and safety reminders and hand them out at community centers, police & fire stations or in schools.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

  • Whether you are a school administrator helping to plan the student prom or a parent throwing an after prom bash for your kid, you will need something to make the night even more memorable - What better way to do so than with prom night keepsakes and gifts? Many trinkets can be personalized with the year, the school, and/or the prom theme. If the party is intimate enough, you can even consider including each person’s name. How special would that be?

    The top 10 prom gifts and keepsakes are as follows:

    1. Key Tags – Many of you many have gotten one of these at you own prom. Well, this little gift can be improved upon by having them include a message about safety and the dangers of drinking and driving.

    2. Water Bottles – Dancing the night away at junior or senior prom will naturally work up a thirst. Therefore, having their own prom water at the kids’ disposal will make the night feel even more special. The label can be personalized to the class’s theme to fit in perfectly to the decorations.

    3. Goody Bags – Who doesn’t love leaving an event or party with a bag full of goodies and treats? These are always a big hit and the best part is, even the goodies can be personalized to commemorate the student’s special night.

    4. Custom Chocolate Bars And Candy – These customizable sweet treats not only make a great prom gift, but they are perfect prom fundraisers as well. The students on the prom committee can sell these to raise extra funds for their prom decorations, keepsakes, and so on.

    5. Coffee Mugs – This is most likely another special keepsake you received at your prom. This is one of the most popular items to give out on this memorable night. Many keep these for years and years to look back on with nostalgia and remember a fun filled night.

    6. T-Shirts – This is another highly popular prom keepsake, especially for after prom parties. The students can get out of their formal were and don these to dance the night away. Personalized prom Ts are a perfect way to retain cherished memories by students signing them with special messages to each other.

    7. Photo Frames – With today’s smartphones, there is absolutely no doubt that prom means hundreds or even thousands of pictures will be taken. These fun filled images can be proudly displayed in a prom themed photo frame.

    8. Magnets – These useful gifts and be customized for a Save-the-Date and handed out to the kids when they purchase their prom tickets. The students can count down the days to this high school milestone while having these as a little reminder they can place in their lockers.

    9. Custom Lapel Pins – These little pins can be imprinted with the prom’s theme/motto, date, and so on. Both boys and girls can wear these the night of the prom or just hold on to them for memorabilia sake. If prom t-shirts are part of the prom gifts, these can be attached to them.

    10. Banners And Balloons – No prom would be complete without customized balloons and banners. At prom night’s end, many even take these items home to keep.

    There are many more options for prom night keepsakes and gifts, as these are just the top 10. The wonderful thing is, you can pick several of these items and customize them in different ways for the students to keep for years to come. In addition, there are items that can be used on the night of their prom and other items they will cherish forever.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    Nursing assistants play a vital role wherever there is a need for attentive, personal health care. They are essential to so many medical facilities: hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, hospice, departments of corrections and any place that offers long-term care.

    Working under the supervision of nurses, nursing assistants enable patients to perform all daily tasks, from dressing to feeding to walking to motion exercises and more. They play a vital role in the lives of their clients and apprise nurses of their conditions.

    Nursing assistants are qualified professionals. Those who work in a nursing home must pass a state test and are listed in a state registry. Some nursing assistants are certified (CNA), while others are registered (RNA), licensed (LNA) or state tested (STNA).

    Due to staff shortages, nursing assistants often have a heavy workload and are under tremendous pressure to care for many patients. That’s all the more reason to salute them for the crucial work they perform. Promos On-Time is ready to help you do so with a variety of products and decoration items including our Nursing Assistants CNA Emergency Treat Kits. In addition, we feature many gifts with our exclsive themes like "Committed To Care and Comfort", "Nursing Assistants: Compassion In Action,” "CNAs Make A Difference,” and "Nursing Assistants Touching Lives”.

    Help your nursing assistants enjoy a healthy lunch with our "Nursing Assistants Touching Lives” Cooler and Nursing Assistants Food Container – or save by buying both together with our Nursing Assistants Break Pack

  • They’ll appreciate having a place for all their daily necessities with our spacious Nursing Asssistants Reward Tote Bag

  • Help nursing assistants quench their thirst during breaks by presenting them with the Stainless Steel and Mason Jar Tumblers

    Whatever you choose, you’re sure to delight your nursing assistants and hold a successful CNA Week celebration!

    Posted by Jeff Tone

  • Safety Month GiveawaysLoss of time incidents are the dread of any business owner and manager. They are costly, reduce employee morale, stunt productivity, and gluttonously eat away valuable time. In addition, there are all the headaches associated when a company has to report these serious accidents to OSHA. There will be an investigation and mounds of paperwork to deal with, let alone having one of the team seriously hurt. Each June is National Safety Month and business can utilize this time to bring safety to the forefront.

    Even the smallest accident has the potential to be a loss of time incident. Therefore, every company needs to take safety seriously. Mistakes are going to happen, but having stern procedures on how each task and duty is to be carried out in the utmost safest manner will reduce many of them. Also, keeping staff members conscious of best safety practices will assist in cutting down on errors that could lead to accidents.

    Although a company’s safety standards need to be taken seriously, there is nothing in the rules that says supervisors cannot remind staff with a little sweet treat that has been customized with a memorable safety message. Some examples are, Think Safety Chocolate Bar, Think Safety Lollipop with Imprinted Stick, Safety Reminder Mini Hershey Chocolate Bars, Safety Is No Accident Wrapped Spearmint Candies, Think Safety Chocolate Gold Coins, or It Can't Hurt To Be Too Safe Chocolate Bar.

    There are imprinted items that can be handed out as incentives and with safety educational material as well. For example, LED Light Key Tag Safety Incentive with Slogan, Stainless Steel Grip Bottle Safety Incentive with Slogan, Safe Team Soup Mug Set, Safety First Lapel Pin, and Mini Hard Hat Keychain are all fun and useful. The speaker or manager at the safety meeting can hand these out to each employee to keep the message they just heard fresh on their minds.

    Some important points to get across during any safety conscious seminar are as follows.

  • Proper lifting (like bending at the knees, not the back)
  • When to use teamwork to move oversized items
  • How safely to operate machinery, including office equipment
  • The importance of keeping his or her work area clean
  • Removing any hazards one may see while at work (spills or objects that could cause a fall)
  • Utilizing proper safety gear at all times when required
  • To use common sense in every situation and think things through
  • Getting these points engrained in employee’s minds will assist greatly in the reduction of on the job accidents. In fact, many of these points can even carryover to off the job as well. If an employee is injured at home, this can still affect the company’s bottom line by possibly having to train a new person. Therefore, any means to keep safety on his or her mind far beyond National Safety Month is a good thing - what is better than a treat or an incentive they will continue to use. Of course, having such items customized to include safety messages and slogans makes it more certain they will stay safe.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    The senior prom is one of the most significant events in the lives of your students. They dress in their finest, share memories and photos with friends, enjoy dancing, and look back at their past accomplishments and forward to the future.

    This is a special night indeed. Young men attend in their tuxedos and young ladies in formal dresses with corsages on their wrists. The event is usually held in an elegant ballroom. The prom king and queen are revealed and honored.

    The prom is the last time that so many members of the graduating class will be together until class reunions are held years later. That makes it all the more reason to present students with a keepsake to remember this special night.

    At the same time, all educators and parents are concerned about prom safety. Drinking and driving, drug use, and other irresponsible behaviors must be prevented.

    Promos On-Time has everything you need to hold to a memorable prom–and to raise safety awareness among all of your students. Be sure to place prom and safety messages on these popular items.

  • Boost safety awareness by handing out our Binge Drinking Pocket Slider, Drinking & Driving Info Slider, and Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Aren’t For Me! Bookmark. These items can be presented in classes and discussed before the prom.
  • Place your prom message on our Full Color 6’ x 4’ Banner
  • Treat students sweetly with Belgian Chocolate Squares, Smile Face Chocolate Gold Coins, Custom Wrapped Hershey & Nestle Chocolate Bars, and Custom Head Lollipops with Imprinted Stick
  • Help students carry school and recreational supplies with our Nylon Drawstring Backpack and China Clipper Barrel Bag
  • Preserve cherished prom memories with our Desktop Photo Flip Album
  • Students will enjoy refreshing themselves with the Slim Polly Bottle featuring your school prom imprint
  • Stock up on Stadium Cups and Paper Cups, also featuring your prom message

    Posted by Jeff Tone

  • Safety Month PlanningAs the next Safety Month approaches, you can plan top-notch meetings and/or seminars to really get the message to stick. This is a great opportunity to educate staff members on the company’s safety procedures. However, it is never too soon to plan and get prepared. There will need to be presentations, at least one speaker, handout materials, and promos/giveaways. These meetings will showcase workplace safety techniques and procedures. So, making sure everything is taken care of from A to Z will ensure it all goes smoothly.

    When prepping for the meetings, be sure to keep the following in mind.

    Presentations – There are several types of presentations you can use, such as slides, short movies, graphs, illustrations, PowerPoint, black or white boards, demonstrations, and more. Keep them interesting, fun and to the point. This will capture and hold the attendees’ attention. Humor is another way to present the material and keep it from becoming mundane. For example, there can be slides of comedic accidents that can be the lead in to discussing real potential hazards in the workplace.

    Speaker(s) – An outside speaker can be hired or a supervisor or manager can be the one to speak. If you go with an outside speaker, choose one from a safety company who offers experts with many years of experience. If you go with someone within the company, be sure there is enough time to rehearse and get down exactly what needs to be covered.

    Handout Materials – These can be pamphlets covering safety techniques, Safety Pocket Calendar, First Aid Safety Tips Slider, flyers, and other materials to help drive home the message.

    Promos/Giveaways – These items are one of the easiest to plan. There are many options and all of which can be customized with the meeting’s safety motto and other important and memorable safety message. Some of the safety-imprinted items are Mini Hard Hat Keychain, Drawstring Backpack Safety Incentive with Slogan, Team Safety T-Shirt, Travel Mug Safety Incentive with Slogan, Hard Had LED Key Chain, and ANSI Safety Hard Hat.

    Topics – Keep the topics interesting and upbeat. Be sure to cover topics such as the importance for following procedures, using safety equipment, how to operate equipment correctly, why there should not be any goofing off while performing job duties, the need to stay safety-minded, and so on.

    In addition, posting signage around the company in high accident areas will be constant reminders that accidents can happen at any time and safety needs to be practiced at all times. Customizable banners are a great option for this. There are even some ready to be posted with perfect safety messages, like one that reads, "Team Safety - Together, Smarter, Safer." June may be National Safety Month, but prepping now will ensure the meetings and lectures are executed with precision. The sooner you have everything pulled together, the easier it will be when June arrives. When the presentations go well, the entire company will have and keep the safety goals on their minds.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    crossing-guard.jpgIn order to boost students’ academic achievements, they must feel safe in school. Children who worry about being bullied, for example, have difficulty concentrating on their studies and paying attention in class. In contrast, those who go to school with a sense of well-being and trust are able to thrive.

    Promos On-Time is your premier site for educational products that help your school maintain itself as an outstanding place of learning. We have the items that will help educational professionals like you meet today’s student safety challenges.

    Internet use has resulted in a variety of safety issues that affect youngsters. Many students have encountered bullying and threats on the web, and have also come upon sites that are inappropriate. For younger children, we offer the Internet Safety Coloring & Activity Book, which features activities that reinforce the valuable lessons, as well as the Internet Safety Storybook, and Internet Safety for Kids Pocket Guide & Record Keeper. Present older children with the Internet Safety Guide and Internet Bullying Bookmarks, which list valuable safety points.

    We also have educational resources that focus on bullying in general: the How to Deal with Bullying Coloring & Activity Book and No Bullying Storybook. Since bracelets are all the rage with youngsters, be sure to hand out our Bully Free Zone Bracelets widely.

    Drug use is one of the greatest dangers to current students. Promos On-Time is your one-stop-shopping site for items that will help you prevent their using illegal and harmful substances. Each one features attention-getting anti-drug slogans, created with the valued input of educators like you. We offer Red Ribbons that display such powerful themes as "The Choice for Me Is Drug Free,” "Proud To Be Drug Free!,” and "I Am My Own Anti-Drug.” At drug prevention rallies, hand out such popular products as the "Life Is Sweet Drug Free” Chocolate Bar, "Stay Smart Drug Free” Pencil Sharpener, "Say It Loud, I’m Drug Free and Proud” Megaphone, and "Live Life Drug Free” Button. Be sure to display the "Celebrate Red Ribbon Week: Not Just For A Week But For Life” Banner at rallies and in the lunchroom and hallways. Kids will enjoy adding the "No Drugs, No Way” and "No Drugs, No Way!” Stickers to their collections. Distribute our Coloring & Activities Books: "Be Smart, Say No To Drugs,” "Stay Drug Free,” "We Don’t Need Drugs: Just Say No,” and "Smart Kids Say No To Drugs.” Make sure that young readers have a "Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Aren’t For Me” Bookmark. Remind students to stay away from other harmful substances with the "Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Aren’t For Me! Bookmark.”

    Of course, you must also be concerned with students traveling safely to and from school. Hand out our School Bus Stress Ball and School Bus Magnet, complete with a safety slogan from your school. Introduce young children to school bus safety practices with the "School Bus Safety” Coloring & Activity Book.

    To help parents keep their children safe, distribute the "Your Child’s Safety at School” Pocket Slider, the Reflective Wrist Band, DNA ID Kit, and Fingerprint ID Kit. Reinforce safety standards among your entire staff year round with the "Think Safety” Monthly Planner, Safety Pocket Planner, and Safety Wall Calendar.

    Promos On-Time is ready to help you keep your students safe so they can concentrate on learning and fulfilling their potential. Call our friendly customer service representatives today for today’s best school safety products at 1-800-793-7184.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    Safety MonthNational Safety Month is about focusing on awareness. Injuries leading to an OSHA recordable lost time incident can be prevented with proper awareness of safety procedures. During the month of June, extra safety classes and/or seminars can be hosted to ensure all employees are aware of the correct techniques for lifting heavy items, caring them to a different location, and how properly to operate any company machinery.

    Office managers need to be sure all new and existing staff members are up to date on all implemented safety policies. This can be done through creating Safety Manuals and handouts that are customized with important safety messages. Catch slogans are another great way to keep employees’ awareness on safety matters. For example, “The Right Way is the Safe Way,” “Safety Starts with You,” or “Safety First” are just a few of the more popular ones.

    Using items that have been imprinted with these messages or slogans will ensure that staff will have a reminder. Some great products that are likely to be used daily are as follows.

  • Lunch Bag Safety Incentive with Slogan
  • Drawstring Backpack Safety Incentive with Slogan
  • Safety Wall Calendar
  • Reflective Safety Vest
  • ANSI Safety Hard Hat
  • 4-in-1 Turbo Radio Light
  • Indoor/Outdoor Entry Mat
  • Travel Mug Safety Incentive with Slogan
  • Safety Is Up To Us T-Shirt
  • Engraining the importance of safety into each employees will prevent costly time loss accidents, as well and the little ones too. Everyone needs to know there is a right way to do his or her job duties and a wrong way, and the wrong way could get them hurt. To accomplish this, businesses need to implement strict safety policies right away.

    One of the first steps in implementing these policies is safety awareness. Business owners and managers can have signage created with little reminders at each workstation on how to remain safe. Using banners like "Zero Accidents" or "Team Safety - Together, Smarter, Safer" are perfect reminders as well. Posting either around areas where the potential to have an accident like around dish washing stations, frying vats, machinery, and so on is always a good idea.

    Focus on safety should not stop at National Safety Month and with the right manuals, signage, banners, and customizable products companies will ensure their staff remains safe while on the job. Just one reportable time loss accident can range from $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the accident. There are also many hidden costs and according to the OSHA website, for each dollar spent on an accident, there are three dollars in hidden costs, such as accident clean up, time spent training a new employee while the injured one is out, and any OSHA fines that may have been incurred.

    Therefore, safety awareness not only keeps employees safety-minded and production up, but also will keep the company’s budget from taking a big hit. No business wants to deal with workers compensation claims or the loss of a valuable employee. June may be Safety Month, but safety awareness continues throughout the year.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    Regardless of the speed at which news and information reach out to people through mainstream media and technology, there is still a gap between certain important health topics and the people that can benefit from them the most. From rural areas to at risk communities, there is a way of breaching that void for health related information, health fairs. Targeting specific markets, health fairs are designed to reach people who may not have the knowledge or resources to learn about preventative medicine, screening to avoid certain medical issues, or how to find treatment for existing diseases or disorders. Run by hospitals, health care facilities and community organizations, these outreach events are built on a foundation of planning, staffing, education and reinforcement. With good organization, they can make a significant impact in the wellness of a community.

    Planning for a health fair can set the tone for how successful it is. The foundation of timing, location and information will determine how many people are reached, how engaged they are and how they respond to the topics being highlighted. Holding a health fair to raise awareness of testing and to provide access to those screening tests on location will require more logistical planning than if the purpose is to deliver information only. Look for accommodations, high traffic areas and locations that will provide foot traffic that has time on their side. It makes no sense to set up a fair where the potential participants are on the go towards commuting to or from work. For rural communities, increased promotional efforts may be needed to draw attendance. Also, timing for rural areas should leverage days where there may be more activity in a given city center.

    Staff is the next key to a successful health fair event. Recruiting staff who are gregarious, outgoing and not afraid of rejection will ensure that the time spent on location is maximized. A well planned physical setup will have a hard time enticing participation if the staff doesn’t engage passersby. Taking the languages that are spoken in the community into consideration is also important. Organizers should analyze the demographics of the community they are looking to serve and determine the key languages that are spoken by the predominant cultures. All efforts should be made to present native speakers who will make participants feel comfortable. Familiarity will increase the rate of participation and help deliver the messages properly.

    Giveaways and reminders are much more than promotional tools for the organization hosting the health fair. While a promotional product such as a pen may be put to the obvious use of filling out paperwork on the spot, there are even more practical giveaways that tie into the health fair message. A planner with reminder stickers will carry the custom imprint of the hospital or organization, but will have the greater purpose of serving to remind recipients of future follow up testing. For initiatives that raise awareness of self-exams, these tools help keep the message going long after the health fair. Something as simple as a magnet or keychain can go a long way to reminding those who may lead busy lives to stop and think about their well being.

    The power of health fairs are rooted in their ability to reach communities that may not have access or understanding of the health issues that are being promoted. By delivering these messages in a familiar, easy to understand format, organizations can increase the likelihood that they will make an impact on those they engage. Promotional handouts and giveaways can extend the life of the message, allowing the health fair to influence beyond the event.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    heart-health-month.jpgFebruary is American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness of the signs of cardiovascular diseases that lead to heart attacks and strokes. Still the number one cause of death in the United States, heart disease can be prevented, detected and treated.

    For hospitals, health organizations, senior centers and gyms, education and information is the number one way to start off a campaign to fight heart disease. There are plenty of giveaways, both symbolic and factual. Heart shaped promo items like stress balls, key tags, magnets and clips allow you to print and distrubute a health message to members of your community. Informational handouts cover a wide array of topics related to heart health like diet, exercise, smoking, stress and other much talked about themes.

    Some of the most important check points in the fight agains heart disease include:

    Visits to the doctor should be made on a yearly basis, and increase in advanced years when the threat of heart related symptoms increases. A cardiologist can prescribe even more tests to make a life saving diagnosis.

    Have cholsesterol checked with a blood test at every visit to a physician. It is an early sign of possible danger, and with the aid of diet or medicine, can be controlled.

    Fortunately, blood pressure can be checked as easily at home or a health care center as it can at a doctor's office. High blood pressure can be a symptom of stress. Further steps to improve blood pressure include life style changes, therapy and believe it or not, smiling more.

    Staying active by running or taking brisk walks will keep the heart healthy just like any other muscle. Sports, weightlifting and swimming are also great cardiovascular activities that will keep the heart pumping.

    Just like a car, the body and heart need the right kind of fuel. A well balanced diet, low in fat and cholesterol, will lead to a happy heart. Choosing fruits and vegetables over cake, cookies and hamburgers will not only improve one's health, but will also help reduce weight leading to a better appearance.

    Smoking is out of the question and excessive alcohol consumption can increase blood pressure, cause dehydration and lead to foolish decision making.

    Celebrate American Heart Month by not only handing out promotional or education giveaways, but hang posters and banners around your facility to get the attention of every adult. For a selection of great ideas, check out of wide selection of personalized American Heart Month Products. For more information on heart disease, visit The American Heart Association website.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    sw-photo.PNGAs life becomes more hectic for people of all ages, a good ear is sometimes comforting if not life-changing. Social Workers lend their patients passion, purpose and heart on a daily basis, so National Social Work Month in March is the ideal time to let these dedicated professionals know how much they mean to you and the people they help to find their inner beauty.

    Honor social workers at schools, hospitals, senior centers and around the community with a thoughtful gift and recognition event. Social workers work hard to make a positive impact on individuals and families in every community. They offer many services to help those who need it most, whether focusing on everyday problems or treating mental health issues.

    Those who concentrate on children and the family help them receive the services they urgently need, whether tending to abused youngsters in child protective services, providing clothing and other necessities for impoverished families, or making arrangements for adoptions. Social workers diagnose and treat children and families when required and help them deal with divorce, mental health concerns, dysfunctional family relations and disruptive or traumatic events.

    School social workers work in cooperation with teachers, psychologists and school administrators in both public and private schools. They come to the aid of students who are dealing with issues that impact their schoolwork or affect their sense of well-being. They deal with students who have trouble dealing with stress or anger.

    Health care workers provide services in a hospital, clinic or other medical facilities. They might focus on hospice care to tend to the dying or elderly care to assist the aging. They also counsel patients, arrange for Medicaid, conduct support groups or teach health care professionals about the impact that physical sickness may have on mental health.

    Social workers who focus on mental health treat people who have such disorders as depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems or bipolar disorder. They provide services at clinics, private practices and residential facilities. They conduct group therapy, crisis intervention and offer training in social skills.

    Holding a meaningful National Social Workers Month event is much easier with the right items. Choose from gifts of appreciation that are just right for these outstanding professionals. Present social workers with drinkware, bags, sweet treats and more popular gifts featuring our exclusive "Passion, Purpose, Heart" and "Helping Others Find Their Inner Beauty" slogan/graphics.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    sell-me-this-pen.jpgMy 19 year old daughter likes "antique" items that were relevant when I was her age. I am talking about record albums, Polaroid Cameras and TV Dinners. There was a time when these items were on the cutting edge. With the advent of the modern smart phone and the power of small laptop computers, entire categories of once-hot technology and products have been almost completely erased.

    For the promotional products profession, the challenge of providing in-demand products is a constant challenge. Personalized products to promote one's business or reward and motivate staff members is still a growing industry. In fact, it is expected that the promotional items industry will top over $25 billion in sales this year. But for suppliers and distributors, it's a game of musical chairs when knowing when the next hot seller becomes a relic for the museum of dead gift and giveaway ideas

    It does not seem that long ago that personalized pens were the biggest segment of the market. Everyone needed a pen for work, school or just jotting down a grocery list. What could be cheaper, easier to transport to a trade show and more effective than a writing instrument with your logo or copy to expose your business to potential clients? While pens are still popular and still used, the iPhone and similar devices make paper-free note taking easier for most. And computers now accept and transmit forms with online generated signatures, making the pen more and more obsolete.

    Speaking earlier of the Polaroid, how about cameras? Outside of professionals and enthusiasts, who uses a camera anymore. With every new incarnation of smart phones come better built-in digital cameras with more mega-pixels and better video capability. Camcorders, expensive cameras and throw away drug store cameras now are memories for anyone over the age of 40 and a myth to millennials and younger.

    There are plenty of other promotional items that have gone by the wayside or face the technology hatchet sooner than later. Pedometers to count steps, photo frames and letter openers are some smaller categories that have taken a bow to cell phones, emails, texts and social media and posting sites.

    We are pretty sure that there are some promotional gift and giveaway items that may be around for awhile. We are not aware of cell phones, computers or even pharmaceuticals that carry your lunch, laptop, a hot of cold drink or even allow you to carry credit cards or a license on the phone itself. People will always need to eat, drink, get dressed, commute and travel. And it is with these common life needs where the tried and true promotional products still thrive and provide excellent marketing and motivational vehicles for your business, health care organization, school or club.

    Promotional products will always be a cost effective marketing and staff building tool. They are economical, sought-after and appreciated by end users. Decorated gift and giveaway items with your logo or a message provide a quick, but lasting reaction and impression. Drawing folks to your exhibit at a convention, thanking a volunteer, nurse, teacher or company staff member, or raising awareness for a charity or cause are all helped when promotional items become part of the marketing mix.

    Some of the most tried and true promotional ideas that defy technology include:

    APPAREL - Customized t-shirts, hats and outerwear have become the largest single segment of promotional product sales, replacing the pen and writing related gifts. The idea of turing recipients into walking billboards with a custom t-shirt is quite appealing and inexpensive. And an embroidered logo on a baseball cap will get your logo to the head of any advertising or recognition campaign.

    LUNCH BAGS - Everyone eats lunch or a meal during their work break. Why not replace their brown bag with a rugged and colorful insulated lunch sack that will get your brand or message seen almost daily. Lunch bags make wonderful employee gifts that will remind them of their value both on and off the job. Don't be suprised if your logo gets some added exposure at the beach or at a picnic in the park.

    COFFEE MUGS - Whether it's old fashioned ceramic desk mugs, stainless steel travel mugs or tumblers, these classic drinkware items will bring your personalized imprint closer to the end user with every sip. From 5 oz. espresso cups to large 15 oz. campfire style mugs, these gifts will be fixtures in auto cupholders and on desks and tables everywhere.

    BOTTLES - The cousin of the hot beverage mug is the sports water bottle. We don't know of any cell phones that dispense cold beverages, but there are thousands of different bottles available in an endless aray of colors and sizes that allow for a large imprint of your ad. Excersise your logo by printing it on bottles and know it too will get a workout at the gym, on the courts or on the hiking and biking trails.

    TOTE BAGS - They can carry lunch, a change of clothing, paperwork or even groceries from the store on the way home. In the past, promotional totes were plain white bags, but now they come in designer patterns with enough room for a picnic meal or even a laptop computer. In additional to promotional totes, there are higher end messenger bags and briefcases when you want to give an executive gift that will become an emotional attachment to most recipients.

    CANDY - Ever try to lick a smart phone? Not a smart idea. But lollipops, suckers and other candies can be directly imprinted or enclosed in customized wrappers that promote your message, logo or theme. Custom candy makes a great place setting for company meetings, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

    UMBRELLAS - Cell phones and iPads don't provide much coverage in the rain, but umbrellas do! Print your logo on one of the panels and assure your logo to the elements while keeping clients and staff members dry. Choose from hand folding umberellas to large golf style promo umbrellas with Fiberglass shafts and metal frames.

    Of course, there are plenty of other promotional products categories that are still effective and have not been replaced by technology. Examples include lip, balm, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, pill holders and many other items that aid in everyone's daily lives.

    Posted by Michael Lerner

    Desk-grass.jpgWe all know that promotional products can be one of the most effective and economical means to broadcast your marketing or motivational message to clients or employees. But with tens of thousands of items to choose from, it can be a daunting task to choose just the right ones.

    Usually, an event of some kind is where the planning starts. Few people just say, "let's get some pens with our logo and hand them out at some time". In most cases, a person or committee is responsible for handling the logisitics of a trade show, confererence, presentation or a staff appreciation or motivation event. So, once you know what you are doing, it is time to figure out what you want to accomplish.

    For most events like conventions, awareness drives or team building recognition, there is a goal. It can be luring and earning new clients, promoting a cure or treatment for health care related events or honoring a department in your company. There are hundreds of events each year... just see our comprehensive calendar to scratch the surface. In addition to the show and conference ciruit, there are recognition and awareness dates for Teachers, Nurses, Customer Service Representatives, Breast Cancer, Autism Awareness, Safety and so many more.

    So, you have been given a budget, a list of attendees or particpants and a theme. It's time to come up with gifts or giveaways that will convey your message to create more business, inform the community or inspire staff members. Where do you start with all of the ideas available? Well, let's start in an easy place that for many will captivate their attention and a good part of their day. We are talking about the desk. It may be a cubicle, work station or even a motor vehicle, but everyone sits down to either work on their computer, talk on the phone or do paperwork. Desktop promotional items come in a wide selection and are available to provide a use for both genders as well as most age groups. And best of all, they will show off your logo, message or theme throughout the day.

    With prices ranging from $.14 up to over $25, there are plenty of gifts and handouts you can distrubute at trade shows, on sales calls or at awareness and recogntion events that will convey what you want your end users to know. Few other mediums can provide the marketing or informational punch of promotional products, and the desktop is a great place to inhabit. Here are some great ideas that will get you noticed:
    Sometimes the first thing we think of is our morning cup of coffee. For many, it is also the last thing we think of as well. Needless to say, custom coffee mugs make useful gifts that will be enjoyed for that morning jolt or for tea, soup or hot cocoa. The basic ceramic coffee mug comes in many styles, sizes and shapes and provides a large space for your imprint. And how many promotional gifts can you say that literally go right to the mouth?
    Sheet for sheet, a printed note cube pad becomes an ornament parked smack dab on any recipient's desk. Most cube pads allow for up to four different pieces of artwork (one on each side) as well as an imprint on the top of each sheet. 3" x 3" cubes are the most popular and come in a choice of adhesive or non-adhesive. Man and woman cannot live by their cell phones alone, especially when they are talking into them. Sometimes a note is easier and more effective.
    And going hand and hand with the custom note pad is the obvious pen accompaniment. Promotional pens and other writing instruments have long been the most popular giveaway item because they are inexpensive and lightweight. For as little as $.14, you can place your logo, a message and contact information in the hand of every client, prospect or employee.
    There are plenty of old-school folks who still like to use a mouse device with their desktop computer or laptop. And mouse pads probably provide the best desktop advertisement because you can print an extrememly large space with your full color artwork, logo or a photo.
    The desktop is not always a happy place. As employees (both yours' and your clients) get more work dumped on them, the level of tension rises. Fortunately, you can provide some relief with our custom imprinted stress balls. Available in hundreds of themes, you will likely find exactly the shape you are looking for, be it a basic shaped stress reliever toy or a fish, animal, plant, food or gadget shaped one.

    Of course, you can leave your mark on a wide choice of other desktop accessories like staplers, tape dispensers and organizers. There are enough ideas to fill up the list of demands for your next 10 trade shows, conventions or recognition events.

    Posted by Michael Lerner

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    phone-zombie-4.jpgWhile it may seem like a Zombie Apoclypse when we see hoards of people walking down the street with their heads down stairing into their phones, it also could be a promotional rebirth! As many young people multi-task both social and business communication with their cell phones as they walk, that means their devices become a valuable piece of advertising or motivational real estate!

    As annoying as it is to surf the sidewalks these days, it is reality and will likely be this way for some time to come. People text, do research, look up directions or gasp... actually talk to others on their iPhones or similar devices. This lends an opportunity to get your logo, message or contact information in front of an extremely captive and growing audience. This is why one of the fastest growing product segments in the promotional products industry is smart phone accessories.

    It comes down to either attaching your organization's imprint to their phone or keeping it very close. Fortunately, there are some clever gift ideas that will become permanent partners to cell phones either on the go, in the office or at home. And best of all, most of these items are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to transport or distribute. This makes phone related promotional giveaways ideal for trade show promos, staff gifts, or handouts for visitors.

    Every industry or organization can get their message across using the cell phone as its vehicle. Imprinted smart phone accessories are ideal for restaurants, health care organizations, safety related establishments like police, ems or fire, and for any business looking to reach either clients, prospects or staff members. Available in many colors, sizes and formats, these little items are coveted by any recipient.

    One of the most popular phone related giveaways is the mobile phone pocket. These plastic or silicone attachments adhere to the back of cellphones and become a permanent (although removable) billboard that will be seen often throughout the day. Besides showing off your logo or name, they allow easy and convenient storate of credit cards, identification, cash or keys. They are great for joggers, walkers, hikers or anyone on the go.

    Sometimes cell phones and their owners need a little break. Especially when they need to be recharged. Desk and table top mini-stands add another piece of real estate for your logo to reside. While keeping phones in view for incoming texts, calls or reminders, these lightweight and durable stands help keep your marketing or inspirational message alive when phones are not in hand.

    How about those mobile phone holders that cannot put their phone down... ever? You may ask how they can keep their phones charged for as many as 12-15 hours a day! Portable chargers and power banks solve that problem. Pocket sized chargers allow you to add another place for your logo. Customized phone chargers are available in many sizes, weights, colors and strengths that will add peace of mind and convenience to the cell phone junkee.

    Promos On-Time offers dozens of promotional products to pare with your employees' and cients' cell phones. See our custom phone accessories and get those zombies looking at you!

    Posted by Michael Lerner

    The summertime is the most popular season for throwing family reunions. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins usually find it easiest to meet from July until Labor Day Weekend. Barbecues and picnics are the most popular outings because more people can assemble in a backyard or park and it is a lot easier to clean up when a party is held outdoors.

    Usually one or a few family members are charged with coordinating the festivities of a family reunion and the task can be a great one when there are large families involved. It is best to make a game plan and keep a running record of what needs to be done and what is already completed.

    Start with a list of family members and reach out to each person of individual family group with a questionnaire when the best time and where the best place will be to throw the party. Ask for imput on themes, food and gifts and keepsake ideas. It is also important to recruit committee members to help in making decisions and executing ideas.

    The cost of throwing a family reunion outing can be as small as the cost of hot dogs and soda, or can be almost as elaborate as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah. It is important to come up with a financial game plan for the cost of the party as well as consideration of travel and possible hotel expenses for family members coming from out of town. Unless one person has the means, it is best to ask participants to kick in some money, or contribute food, gifts or services. Consideration to individual's and family's incomes should allow everyone to participate without feeling bad.

    Now it's time to get the word out. Of course emails, text and Facebook are easy and free avenues of communication, but a postcard, mailer or refrigerator magnet also makes a great reminder to save the date. Follow up more than once in order to reach every family member.

    Whether indoors our outside, it is important to make your family runion festive. Decorate with banners, posters and ballons and leave place settings like plates and napkins with your family's name, the event date and other information.

    Some of the best food comes from a family reunion. Barbecues are usually the meal of choice, but with the potential of many cooks in the family tree, there is likely to be a wide selection of cultural selections. Burgers, chicken, hot dogs, ribs with potato salad, chips, lemonade and beer are always a favorite. But, every family may be able to contribute more culinary treat ideas.

    Once everyone says hello, hugs and catches up, it's time for some fun. Assign a member to be a DJ and play music that will get your outing jumping. Games for children and adults like potato sack races, badmitton, soccer and basketball will create new memories. And for older folks, a family trivia game may be a great way to share memories and teach new family members about their heritage.

    When the last smile, tear and hug occurs and everyone heads home, it is time to provide a lasting memento of your family reunion. Specially decorated giveaways are available to send participants home with a memory they can enjoy until the next event. Choose from a wide selection of family "tree" designs or come up with your own artwork and theme and print on Koozie can coolers, t-shirts, cups, beach balls, Frisbees and sunglasses.

    Guess what? Even the best made plans can reach a snag. A rainstorm on the day of your event can certainly put a damper on your carefully organized reunion. Make sure to have a backup plan - either a rain date or a backup venue.

    Family reunions can be a lot of work, but they are also a lot of fun and provide lasting memories of loved ones and the times you share. Try to make the most of your family celebration! Promos On-Time offers a wide selection of decorations and gifts for your next big family reunion.

    Posted by Michael Lerner

    As the warm weather months rapidly approach, many will flock to their barbecues, the beaches, outdoor events, parties, and summer picnics. At the center of these outdoor events are cold, refreshing beverages. A great way to add a personal touch and flare to a company picnic or reunion party is by distributing customized promotional drinkware items.

    These simple, but thoughtful giveaways will give a sense of pride to employees from small or large businesses by giving them a branded, personalized item. Clients will be reminded of your goodwill when they bring their gifts home. And every day guests and friends will have a memento of your special event. Promotional Drinkware gifts are perfect for soft drinks, adult beverages, beer or just plain refreshing water.

    During the summer months, your personalized drinkware may later end up on desks, in car cup holders or in hand while taking public transportation so it be seen almost anywhere. Your company has the opportunity to receive many impressions and interactions while your logo is getting unlimited exposure. Provide your customers , employees or guests with a promotional product that will make them think of your company every time the product is used. You can actually build loyalty and brand awareness through customized drinkware.

    Today’s choices of promotional drinkware are almost unlimited. From basic 20 oz. bike style water bottles to colorful fruit infuser bottles that create natural flavor drinks, there is a wide array of choices. Sports bottles come in dozens of sizes, colors and shapes with choices of lids, straws and even additional storage space for credit cards, keys and money. Aluminum bottles and vacuum tumblers allow recipients to keep their drinks colder longer. And during a sporting event or hike, that makes a welcome gift. For the budget conscious, there are plastic stadium style cups that feature a large imprint area and for those with extra an extra allowance, there is deluxe drinkware choices to wow and impress!

    Promotional drinkware can be used for all types of events. Many summer day camps have their drinkware made in their institution’s colors and give it away to campers and their families. Imprinted drinkware can also be used as exhibit draws at trade shows and conventions. They are perfect for raffle prizes, store openings, special events, and so many other occasions. What's great about drinkware is that one size doesn't fit all. With the variety of options and the choices of ways to customize, all drinkware looks different.

    Round out your next event and center is around a drinkware giveaway. Drinkware items can be tired into nearly any theme, whether it's a fundraising event, an awareness walk, an educational conference, and more. At a busy event, attendees will be more prone to grabbing an item that has use to them later on. Drinkware items and giveaways are attractive in these situations because they are practical and useful.

    Promotional drinkware can also make an eco-friendly statement when you give employees reusable drinkware in place of disposable plastic water bottles. Using the same reusable bottle every day means employees will avoid throwing away countless plastic water bottles. The environment benefits of using reusable drinkware is great for promotional events and promoting your company as eco-friendly.

    Drinkware can be handed out at non-work events like family reunions, weddings, birthday parties, class reunions, and tailgates, leaving a long-lasting memento for good times that were had. Shop today to find the right drinkware item for your party or brand.

    Posted by Joe Bradley

    February 14th means candy and flowers for loved ones and family members. But cupid can also shoot his arrow at your clients and coworkers. Afterall, the success of your business will dictate how many roses you can send to your significant other.

    There are plenty of symbolic gifts of "love" you can share with the people who help you and your organization reach its goals. A tasteful message of appreciation will go a long way in providing motivation and inspiration for your staff. And your logo will remind your customers how much you "think about them" when they place orders for goods and services. The health care industry can also remind patients about checkups and followups with fun Valentine's items.

    For employers who have the resources of time, a fun little Valentine's Day party can let staff members share the love of teamwork. Perhaps a pizza lunch or ice cream social break in the afternoon. Employees can have a greeting card or small gift exchange or secret Valentine's event.

    Businesses can also incorporate Valentine's Day into their marketing plans to reach customers. Restaurants can hand out single roses to patrons, service companies can send out information magnets with a greeting card that will go on refrigerators for future calls. Delivery food services can do the same, and also add a small candy to show how much they would love to serve the community.

    Promotional products are available in abundance for both employee and customer Valentine's salutations. Imprint your verse of praise, contact information or a simple logo on items that come in heart shape or simply red. Popular choices include wrapped heart-shaped candies or candy tins, cookies, above mentioned heart magnets, heart stress balls and even fidget spinners for the nervous lovers. All come personalized so your message will leave a warm and fuzzy impression. Easily distribute at parties, on sales calls, in customer service displays or in person in the office or workplace.

    Check out Promos On-Time selection of Valentine's Day Promotional Products. If you don't see something you are looking for, call us at 800-793-7184 and one of our sales associates will be happy to find it for you.

    Whether you’re traveling locally, across the country, or somewhere internationally, travel companion items can make a big difference in how well your trip goes. Did you know that every day, 8 million people fly to different cities and countries? With so many people vacationing or taking business trips, it only makes sense to provide promotional giveaways for your business or organization that help make their journey easier and more convenient.

    In 2014, 3.3 billion people traveled throughout the world. That’s nearly 44% of the world’s population! That’s also represents a large and valued resource of potential business for your organization.

    Just think of how easy it will be to get your logo, name, message or contact Information in front of clients and prospects. All of Promos On-Time’s gifts and promotional products can be personalized to create the perfect advertising piece that can be handed out at conventions, trade shows, meetings or on sales calls.

    Start with bath kits. Performing proper grooming and hygiene tasks is difficult when away from home, but an imprinted kit that can hold vital supplies will be a life saver for that big meeting, wedding celebration or awards ceremony. while traveling around the country or world.

    While we hope you remain healthy during your travels, accidents happen. This First Aid Kit can ease your nerves, especially when traveling with little ones. It includes scissors, tweezers, and a pill box for medicine. It even has latex free bandages, gauze pads, bandage fasteners, alcohol swabs, and more! Keep your mind at ease while traveling and know if an accident happens, your prepared. You can even personalize our First Aid Kit’s and give them away at trade shows or even holiday gifts.

    Staying fit while traveling can also be a challenge. The Hercules Fitness Kit is a fantastic tool to stay fit and healthy while traveling for work or leisure. The health and fitness kit includes 6 pieces to ensure a strong workout, when traveling on business or vacations. Personalized bag features an internal pocket to stay organized. It even comes with dumbbells, 2 hand grips to work on that grip strength, jump rope, and resistant rope. Add your logo to the fitness kit to create a great gift and show off your fit and healthy lifestyle.

    When traveling with kids, it can be tough to stay organized. We at Promos On-Time completely understand this as most of our employees have children themselves. Stay organized with the Collapsible Auto Organizer and let your worries fade away. The organizer is made from laminated non-woven polypropylene, which means it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. It folds flat and expands wide with a cardboard reinforced center. This is an ideal item for car dealerships looking to give away a gift with a new purchase, food stores, and other businesses.

    On average, more than 8 million people fly a day. Today, over half of the world’s population will have traveled somewhere by airplane. Be prepared for your long flights. At Promos On-Time, we offer a variety of different items to make traveling easy and fun. From pillows, to travel organizers, to health and safety kits.

    Posted by Joe Bradley

    commuter.jpgThe commute to work can be a boring and time-wasting part of anyone’s work day. With an average two-way commute of at least two hours per day, the typical employee spends a lot of time on their smart phone, reading, or simply sleeping. This time can be taken advantage of to give your staff members, clients, or acquaintances a useful promotional product and give uninterupted exposure to your brand, services or message.

    Commuters need useful items and gadgets that will make their trek to work a little less tedious and bit more enjoyable. Be it drinkware, toys or items that will help them get some business day work done, personalized promotional products fill this role while markeing or reenforcing your message.

    One of the best giveaways is customized travel mugs and tumblers which can be very useful to commuters as they enjoy coffee, tea or other beverages in their cars, on the bus or train or even during short walks . If an employee is getting up at the crack of dawn, then caffeine can be essential and a branded mug is sure to become a chrished possession that will be used every day while promoting your organization or it's motivational message.

    Portable phone chargers are another fantastic giveaway for commuters. There’s nothing worse than being cut off from using a smart phone device before or after important work events. Personal power banks will give your logo and brand the charge it needs while giving recipients more hours to use their valued phones and tablets.

    Another alternative tool to making any commute less stressful is meditation. Practicing and utilizing mindfulness an help you be more clear-headed and productive during your day, instead of suffering from stress. Staying calm will keep you more in control during your work day and improve your health. Stress balls are a great tool to help alleviate typical daily stress, combined with meditation. And for those on the bus or train, custom fidget spinners will help reduce tension and boredom for any strap hanger.

    Staff and customers can also spend time during their commute listening to music or an educational recording with our imprinted headphones and ear buds.

    There are a literally thousands of gift ideass and giveaways that can be extremely useful to commuters while promoting your company, facility or school. From umbrellas for inclement weather to laptop, brief and duffel bags we have everything to make the commute to and from work more pleasurable and productive.

    Posted by Joe Bradley

    bar-mitz.jpgThe Bar and Bat Mitzvah is an integral part of Jewish culture. It is the Jewish coming of age ritual and an important time in a young Jewish boy or girls life. Bar is a Jewish word that means "son” and the term is designated for boys. Bat means "daughter” in Hebrew and is designated for girls. Mitzvah means "commandment” or "law” so the entire term translates to "son of commandment” or "daughter of commandment”.

    According to Jewish law, when a Jewish boy becomes 13 years old, they become accountable for their actions and therefore become a bar mitzvah. In Orthodox and Conservative Jews, girls are traditionally have their bat mitzvah at age 12. In Reform Judaism, girls also have their bat mitzvah at 13 years of age. Before a bar or bat mitzvah, a child’s parents holds the responsibility for a child’s actions, according to Jewish law. After children turn 13, the boys and girls hold their own responsibility for laws, tradition, and ethics. The laws vary from Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Judaism.

    When one reaches the age of bar or bat mitzvah, it symbolized their day of becoming a full member of the Jewish community or segregation. This comes with new responsibilities and a higher set of standards to abide to. It also includes a new set of moral responsibilites for one’s actions, as well as the eligibility to be called to read from the Torah. There are many congregations that require pre-bar or bat mitzvah children to attend a minimum of Shabbat prayer services in order to be eligible to have a bar or bat mitzvah. Many parents even invest money into tutors and extra lessons to help prepare their sons and daughters for their big day.

    A more popular form of Judaism in the United States, Reform Judaism, once struggled with the possibility of extinction of the bar and bat mitzvah. Many congregation leaders preferred to replace the ritual with a confirmation. When big parties and events began to take place after the religious celebration, the bar and bat mitzvah returned to prominence in the Reform community. A bar and bat mitzvah in the Reform Judaism world is similar to a young girl having a Sweet 16 party. It is a huge birthday party that celebrates a young boy or girls right of passage in the Jewish world.

    Some states throughout the country celebrate this right of passage in different ways. In more rural areas, the bar and bat mitzvah celebration may be an intimate event with just family and close friends. In more metropolitan areas, like New York, California, and Florida, the day is a huge event for the whole community. Hundreds of people from the neighborhood are invited and the party itself costs thousands and thousands of dollars.

    Party favors are a fun and exciting giveaways that can be used on the dance floor to bring the celebration to the next level. With the celebrant's name and the event date, items like glow in the dark Sunglasses, beach balls, kazoos, noise makers, glow sticks and other fun products are great for getting the party started at your event! At Promos On-Time, we offer hundreds of fun giveaways and gifts, ranging from low price economical to upscale, that are perfect for your son or daughter’s big day.

    Posted by Joe Bradley

    The sport of golf and business have gone together for years. In fact, they go together like peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and sprinkles, and baseball and hot dogs. To tie into this age old marriate, many corporate golf events mold the business world. They also double as a theme for hope and change. From small to big, golf events generate revenue for charities, fundraisers, and raise awareness on certain issues. Golf is also a great team building event and raises company morale.

    There are nearly 30 million golfers throughout America. Golf courses make up nearly 3,500 square miles of land mass in the United States. With a sport this popular, especially in the business world, it’s important to take advantage of potential gifts and giveaways. Having a golf outing? Give away a customized polo shirt to employees and attendees. You can also give a high quality sport duffel bag with your imprinted logo or message printed directly on it. These simple, yet great gift ideas are perfect for the green.

    One great way to utilize golf to bolster your business is by sponsoring a tournament. Become an associate sponsor at a local or regional golf tournament. There will be a large amount of publicity generated from the event and your brand could gain from increased exposure. With your company name on banners, you will be the face of the event.

    A company golf outing is another great idea to have your business utilize golf. Golf events will help build business morale and employee relations. Make your staff feel more valuable by giving them a variety of golf gifts. There are many ideas that cover a wide arrange of price points and needs. Imprinted tees are just pennies each, imprinted golf balls will be cherrished throughout the 18 holes and hopefully beyond and other accessories like divot repair tools, shoe cleaners and towels only add to the endless list.

    Local golf courses are usually open to advertising. Get involved with these courses by asking them about donations for events, parties, and more, in exchange for some publicity. Show your organizations philanthropic side by getting involved in important and meaningful charities. You can also help set up a youth gold program or even organize golf lessons for kids in the area.

    Whether your sponsoring an outing for cancer awareness or holding an an event for staff and clients, golf is a fantastic business tool. Use the event to push promotional items and get the attention of avid golfers. Most golf items are affordable enough for most events and have great rewards. Golf giveaways create a great impression and make people happy. What are you waiting for? Get on the green today!

    Posted by Joe Bradley

    Keeping employees and students motivated when they are on their own time can be a challenge. People are so busy today and when they clock out or leave the classroom, their mind wanders onto other things. Keep your employees and students motivated while they’re at home by providing them with motivation themed gifts or household products.

    Branded promotional products are proven to be a successful marketing or motivational tool. Branded products are engaging, fun, and make your message more powerful. Most of your students or employees will already have some sort of branded household item in their home. Why not motivate and inspire when they are out on their free time? Employees or students will remember and see your message daily when you give them useful household items as a gift.

    Household items with an important motivational message or reminder are also quite useful. These items have the potential to be useful tools that your staff or students can use on a daily basis. They will be proud of their school, organization, or company and be happy with their gift. It can be anything from a customized hat, pens, coffee cup or mugs, and more, to just name a few examples. Your message and brand will be a staple on this important household product and will always come in handy.

    Pet products like leashes, bag dispensers, and more are also great giveaways to inspire and motivate. Nearly half of your students or employees own a dog and it would be a thoughtful gift to think of their four legged friend. Using branded promotional items also is a great way to increase a positive relationship. Giving away a thoughtful and useful household item or pet tool is a great way to show how much you care. Remind your students or employees how happy you are to have them!

    Displaying appreciation to your staff and students f is an essential way to keep retention. Why would workers or students stay loyal to your school or organization if they feel unappreciated? If they are unhappy at your business, they will seek employment elsewhere. If students feel that they aren't have the best academic experience, they will look to transfer to another school. Giving away promotional gifts is a great way to show how much you appreciate their loyalty.

    Choosing what type of gift is most appropriate can be difficult. Some great options are similar to the one’s mentioned earlier. It just needs to be something simple and something that says you care. It’s important to give away a gift that is classy, and not over the tope. At Promos On-Time, we pride ourselves on the variety of options we offer. You can get any item customized and custom tailored to your needs. Start looking today and keep your employees and students happy tomorrow.

    Posted by Joe Bradley

    Hitting a home run is usually the goal when it comes to baseball and business. Getting a single, double, triple, or even a walk are also considered successful at-bats. America’s pastime offers great analogies to be used in business. The sport is full of management decisions and many lessons on leadership can be learned. Transferring these lessons from baseball to the business world can be very useful.

    When you reach your maximum goal, you hit a home run. The crowd goes wild or in your case, your team has done job well done. Getting a single is like receiving a small order. It won’t change the outcome of the score, but hitting many singles can. Hitting a double is when someone goes the extra mile. They put in that extra effort to reach second base. Smashing a triple is when someone slides into third base, taking advantage of a risen opportunity. Finally, a walk is playing it safe. Sometimes there a big advantages to taking the safe route in business. Sacrifice flies or hits or the ultimate team move.

    With baseball’s all-star week upon us in Miami, now is the perfect time to talk America’s pastime. When hiring or building a team, the most prolific candidate isn't always the best for your business. Businesses need to build a staff of workers with complementary skills and high chemistry employees. The same can be said for baseball. You can have a team full of talent, but if they aren't happy playing together, their play worsens. The best teams are able to blend skills and chemistry together.

    In baseball and business it’s also important to measure, observe, and analyze your talent. Good baseball managers are great at this and so are successful business owners. It’s important to regularly evaluate and adjust your game plan, based on observations of your team’s strengths. You must take advantage of what your staff is great at. Like in baseball, who you choose to sign or hire and how you use them is extremely important. You must learn to adjust to how your employees operate, so you can use them to their full potential. Business leaders must do everything they can to set their workers up to succeed.

    When the Major League Baseball all-star game’s ratings dipped to below average numbers, changes needed to be made. The game was treated like a company picnic or softball game, instead of a professional game showcasing its best players. To make the game more competitive, the league winner was given home field advantage in the World Series. The success of your business relies on the product value to your customer. When baseball raised the value level of the game, it became more competitive and ratings increased.

    There are many more analogies that can be used to describe the relationship between baseball and business. It’s important to reward employees and recognize their successes, even if it’s just a single or a walk. Your utility players can be just as important as the power bats. At Promos On-Time we offer a variety of products to pay homage to America’s past time. Reward your players for a game well played, today.

    Posted by Joe Bradley

    Giving someone the recognition they deserve makes a huge difference in a relationship, be it personal or business. A simple and genuine, "thank you” to employees, clients, or volunteers will make them want to continue their partnership with you. Recognizing your employees for a job well-done makes them feel engaged and valued.

    Appreciating a client’s business will make you stand out against competitors. Showing volunteers how much their efforts are valued will make their contributions feel even more worthwhile. Expressing your gratitude goes a long way to get others to go the extra mile. It may seem simple, but a "thank you” says a lot more than you think.

    How you say "thank you” and show your appreciation can vary in different situation. Sure, saying "thank you” is great, but giving a small gift really shows how much you care. Gifts like a Thank You Chocolate Bar or a "Thanks For All You Do” Stainless Steel Tumbler shows the recipient how much you really care. It’s important to keep employee and client engagement high all year long. Giving affordable, yet thoughtful gifts shows how invested you are in your relationship with customers, staff members, contributors and associates. Creating and maintaining a motivated and dedicated team takes strong managerial skills and good staff development. And a pat on the back will reinforce what you are trying to accomplish.

    Recognition is vital to employee morale. Everyone wants to feel important and have their hard work recognized. Here are some great gift ideas to give someone the acknowledgement they deserve. Employees play a huge role when it comes to the success of your business or organization. From intern to department head, each team member contributes to the overall goal and success. It can be easy to let hard work go unnoticed with our busy schedules, social media, and smartphones. It’s very important to reward employees for their accomplishments and contributions.

    Client relations is also an extremely important factor when it comes to running a business or organization. In addition to thanking our hard-working employees, we must also let our clients know how much we appreciate their business and partnership. Go above and beyond the competition and let your clients know how much you appreciate their business. A Thank You Fun Cup is a perfect gift to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. It’s simple, affordable, and appropriate. It doesn't have to be something fancy. A gift card, a chocolate basket like the one mentioned above, or a new office tool can go a very long way.

    Volunteers deserve recognition for their hard work as well. Sending a nice thank you note with a custom made Volunteer Appreciation Backpack can make volunteers feel special for their efforts.

    Take some time to recognize your team today by celebrating their efforts tomorrow. A simple gift and "thank you” can make a huge difference. From backpacks to chocolates to t-shirts, we’ve got you covered at

    Posted by Joe Bradley

    The more technology changes the promotional products industry, the more some things stay the same. The demand for Cameras, flashlights, calendars and even pens has been hit severely or wiped out entirely by the advancements of today's smart phones. Hey, there's probably a supplier sitting out there with a warehouse full of iPhone 4 accessories. But, for at least the next few years, modern tecnoglogy will not replace the need for us to eat solid food and beverages. So, it is safe to say that personalized lunch bags and coolers can take a sigh of relief.

    Insulated cooler bags are popular among the workforce and student bodies, because they obviously make it possible to transport meals to work or school. They allow recipients to bring their own homemade meals or leftovers for lunch, dinner or a snack and allow for creativity, nutritious options and substantial savings. For advertisers, marketers and employers, custom lunch bags provide a wonderful opportunity to get your message seen on an almost daily basis.

    The popularity of customized lunch bags and coolers goes beyond the scope of the company breakroom or school cafeteria. Insulated carrier bags have always been a staple for picnics, trips to the beach, tailgate parties and outings. The average insulated bag can hold at least a six pack of refreshment or a combination of sandwiches, snacks and a beverage. Talk about working overtime! Personalized cooler bags still show off your logo and message when recipients are at leisure.

    The choices for promotional lunch bags and coolers are staggering. Not only are there hundreds of sizes, styles, colors and shapes to choose from, but buyers can find designer fashion bags, insulated tote bags and backpacks, lunch bags with extra compartments and outside drink holders and even coolers on wheels. You can find a simple and low cost Polypropylene Non-Woven sack all the way up to a heavy duty 600 Denier 32 can holder. And more and more bags now come with the option of a full color imprint.

    The true advantage of giving out lunch bags and coolers as gifts is the fact that they will be used often and be seen often. And not just by the end users, but by everyone they dine with, be it at a lunch room table, poolside or with a parking lot full of tailgaters. The exposure for your ad or message acts as a virtual billboard. Potential clients will see your brand name while staff members can be motivated by an inspirational graphic or sentiment.

    Lunch bags and insulated coolers with your custom imprint will also fit just about any budget. For as low as a couple of dollars, you can provide a basic six-pack cooler style lunch bag with a one color imprint on the outside. And these time-tested promotional items will stick around as long as people still take a meal break!

    Posted by Michael Lerner

    Weddings are one of the most joyous times for newlywed couples along with family and friends. A lot of planning goes into a wedding, from bridal showers and bachelor parties to rehearsal dinners and the final ceremony and reception.

    Plenty of time is spent on the choosing the function hall, caterer, flowers and a band. Further time must be spent registering for gifts, choosing a menu and selecting a cake. The entire process can be mind-blowing. But in all of this preparation, sometime an import ingredient for wedding celebration success gets left out. We are talking about keepsakes and mementos for the wedding party and guests.

    Promotional products lend themselves to a wide range of uses. Everyone knows they are excellent for building business relationships at trade shows and conferences, or for motivating employees. But, imprinted merchandise also makes ideal gifts for party attendees. For weddings, it's a marriage made in heaven!

    The entire path of events leading to a wedding is memorable. Why not create a keepsake for participants to remember this special time for years to come. Start with the pre-wedding events like engagement parties, showers and bachelor and bachelorette parties. Save the date magnets will remind invitees when your events will occur as they occupy most household refrigerators. Men will certainly enjoy a beer mug with the bachelor party event and date printed directly on their glass. And the women’s side will love spa-like items including body lotions, manicure kits and other items that will fit in their hand bags.

    For engagement parties outdoors, personalized beer and soda Koozies are one of the most popular handouts. Imprinted plastic cups, tumblers and other drinkware also will be a big hit. Frisbees and beach balls with the bride and groom’s name also make fun giveaways for any opening or pre-celebration event. With the cost of most weddings these days, a barbecue or picnic for friends and family is more than enough.

    Golf figures heavily into many wedding events. Weekend getaways for men and women to golf resorts is more popular than ever when it comes time to pre-toast the groom or bride. And destination weddings often have a golf tournament a day or two before the big event. Needless to say, custom printed golf balls make excellent gifts ideas. And golf tees more than symbolize the "teeing off” of a new marriage.

    When the special day itself arrives, make sure to have items that guests can bring home to remember every second. Start off with custom wrapped candies and mints or lollipops that attendees can enjoy during the reception or they can put in their pockets for the ride home. Full color photos of the newlyweds can also be printed on chocolate bars, cups, plates and especially good bags. If the wedding is an out-of-town event for most of the guests, consider items like massagers or sleeping masks that they can use after a day or night of partying.

    During a four or five hour wedding reception, most attention not focused to the newlyweds goes to the dance floor. If you have a band or DJ, make sure to also have fun party staples like hats, sunglasses, lights and masks. They always provide added fun and make wonderful mementos.

    Promotional products for weddings are easy to choose and easy to order. And despite the positive impact they have to any wedding, they are surprisingly inexpensive making a tiny dent in most budgets.

    Posted by Michael Lerner

    According to Melissa Data, seniors are "the fastest group of potential customers in the world, with incredible buying power. Marketing to seniors makes good business sense. …Why? Seniors control 70% of the disposable income in the United States. It’s simple math. One-third of the nation controls two-third of the disposable income in the United States. Put more simply… Seniors Buy More!”

    That is a compelling argument about the buying power of seniors. Do your marketing efforts include this powerful economic segment? If not, they should. If they do, you have every reason to boost your promotional efforts. Promos On-Time is here to help you reach this group and heighten your sales on a regular basis.

    Of course, seniors are more concerned about health products than other age groups, and we’ve got the educational and reminder tools that meet their needs. To help them read or see keyholes in the dark, hand out our Magnifier With Light. Also check out our Bookmark and Pocket Magnifiers. Remind them to take their medication with the Pill Pal With Cutter and Primary Care Pill Cutter–and help them open bottles with the Medicine Bottle Opener. Help them prevent falls at night with the Multicolor LED, CFL Light Bulb-Shaped, and Circle-Shaped Nightlights. Add beauty to their environment with the Marigold Seed Pack and Bamboo Blossom Kit.

    You can also show seniors that you care about their health with educational tools such as the Senior’s Health & Safety Info, Healthy Heart, and Fitness & Exercise Sliders. Remind them about doctor’s appointments and help them keep track of medications with the Senior’s Health Organizer Pocket Guide. If you work for a health care facility, you will find a wide range of products to remind seniors of your services, including the Every Heartbeat Matters Link Bracelet, First Aid Wallet, Body Tape Measure With BMI Scale, and Mini Aqua Hot/Cold Pack. Help them relieve tension with the Heart, Doctor, and Pill Capsule Stress Balls.

    As with everyone else, exercise is essential to good health for seniors. Encourage them to walk regularly for good exercise with the Compact, Multi-Function, Eco Solar, and Economy Pedometers. While they walk, they can increase their visibility with the Round Blinking Light With Back Clip; another great safety item is the Whistle Key Chain With Light. Seniors who attend fitness classes will appreciate the Exercise Mat. You can also help them start their fitness program with the Exercise Band and, for the ambitious among them, the Hercules Fitness Kit. Since yoga has become popular with this age group, they will smile when you present them with the PVC Yoga Mat & Carrying Case and Yoga Stretch Band.

    Demonstrate your concern for your seniors by motivating them to practice good nutrition as well. Every senior will benefit from the informative Good Nutrition and Controlling Your Cholesterol Slider, as well as the Healthy Snacks Key Points and Fast Foods Eating Right Wallet Cards. The Healthy Eating Post Up is a handy reference guide when placed on the fridge. They will keep snacks fresh and tasty when you present them with the Freezable Gel Lid Storage Container, X.L. Insulated Recycle P.E.T. Cooler Bag, and Salad To Go Kit.

    Don’t assume that today’s seniors aren’t interested in technology. Delight especially loyal customers with the I’m Appreciated Bluetooth Mini Speaker, Futuristic Digital Watch, and Wired E-Padfolio.

    Remember to place pens with your exclusive imprint and slogan right in your senior customers’ hands. Choose from thirty-four pages of contemporary designs, including the a href="">Bic Grip Grip Roller Pen, Metallic Accents Ballpoint Pen, and the handy Silver Ballpoint Pen With Attachment Clip.

    Promos On-Time is ready to help you market your services to seniors, a powerful consumer group! Call our friendly customer service representatives now at 1-800-793-7184 to place your order and receive more exciting suggestions.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    Are you reaching enough millennials in your promotional efforts? It’s fine to promote your services to customers, associates, and staff who are older. Remember, though, that you also want to promote your services among the younger generation, who conceivably will patronize your company for a much longer time. That’s where Promos On-Time comes in. We have the products that will help you appeal directly to this up-and-coming group.

    As you know, the millenials are completely immersed in digital technology. If you have exceptional customers or wish to reward outstanding staff members, they will certainly appreciate listening to a full range of sound through our Bluetooth Mini Speaker or the sound-and-visual combo provided by our Illuminating Speaker. Help them smoothly navigate touchscreen devices such as iPads and smart phones without smudging the screen with our Stylus Pens, including the Metallic Diego Stylus Pen With Phone Holder, 4-In-1 Stylus Pen, Sleek Write Two-Tone Rubberized Pen, and Stylus Spiral Light Up Pen.

    One simple instrument is more used than ever with the rise of technological devices: ear buds. Those who are listening to their smart phones, iPods, tablets, and computers may want more intense sound and may also have a desire to avoid bothering others within earshot. We offer a number of innovative devices: the FM Scanner Radio, "I’m Appreciated” Ear Buds, and Retractable Metal Ear Buds. The Laptop Mono Strap Backpack is one of several bags that feature an "O” Ring for an earphone outlet.

    We have all the accessories that will enhance the iPhone, clearly an item cherished among millennials. Choose from Soft and Hard Cases to protect mobile phones. The Audio Star Mini Speaker offers dynamic sound and is rechargeable through a USB cord. On the road, millennials will appreciate the Car USB Charger. Since they are a generation attuned to environmental issues, they will also appreciate the Solar Charger, which offers four to five hours of usage after being charged in the full sunshine. Please also check out our Wired E-Padfolio that holds tablets and e-readers with removable Velcro corners that adjust to various high-tech devices. Make it easy for millennials to keep their devices together and accessible with the Technology Organizer Case, just right for smart phones, mp3 players, flash drives, cameras and much more.

    Of course, millennials are not completely consumed with technology. Since they are young, they also enjoy sports and recreation. Treat them to our many bags that are perfect for recreation: the Sporty Retro, Urban, and Enforcer Gym Bags, along with our many contemporary Duffels. While working up a sweat, they’ll appreciate having the Dryclean Sports, Biodegradable Bike, or Poly-Clean Bottle on hand, along with many other contemporary styles. Encourage fitness with the Exercise Band, Rubber Basketball, and Wilson NFL Football. At sports events, fans will make good use of the Yukon, High Sierra Tahoe and 10 x 25 Binoculars. They will feel stylish and comfortable wearing our Augusta Sportswear Micro Poly WIndshirt, Timberland Water Resistant Tech Shell Jacket, and Chestnut Hill Performance Polo Shirt, available for both men and women. Our Pique Polo Shirts are sweat-resistant. Millennials know that recreation and healthy eating go together! Educate them with our Sliders on Good Nutrition and Controlling Your Cholesterol, as well as the Wallet Cards on Healthy Snacks Key Points and Fast Foods Eating Right Wallet Cards.

    Make sure your promotional efforts include the upcoming generation. Our friendly customer service representatives are on hand to help you appeal to the millennials. Call them now at 1-800-793-7184.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    Lunch breaks should be more than chowing down food and getting back to work. A lunch break should be the time to recharge one’s batteries. By doing so, employees actually are more productive when they return to work. Taking a real lunch break is better for workers – and your bottom line - than rushing through a meal and getting back to their tasks.

    To really recharge, work should stop during the lunch break. That means no emails, phone calls, or computing. One should get away from the desk, eat in the lunchroom or another area. Best of all, one should go outside, enjoy the fresh air and a delicious, healthy lunch. Talk to colleagues in the lunchroom, invite them to take lunch with you, or meet a friend. Take the time to run some errands, but not during every break and not too many. That only makes for more stress.

    Workers who return from their lunch break energized and focused have used their time wisely. They get more done. That’s why it’s a good idea to make lunch breaks a vital part of your company culture. As always, Promos On Time has everything you need to help your staff enjoy healthy and relaxing meals.

    Hand out lunch bags to every member of your staff. Choose from a variety of spacious sizes: the 6-Pack Can Cooler, Budget 12-Pack Kooler, or Two Compartment Lunch Bag. Further, whether you decide upon the Thermo Frost Lunch Bag, Curve Cooler, or Igloo Avalanche Cooler, you will receive lunch bags that feature full insulation, enabling lunches to stay fresh and tasty. A number of our lunch bags feature a convenient side mesh bottle pocket for a water bottle, such as the Gourmet Cooler Bag and Koozie Super Six-Pack Kooler. Be sure to hand out lunch bags sure to appeal to your employees’ and customers’ children: the Paws N Claws Lunch Bag and Paws N Claws Neoprene Lunch Bag.

    Lunch bags are also great for celebrating special work themes and occasions. Reinforce workplace safety with the Lunch Bag Safety Incentive with Slogan, "Never Take A Break From Safety.” Be sure to check out lunch bags with slogans referring to specific professions: Nursing Assistant Lunch Gift, Housekeepers Lunch Kooler, Customer Service Lunch Bag, and Activity Professionals Swirl Love Bag, among many others. Express gratitude to all your employees with the Thanks For All You Do 2-in-1 Lunch Bag, I Make A Difference Cooler Bag, and Caring Is The Business We Have Chosen Lunch Bag.

    In addition to our lunch bags, we also offer products that make lunch more interesting and convenient. Enjoy soup with the Aztec Soup Mug – 16 Oz., featuring a built-in spoon right in the handle. The Salad Cup enables recipients to mix and seal their greens, vegetables, and dressings. The Economy Lunch Box Container is a sturdy plastic box with three compartments and a snap-on lid. Make lunch more convenient with multiple-component lunchtime gifts: the Go! Lunch Time 5-Piece Set, Lunch To Go Kit, and Salad Bowl Set.

    You should also review our drinkware, including the Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler With Straw – 24 Oz., Mason Jar With Straw – 25 Oz., and Bend-A-Bottle – 16 Oz. Each one is great for lunchtime, commuting, or refreshing oneself while exercising. Those who decide to benefit from healthy exercise by taking a walk during the lunch period can monitor their progress with our pedometers.

    Let Promos On Time help you make lunch time a relaxing and rejuvenating period that ultimately results in greater work productivity. Our friendly customer service representatives are waiting to assist you at 1-800-793-7184.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    Promos On Time has moved to a new location. We’re ready to provide even better service in our expanded quarters, along with many more products that meet your promotional needs.

    Our move reinforced the challenges that businesses face when taking on new quarters. Of course, when you move, you must change your phone number and address with the post office and suppliers. Those tasks are relatively easy compared to making your many customers aware of your move.

    One great way to raise public awareness is to hand out promotional products – and Promos On Time is ready to help! We have all you need to remind your customers about important contact information. Our products, in addition, will remind them of your services long after you make your move.

    Magnets are among the most effective means for you to raise awareness. Your customers will use them at home or the office, on the fridge or filing cabinet or any metal surface. Each time they glance at them, they will be reminded of your services, and you’ll get the call at your new phone number! Check out our seven pages of magnets: you’ll see traditional business-card styles, calendars, magnetic clips, dry erase boards, and bottle openers. Discover magnets suitable to your business in shapes that include an ice cream cone, drink can, Chinese food container, truck, dog bone, prescription bottle, tooth, and more. Raise health awareness with the heart and pink ribbon magnets. Those who use the GPS function on their phone will appreciate the auto phone mount magnet. Everyone enjoys making different configurations out of the Dancing Stars, Lifting Shoulders, Human Clips, and Nuts & Bolts magnets.

    As we get close to the New Year, your customers will be on the lookout for a new calendar and planner. Make sure they have yours displayed throughout 2017! Not only will they be reminded of your new phone number and address, but they will also be reminded of your company for twelve consecutive months! Our eight pages of calendars include memo desk calendars, pocket planners, wall calendars, and magnetic calendars. Inspire recipients all year with calendars featuring magnificent scenery. Hand out calendars and planners that are suitable to your business: dog and cat calendars for veterinarians, 18-Wheeler and Big Rigs Calendars for trucking outfits, Glorious Getaways and World Scenic Calendars for travel agencies, Gardens Calendar for landscapers, and Baby’s First Year Calendar for pediatricians. Our greeting card calendars express your heartfelt sentiments all year. School principals can present their teaching staff with the Teacher Appreciation Spiral Jotter Kit and Academic Monthly Pocket Planner.

    When you hand out our bags, customers will carry your new address and phone number around wherever they go. We’ve got bags for every conceivable use: work, recreation, and travel – in a tremendous array of styles, including sling, drawstring, messenger, duffel, laundry, rolling wheels, lunch bags, and much more.

    Place your new phone number and address right in your customers’ hands with our wide assortment of pens and pencils. Whether you choose our Bic, grip, or twist pens – or our mechanical, mood, or glow pencils – you’re sure to provide every recipient with instant reminders that you’ve moved and are ready to continue your great services. Of course, while you’re handing out pens, be sure to also widely distribute our stationery collections: the Eco-Friendly Desk Needs and 7-In-1 Sets and the 12” and 6” Ruler Stationery Kits. Keep them on schedule with the Modern Digital Display Desk Clock.

    Promos On Time has everything you need to publicize your new phone number and address after you make the big move. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help you right now at 1-800-793-7184.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    The holiday season is the one time that you want to remember your customers, staff, and associates. During the "season of giving,” you have the opportunity to let these special people know how much you appreciate their support and patronage all year long. Indeed, not giving can be viewed negatively and affect your business; from that perspective, gift giving is also a worthwhile investment.

    It can be difficult to pick out the right gifts at a cost-effective price. Let Promos On Time make it easy for you. Our Corporate Holiday and Christmas Gifts are distinctive, varied, and cost-effective. You’re sure to find something for everyone on your holiday list!

    Link your company’s name with seasonal cheer by distributing our metal construction Holiday Ornaments widely. Popular holiday designs – snowflake, star, tree, and balls – will be appreciated in the home or office. Recipients can also decorate with Christmas stockings and Santa hats, perfect for a home mantle or office. Of course, these decorations are also great for spreading cheer in hospitals.

    Variety is the spice of life, and Promos On Time has the gift packages sure to please everyone who helps make your business a success all year. Our Corporate Gift Baskets and Holiday Candy Gifts are sure to make an overwhelmingly positive impression the moment they’re delivered. We’ve got scrumptious favorites in impressive packages, including the English Butter Toffee in Gift Box, Deluxe Chocolate Trio, Deluxe Happy Holiday Candy Tower, and Gourmet Cookie & Brownie Assortment. Hand out Christmas-themed cookies in Gingerbread, Santa Claus, Snowman, and Reindeer designs. The 3-Way Nut Tin, Chocolate Truffle Box, and Tuscany Cocoa Gift Set will appeal to discerning tastes.

    You can place many of these treats in one of our Personalized Holiday Mugs. Our mugs feature a wide space for your special message, especially valuable since these mugs will be used long after the holidays are over. Our Caring Is Always In Season Mugs With Spoon enable everyone to enjoy a hot beverage or soup. Busy employees will appreciate the On The Go Stainless Steel Flask & Tumbler. Coffee drinkers will enjoy using the Swiss Forge French Coffee Press. Recognize staff for going the distance with the Thermos Holiday Gift and Tumbler Holiday Gift Sets, both featuring the Making A Difference theme.

    Of course, gift sets need not be confined to treats. Our Corporate Holiday Gift Sets are sure to make a lasting impression on every employee and customer. Show your high esteem for recipients with such prestigious gifts as the Bamboo Cheese Board, Steel Flask & Cup, and Personal Espresso Sets. Help everyone enjoy personal comfort with the Caring Is Always In Season Roll- Up Blanket, Comfort Travel Set, and Foot Care Kit. Keep clients and staff on track with the Holiday Weekly 2017 Planner & Pen Gift Set and Caring Is Always In Season Weekly Planner. Our Holiday Pen Gifts and Pen Sets, all high quality and laser engraved, also make impressive seasonal gifts. Holiday Gift Desk Accessories, Clocks, and Frames will sit on the desk each day as a reminder of your thoughtfulness. Recipients will enjoy viewing loved ones in flip albums and photo frames. Our desk clocks and organizers help keep employees on time and efficient.

    Make sure they carry your name and personal regard all year with our Holiday Gift Messenger Bags, Briefcases and Totes. Sports Duffel Bags are great for active recreation. The Sling Backpack and Fun Tote Bag will help everyone grab personal possessions and go. The DuraHyde Deluxe Briefcase and Excel Brief feature the look and inner storage compartments that are just right for work. Also review our sizeable lunch bags.

    In our digital age, Holiday Tech Gifts and Electronics are among the most popular gifts around. Boost everyone’s favorite musical sounds with the Nano, Amplifying, Mega Silicone, and Blue Tooth Brick Speakers. Check out accessories that play an essential role in computing: the Hub Dude 2.0, Crossroads Mousepad, and Silver Flash Drive Pen.

    After you choose your gifts, complete your package with Personalized Holiday and Christmas Cards featuring themes and images that evoke holiday cheer: Yule candles, snowy village scenes, and candles.

    The holidays will be upon us before you know it! Prepare now to express your heartfelt appreciation to everyone your business will depend upon throughout the year. Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to help you at 1-800-793-7184. Happy Holidays from Promos On Time!

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    Sure, we’re in a digital age and your customers have computers and smart phones to check the date and make plans. Does that mean that calendars and planners – yes, the paper kind – are still around? Absolutely!

    Think about your home or office. What is prominently displayed? Calendars. In addition, chances are that you and plenty of people you know still carry around planners and appreciate the convenience of jotting down reminders and appointments.

    The fact is that calendars and planners remain the most effective advertising tool around. Think about it: every day, your customers refer to them. Each time they do, they see your imprint. When they need your services or products, you’ll get the call!

    What’s more, this daily advertising costs just pennies a day! Compare the price of promoting your name through TV, the radio, newspapers, or online. There’s no comparison! Stock up on our calendars and planners and hand them out to customers, associates, staff, and friends. You’ll soon realize what a cost-effective investment you’ve made.

    Promos On Time makes it easy for you. We offer a wide selection of calendars and planners, each one with a contemporary, appealing design that you’ll be proud to hand out. Our wall calendars feature today’s most popular themes, including inspirational themes, natural wonders, humor, good health, and safety. Tailor your choice to your audience: car themes for auto dealers, service stations, and repair shops; adorable animals for veterinarians and pet supply stores; healthy eating for nutritionists and other health care providers.

    When you hand out desk calendars, you know that recipients will see your name prominently every workday. Desk calendar pads protect the desk and give everyone plenty of room to note down appointments. Educators will appreciate our Academic Desk Planner throughout the term. Looking for unique designs? Pet businesses will love our Die-Cut Dog and Cat Calendars. Take a mental vacation with the Die-Cut Beach Chair Calendar. Our Fun-Shape Hexagon Calendar with pen holder can be flipped for the latest bi-monthly view.

    Among the best ways to promote your services is with a pocket planner. Think about it: customers will carry around your custom imprint everywhere they go! They offer a great way for everyone to keep track of their schedules and appointments. Academic planners help teachers stay on top of classes and meetings, and remind students about tests and homework. Show employees that you care with the Safety Pocket Calendar. We offer both weekly and monthly planners.

    Placed on the fridge or metal cabinet, promotional stick-up & magnet calendars are among the most cost-effective promotional gifts. Our Scenic Stick-Up Calendar offers breathtaking views month after month. Provide your name, slogan and important contact information on our Magnetic Business Card Calendar, Die-Cut Calendar Magnet, and Business Card & Calendar Combo Magnet.

    Give customers a greeting card and they’ll smile and throw it away. Give them a Z-fold calendar greeting card and they’ll be reminded of everything you have to offer throughout 2019! We offer designs they’re sure to enjoy looking at every day: Scenic Vista, Scenic Lighthouse Greeting, Tropical Escape, and more appealing designs. Anyone who plays or is associated with golf will be pleased with the Golfer’s Digest Greeting Card Calendar. The Norman Rockwell Greeting Card Calendar contains some of the famous artist’s most beloved paintings.

    It’s also a great idea to keep our personalized greeting cards on hand, with tasteful designs for the holidays, anniversaries, birthdays – or to express thanks, sympathy or get well soon. Discover what you need for every occasion, whether to mark an occasion, praise an employee, or just write a thoughtful or encouraging message.

    Start off your yearly calendar promotions with gifts that will benefit both you and your customers throughout 2019! Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help you at 1-800-793-7184.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    The pet business is booming, in terms of products geared not only for dogs and cats, but also for birds, fish, lizards and a multitude of other animals.

    Over the past two decades, the market for pets has skyrocketed, from $17 billion in 1994 to more than $58 billion, according to the American Pet Association. This figure encompasses food and treats, grooming, boarding, training, dog day care, dog walking, pet sitting, pet bedding, and pet leashes and accessories.

    What does such a financial incline represent? The American people’s love affair with their pets. Knowing this, you are well advised to publicize your business with promotional pet products that customers, associates, and staff are sure to appreciate. Every time recipients glance at and use these innovative and practical products, they will see your message and be reminded of your great services. In addition to promoting businesses, pet products can be used by municipalities to educate the public about proper pet care and by veterinarians to raise awareness of their practice.

    Promos On-Time has the pet products you need to help you advertise your business and gain the gratitude of everyone who receives them. Feed dogs and cats with the Collapsible Doogie Bowl and Collapsible Pet Bowl, both offering convenient storage, as well as the Paw-Shaped Pet Bowl and Plastic Pet Bowl. Remind everyone of your business, services, and contact information with our adorable Puppies & Kittens Calendar, Kittens Calendar, Four Paws Wall Calendar, and Puppies Calendar.

    Help everyone respond to sudden pet emergencies with the Pet First Aid Kit, including a built-in light for evening walks and a handy attachment clip, and educate the community with the Pet Health Slider, containing important information on adopting a dog or cat, preventive medicine, common heath problems, tips for emergencies, and more. Present dog walkers with the ever-popular 16-foot Retractable Pet Leash, Large Dog Collar, Fine Print Pet Leash, Double Pet Leash, Dog Bag Dispenser With Light, Pet Waste Bag Dispenser, Light-Up Pen Waste Bag Dispenser, and Fido Waste Bag Caddy. Present dogs with fun and exercise through the Fetch-It Dog Toy and with chewing pleasure through the Crunch-it Dog Toy. Slip the Fine Print Pet Collar around a dog or a cat.

    Make traveling away from home easy and convenient for pet owners with the Pet Accessory Bag, made of 600D polyester and featuring a front pocket with hook-and-loop closure, a detachable zip case for storing treats or waste bags, and two collapsible bowls for food and water.

    Your name will stand out prominently when you place your imprint on the Bone Stress Ball, Dog Bone and Paw-Shaped Reflective Collar Tags, and Dog Bone Magnet, perfect for the fridge.

    So take a lesson from the tremendous success of pet-oriented businesses, which testify to the love Americans have for their pets. When you hand out these products, you associate your business with these beloved members of the family. Your imprint goes a long way to gaining the trust and appreciation of every recipient. In addition, each product is great for year-round distribution. Call Promos On-Time now at 800-793-7184. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help you choose among our many popular pet products.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    The entire world is tuned in to the Olympics. The games are like no other competition. They bring together the finest athletes across the globe in a spirit of good sportsmanship and unparalleled excellence. The athletes who shine during the events achieve world renown for years to come.

    You probably have heard customers, friends, and relatives speaking with excitement about the Olympics. They are a point of common interest with almost everyone you meet. As the fascination reaches a fever pitch, it makes sense to associate your business with the games. At Promos On-Time, we are ready to help you to do just that. We offer many exciting ideas and products that will help you boost your business throughout the Olympics.

    Hold Local "Olympics” With Other Businesses: Get together with other businesses and organize your own "Olympics” in an athletic field or park. Your staff and customers can participate in this fun event. Publicize it online and in local newspapers. Present participants with discount coupons, which they can use to purchase items at the event itself and in your facility.

    Offer Discounts: Do you get a lot of traffic from tourists? Do you live in a multi-cultural area? Present a discount to everyone who is from a competing country–including, of course, the USA. Offer discounts to those from countries that have won many gold medals.

    Olympics Questions: Hold an Olympics Quiz, asking staff and customers questions about the games. Present those who answer correctly with special discounts. Use Facebook, Twitter, and email to publicize the event.

    Use Social Media: Stay aware of popular hashtags associated with the Olympics and use them to increase publicity. Write frequently about the Olympics on Facebook, Twitter, and your website. Which team do you think will win certain competitions? What’s the latest news about Team USA? Who are this year’s stars and in which events? Engage your readers by asking for their opinions. Of course, you should celebrate Team USA’s victories.

    Watch The Olympics at Your Facility: If you have the space at your facility, invite the community to enjoy the games by watching the Olympics on a big screen. Encourage viewers, whether staff or customers, to wear athletic garb.

    Link Your Business To The Olympics With Promos On-Time Products: While it’s illegal to place the official Olympics symbol on products that you sell or give away, you can place your own patriotic, Olympic-oriented slogans on these items, such as "We support Team USA 2016!” or "Go Team USA 2016!” along with your name. We offer hundreds of athletic-oriented products that are perfect for promoting your business during the games, including:

  • Mesh Caps: Breathable 6-panel mesh caps with structured crown, pre-curved visors and Velcro closure
  • Bags: Choose from drawstring bags, duffels, gym bags, coolers, lunch bags, and backpacks, perfect for the gym, work, and recreation
  • Drinkware: Travel mugs, bottles, and tumblers are all in contemporary styles for cooling off when exercising
  • Stress Balls: Relive tension with stress balls in a wide variety of designs: Bull Dog, Football, T-Shirt, Baseball Hat, and more
  • Color-Changing Stadium Cups: Cups change colors when cold drinks are added and are practical and fun for all promotions Act now while Olympics fever prevails! We’re ready to help you with hundreds of products that will make your Olympics promotional events successful.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

  • vote-image.jpeg
    What is everyone talking about now? The presidential election in November! You simply can’t get away from it. Whether listening to the radio, watching TV, or surfing the Internet, you will encounter pundits, interviews, and rallies centered on the election. You’ll also encounter commentary at work or around the kitchen table. Every statement and policy pronouncement by the Democratic or Republican candidate is instantly analyzed and debated from a variety of perspectives. Now that it’s convention season, the election buzz is building. As we head toward winter, the tension and excitement will reach a fever pitch.

    This election fever gives you a great opportunity to reach out to your community. You may want to support your candidate, encourage voting during registration drives, or educate your customers and remind them of their responsibility to take part in our democracy by casting a ballot. No matter your motivation, now is the time to stock up on a wide range of election products.

    Show the community that your company is civic-minded with products displaying the messages, "Vote,” "I Voted,” "Your Vote Counts,” or any message of your choosing that promotes voter registration. You can also select messages endorsing a particular candidate. Along with your election message, place your name on lollipops with imprinted sticks, buttons, stickers (including round satin lapel stickers), and custom ribbons. Enjoy a bipartisan election party with buttons featuring the elephant and the donkey. Hand out the "Do your Part & Vote” Coloring Book to introduce children to the essential role that elections play in a democracy. Everyone will enjoy the American Flag Chocolate Bar – or any other candy that we offer – with your election imprint.

    Are you holding a voter registration drive, setting up a campaign rally, or publicizing a debate or town hall meeting? Place your bold message on one of our full-color banners, available in sizes from 4’ x 2’ to 8’ x 4’. Or decorate your gathering with our custom-printed colorful microfoil balloons featuring the star, heart, and other popular shapes.

    Don’t just stick to the products found on our "Election Day and Voter Registration Promos” page. You can place your election and voter registration message on almost any item in our catalog: custom apparel and wearables, including T-shirts and baseball caps; personalized bags; imprinted drinkware; keychains; magnets; pens, and stress balls. If you’re holding a golf event, be sure to review our wide variety of golf balls. Remember, too, that all our products can also be used for any local or state election.

    Many of these items will be used long after the election is over. That includes our 2019 Presidential Calendar, which will remind customers of your services year round. Customers will also leave election-oriented magnets on the refrigerator long past November. And how many times will they notice your name whenever they take out their keychain?

    There are no hotter items during an election year than products that boost election excitement! Now that summer and political conventions are underway, take advantage of the one topic that dominates the headlines. At the same time, you’ll demonstrate your patriotism and pride in country. Call Promos On-Time at 1-800-793-7184 and take advantage of election fever now!

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    It seems so long ago since those phones were ringing off the hook and email accounts were getting stuffed with inquiries and orders. It's the dog days of summer. From just before July 4th up to Labor Day, businesses slow down, productivity suffers and staff gets depleted during vacations.

    Of course, you cannot will sales to happen or wring them out of thin air. But a baron sales period can be a blessing-in-disguise. The summer months are a great time for planning and marketing. A well thought out advertising or sales plan in July or August can pay instant dividends in September when everyone gets back to work and straps on their helmets for the busy ride into the winter holidays. So just how do you reach clients and prospects in the summertime? The answer is to take your message to wear your customers are! If your target market is on vacation, or taking the odd day off for the pool, beach or hiking trails, then send your message after them!

    Personalized promotional products for the summertime convey your subtle reminder that you will be there for them when they come back to reality. Add your logo and a short burst of copy and send your company's advertisement airborn on beach balls and high flying disks. Not only will you bring smiles and some fun to your clients, but you will get hundreds of potential new clients to see your logo as well. 
    In additition to vacationers and weekend warriors, you can also reach other summertime enthusiasts like softball teams and fans, families throwing reunions and providing sponsorship by donating giveaways
    for customer's own employee picnics.

    While your logo is enjoying the sun and fun, why not print it on other summer favorites like towels, sunglasses, shovels and pails, sunscreen, cooler bags and Koozie can coolers. While you vacation yourself, or cleanup odd ends at your business, your custom imprint is working for you by leaving an almost subliminal message that will be a constant reminder of your products or services.

    Keep a stash of personalized summer promotional items in waiting areas or in sales representative's cars and use as an ice breaker when starting a converation. When the topic comes to vacations and weekend getaways, your gift is ready to be presented. The time release marketing campaign has already begun and will repeat itself during every fun activity held under the sun!

    Posted by Michael Lerner

    In a matter of days, a small video uploaded to YouTube by a small town mom garnered 141 million views and spread the awareness of Chewbacca from the movie Star Wars as far as any professional ad campaign could have. A political outsider dons a hat that reflects a simple message "Make America Great Again” fueling a meteoric rise to the presidential election. The power of branding is evident now more than ever. With so many media and advertising outlets and so much exposure, companies and organizations literally have the power of propelling their messaging and mission within their grasp each time they upload a video or publish a post. New media such as social platforms, video sites, and websites, along with classic channels such as newspapers, TV, radio, promotional giveaways and direct mail provide the foundation for branding initiatives to take flight from. By applying marketing savvy, intuition and a little luck, organizations large and small can make slogans, imagery and logos work for them harder than they ever could have imagined.

    Much like a pop song with a great hook, slogans can become very sticky. The right slogan can create brand recognition with one view and live on in consumer’s memory long after an ad campaign has ended. One such slogan was born from a popular Wendy’s TV ad in the 1980’s. The simple question "Where’s The Beef?” gave notoriety to a fast food chain and led to a full line of t-shirts, keychains, posters and other branded products. Adults and kids alike were quoting the commercial, continuing the marketing lift in ways the company could never have predicted. Sometimes the simpler platform can prove to be the spark for a slogans rise. Donald Trump published a best-selling book titled "Make America Great Again” but ask anyone before the presidential race of 2016 if they knew who the author was and you would be hard pressed to find a correct answer. Fast forward to a promotional hat with a one color imprint perched upon Trump’s trademark hair and a new slogan star was born.

    While the image of Chewbacca is an iconic part of the Star Wars universe, all the publicity efforts and advertising dollars spent could not return the kind of exposure that the video of Chewbacca Mom did. With 141 million views, this viral video has taken on a life of its own. The imagery of a young mother donning a fantasy mask struck a chord with viewers, sparking sharing through social media and eventually through mainstream media. Characters, products, components can all become marketing tools for companies, highlighting aspects of their makeup that will be adopted by users and distributors. By building awareness initiatives around these elements, companies can develop cult followings and loyalty in ways that traditional marketing could not.

    Logos serve a basic branding purpose in a very subtly complex way. Some tell a story, some carry a legacy within their design and others are artistically simple. All can eventually evoke a feeling in consumers, instant brand awareness that is paired with understanding of what they are receiving when their purchase or service is associated with a particular logo. From the classic feel of Coca Cola to the modern simplicity of Google’s logo, these little works of art can become part of pop culture and fashion. Walk through a department store and you can see anywhere from a selection of logo t-shirts to entire branded departments dedicated to a corporate logo. For apparel companies, a logo is the differentiator between a simple shirt or handbag and a selection of luxury items. Given this fact, it is not hard to understand how even small businesses can leverage the power of custom wearables to create brand awareness in their markets and beyond.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    A popular episode of the famous comedy series Seinfeld portrays the drama that ensues over the exchange of a pen…a space pen that happens to write upside down as readily as it does upright. This unusual pen was once a shining star of the promotional product world, a product developed for use during space travel that captured our curiosity and made its way into the hands of advertisers. With time, the novelty of this pen faded, as did so many other promotional items, replaced by innovation and fads. With the progress of time, technology has replaced many items, creating two markets; new technology based promotional tools as well as a retro promo market tapping into the items that once ruled the promotional world and hold a special place.

    The progressive development of the cell phone and the impact of the smart phone has slowly overtaken a number of entertainment and informational items. This has been documented in humorous memes and info graphics that display the massive amount of electronics that have been rendered obsolete by smart phones and tablets. But it is not just the VCR, Walkman and encyclopedia that have lost their use; promotional products that once held premier status have taken a step back. Calendars, calculators, flashlights, travel alarms, thermometers, journals, radios, watches and pedometers are some of the items that have been in whole or in part replaced by the use of new technology. These products once could be found with company logos, perched on office desks, hung on kitchen walls and tucked in travel bags, used and appreciated for their function as well as their advertising impact.

    In some cases, the progress of technology has sparked new twists on the standards. Business card holders evolved into smart phone cases, featuring convenient ways to carry credit cards, cash and business cards right along side their phone. The classic pen has been merged with stylus points, making them perfect accessories for tablets and touch screens. Watches have been supplanted by smart watches and fitness bands, capable of Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to record exercise and vital signs. All these modern takes on classic promos still feature the ability to carry a custom imprint, making them as useful as their roots.

    Old favorites sometimes get a breath of fresh popularity as a result of a "retro product revival.” Wall calendars, pop up desk calendars, multi color retractable ink pens have all enjoyed resurgence of popularity that is part nostalgia and also a testament to their usefulness. These classic promotional items still have use and may stimulate fond memories for the recipient, making them even more powerful as promo tools. Even more recently obscure giveaways such as mouse pads can be seen as a retro product.

    While it may take some time before we see a promotional item with enough social impact to be the focus of a sitcom, we certainly can identify with the idea of a giveaway becoming a useful and cherished tool. The space pen and other classic promos have paved the way for today’s tech focused promotional products, pairing unique practicality with the ability to promote a brand or message.

    Posted by Domingo Sanchez

    History has shown that society pays attention to adornments. Military medals that signify tours of duty, accomplishments and sacrifices, intricate jewelry worn for prestige or pleasure and of course ribbons and medals of awards and placements. We can see them during sporting events, during parades and in everyday life, showing off their status and meaning to all. But such displays are not reserved for complex purposes, simple wearable promotional tools can accomplish the same communication for students, awareness events and business purposes. Depending on budget, custom messages can be found on trendy bracelets, dog tags or classic lapel pins.

    A recent trend lent a subtle and budget friendly way to communicate awareness messages, the silicone bracelet. With its popularity accelerated by the Lance Armstrong “Livestrong” campaign, these low cost bracelets quickly popped up in every color imaginable. Each color representing a cause or awareness message, these bracelets could also be debossed with a custom slogan. Just as likely to be seen on a student as on a business person, silicone bracelets could share wrist space with anything from a rubber band to a Rolex. Lightweight bracelets prove to be a powerful handout during awareness runs and walks, extending the message beyond the event.

    Dog tags as a product form have grown beyond their military use. Found in traditional metal or budget friendly plastic, these tags can be worn on necklaces or as backpack tags. Especially popular with students, they can carry an image of a school mascot for homecoming or pride celebrations or be used to promote a message of safety or awareness. Leveraging the simple form and the low cost, school administrators or youth organizations can get kids to be reminded of anti bullying slogans, drug free messages and other important issues. Perceived as “cool” custom dog tags are more universally accepted, being worn by students from elementary through high school.

    For the workplace and adult organization purposes, custom lapel pins are a promotional item that can provide a subtle and classic vehicle for a message. Available in a variety of forms, organizers can select from designs and materials to fit their needs. From photo dome to cloisonné, simple metal to jeweled, lapel pins can carry a slogan of appreciation, a symbol of membership or a mark of distinction. Worn on the lapel of a suit or dress, lapel pins instantly provide a visual cue during conversation or presentation. The importance of this promotional item is best exemplified by the ever present American Flag lapel pin on members of our government. Lapel pins can also be used to show support for awareness causes more appropriately at fundraisers and formal meetings.

    These examples of wearable promotional tools give organizations the power of a long standing tradition to promote and display their messages. Their subtlety and size allow them to be worn more often and longer than other wearables such as shirts or hats, and their cost and size make them convenient for broad distribution. This practicality doesn’t take away from the feeling of pride or purpose by those who wear them, whether a student sporting a bully prevention silicone bracelet or a donor wearing a ribbon lapel pin.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    Custom items are often dismissed as swag to promote brands or corporate messages, tools to build business and revenue. But this narrow view of promotional items takes so much away from another major purpose, creating and sustaining memories for events. This usage is especially evident during the warmer summer months, when items such as flying disks, beach balls, sport balls and others find their way into the hands of attendees at family picnics, tailgating events and reunions. By handing out these novelties, organizers stimulate activity and create souvenirs that will remind everyone of the good times that were had during the events.

    One of the more informal events held during the summer is a picnic. Whether a small gathering or a large group, a picnic is sure to bring together family and friends for one major purpose, to have fun. By encouraging the attendees to participate by bringing food, beverages or a desert, organizers can allocate some funds to purchasing some novelty giveaways to spark some fun activities. Beach balls, kites, squirt guns and paddle games can all be used to get people into friendly competitions, enhancing the picnic. Custom printing on these items can create a unique way of making a gift into a reminder for the following year, hopefully sparking tradition.

    Tailgate parties are more associated with the fall sport of football than any summer activities, but some of the best tailgating is to be found in the parking lots of baseball games. Coordinated with fan clubs or large groups of friend or families, baseball tailgating can elevate a mid-summer contest into a feast and fun for everyone. Celebrating the National Pastime with traditional foods like hot dogs, burgers and other grill favorites, along with cold refreshments to wash away the heat, tailgaters will welcome a pickup game while waiting for the first pitch. Larger tailgate parties can be marked by a custom sport ball or Frisbee for fun. These souvenirs will quickly find their way into a pregame contest that may carry all the excitement as the professional game.

    One event that is depended upon for the continuation of tradition is the reunion. More formal than a picnic, this event is leveraged to keep an extended family together or maintain the legacy of an organization for new members and old. By holding an annual gathering, the organizers are laying the foundation for generations of the future. Reunions can be very well funded and require months of planning to execute. Elements that comprise a successful reunion go beyond location and catering considerations, they include entertainment, commemorative t-shirts, invitations, activities and of course, fun souvenirs to add to the day. Frisbees, paddle games and sport balls featuring the name of the family or organization can be used as party favors, left at each table for the attendees to use and take home. Mini beach balls can be used as invitations, followed up with full sized beach balls on the day of the event.

    While the toys of "summer” may be at their core simple promotional giveaways, they become tools of fun when paired with events that feature excitement and activity. These giveaways are not just Frisbees, beach balls or toy games, they are souvenirs that carry a custom message of the picnic, reunion or tailgate and along with it memories of the good times that were had by all.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    The influence of technology on today’s society is undeniably pervasive. But this influence is no longer restricted to the vision of a high level executive sporting a beeper and a clunky cellular phone. From healthcare professionals staying connected to their patients’ information to educators using tablets to engage students during classroom activities, technology helps enhance and improve wherever it is implemented. Connectivity through smart phones, tablets and computers extend to everyone, parents and children alike. This popularity has given rise to a world of accessories to complement, protect and enhance these devices, and of course the ability to customize and print on these have made them into powerful promotional tools. Some of the most sought after giveaways are technology based. Power banks, Bluetooth speakers and even the reliable mousepad pair practical use with a platform to promote.

    Even the most advanced smart phone or tablet is not very useful without battery power. This sobering reality has hit technophiles when they can least afford it. A dropped conversation, a navigation search stopped mid trip, or horrifically, a parent being faced with a crying child as their video comes to a halt, a dead battery can become more than just an inconvenience. USB power banks have quickly filled the need for power. Small pocket sized rechargeable batteries with a USB port for universal use with charging cables have crossed from retail to promotional product use. Offered as gifts to staff and clients these reserve batteries proudly display a custom logo as they come to the rescue during times of need.

    Entertainment and presentation is a big part of how these personal tech devices are being used. While their flat forms lend themselves to spectacular displays, the limited space results in speakers and sound becoming an afterthought. Extending the use of the devices beyond the personal headphones, allowing a group to enjoy music or the sound of a presentation has stimulated the development of speaker accessories. These speakers enable the user to make their smart phone into an entertainment source. Speaker accessories come in two variations, Bluetooth enabled for wireless connectivity and the more budget friendly wired or plug in variety. Either type have proven to be popular promotional tech items for branding and other uses.

    With all the tablet and phone usage, it is hard to imagine that we still rely so heavily on traditional computers. Desktops and laptops, complete with large screens and the traditional mouse in some cases still adorn most workstations in both office buildings and home offices. For those who use a mouse, a desk would not be complete without a mousepad. This item provides a uniform surface to work on, protection for furniture and of course one of the largest imprint areas of all promo items. Custom printed with everything from informational guides to personal photos, these mouse pads have significantly more visibility than most promotional items.

    So whether the promotional tech accessories are cutting edge such as the USB power banks and Bluetooth speakers or something as basic as a mousepad, the power and desirability of these items make them a good investment of promotional spend. Recipients will appreciate them for their usability and the perceived value when measured by their retail variants. Most importantly, they will be used and seen, ensuring a long life span for whatever their custom message is.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    There have been many advances in the safety features of modern automobiles. From anti-lock brakes and airbags to recent developments in driver assist technology that avoid crashes and alert drivers to cars in their blind spot, these advances help reduce accidents, injuries and deaths. Add on top of that the presence of cell phones and navigation services and it is easy to forget simple issues that continue to present themselves to drivers, especially those who live in cold climates, clearing ice and snow before embarking upon a trip. Ice scrapers and snow brushes are an example of simple tools which offer a level of auto safety that is hard to improve upon. For this reason, these items are enduring promotional products, used year after year by companies to promote their services and thank employees and customers. With such a strong foundation of simplicity, it is hard to imagine improving, however simple enhancements to ice scrapers and snow brushes create additional interest in these perennial favorites. Basic or upgraded, these giveaways combine the best of many worlds.

    Basic ice scrapers and combination ice scraper snowbrush combinations are welcome trunk finds during winter storms and icy mornings. There is nothing worse than having to wait for a car’s defrost to take care of the window obstructions, holding a driver hostage while they run late for work or are delayed in their ride home. An ice scraper can shave 15 minutes off the process, carrying a promotional message to the grateful driver. A snow brush is even more of a time saver, going further to reduce irritation for those who don’t have gloves or are used to rigging a make shift brush out of cardboard or other random items in their car. Sweeping snow away at first then scraping ice off windshields and side view mirrors, this multi purpose tool will highlight an appreciation message to anyone who had received it.

    It’s hard to imagine how promotional products as effective and simple as these can be improved upon, but some novel ideas can distinguish even the most basic giveaway. Adding to the convenience of an ice scraper is a mitten, eliminating the need for a glove to protect hands from the chill of winter. This mitten serves to offer a large imprint area for promotional messaging as well, enhancing the contact information personalization, giving more room for a corporate logo, or more space for a thank you sentiment. A visor clip ice scraper allows the recipient to keep the tool close at hand, right where it is easiest to access. By clipping to a sun visor the imprint gets even more visibility, making it a perfect advertising tool for auto repair and towing businesses. Attaching a scraper to a key chain accomplishes this extended visibility further and is an interesting conversation starter for those who are curious as to the existence of a mini ice scraper key chain.

    When looking for a giveaway for the holiday season or a business promotion for winter months, it is easy to see how these useful and cost effective items are chosen year after year. The safety enhancement will be appreciated and utilized by all who receive these, regardless of whether they are advertising tools or recognition gifts.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    As our lives continue to revolve around our smart phones and tablets, our need for more power continues. When I say power, I don't mean world domination, but electric battery power. Let's face it, we have all become somewhat zombie-like as we stare at and fumble with our small touch screens whether we are sitting on the train, walking on the street, dining in a restaurant or even laying at the beach.

    I mention remote places and situations like transportation, commuting or recreation because those places, for the time being, do not offer wall outlets to recharge our mobile devices. Many of us are old enough to remember phone booths and shopping in actual stores, but the convenience of ordering gifts, a pizza or checking email is just to easy when it is in our hands. So, iPhones, iPads and other devices get used throughout the day for so many purposes that they eat away at source of power fast.

    The answer is the power bank charger. Sized to fit in the pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack, these handy accessories only need to be charged overnight or early in the morning and they become a moving wall outlet while users are out and about. The anxiety of a dying battery is alleviated whenever electronics users keep a fully charged mobile battery with them.

    So, how do you marry technology with your promotional, marketing or employee motivation efforts? Well, you simply add your logo or a message to one of these often live-saving chargers and distribute to clients or staff members.

    Promotional power banks are likely the hottest segment of the imprinted gift and giveaway market. While almost everyone seems to now have a smart phone and many more have tablets, it seems that a high majority of people do not have portable chargers. This makes the lightweight and convenient charger a great item to get your name, brand or words of praise a great idea.

    Available in many sizes and colors, power banks can also be selected by the amount of power they provide. Some people need just a few hours of power, while others may need to recharge more than once. And, as product lines evolve, more bells and whistles become available like built-in LED lights, and key chain attachments for smaller sized units.

    Like other handheld promotional items, the personalized power bank is effective at achieving its goal because it is likely to be used often and even shared so others can see your message, for months if not years after distributing them. Most promotional power banks are priced to fit any budget, making them great trade show giveaways, employee appreciation gifts or sales meeting ice breakers.

    Posted by Michael Lerner

    Your clients and staff are essential to your success. One group patronizes your business, the other performs tasks necessary to enable your company to accomplish all that it does. The holiday season is the perfect time to express your appreciation at the end of the year.

    It’s difficult to come up with useful, tasteful and appealing holiday gifts for so many people while staying within your budget. Promos On-Time has got you covered! Take a look at our selection of gifts that recipients will enjoy throughout the year. Each time they do, they’ll see your imprint and be reminded of your thoughtfulness. Each one is perfect for handing out at staff holiday parties or to customers and associates who visit your facility.

    You’ll find many more choices in each product category. Start with personalized holiday and Christmas cards for each special individual. Greeting cards are not as popular as they were in years past... which is all the reason more to send them. You will stand out by mailing a card that features your sentiment of appreciation. And distributing greeting cards to staff members makes an excellent gesture of praise and goodwill during the holiday season.

    Calendars continue to be popular because they offer you a chance to spread your message almost every day of the year. You can personalize the cover of pocket and desk sized planners or imprint the lower lip of colorful and beautiful photo wall calendars that come in a wide selection of themes from motivational to humorous.

    Everyone enjoys scrumptious candy and gift baskets. We look forward to the annual assortments we receive here from our suppliers, and we know your clients will feel the same. In turn, they will remember you and your generosity. Choose from tasty cookie and brownies elegantly packaged or imprint your logo or a holiday message on tins of chocolate truffles or popcorn.

    Mug and tumbler sets are perfect for commuting and mid-day breaks. We offer a wide range of drink ware items that can be personalized as well as a full line of stock themes, all packaged in festive holiday boxes. Bags and briefcases can complete your commuter themed gift. A messenger bag, briefcase or tablet sleeve fills a demand that almost everyone in business needs.

    If you’re interested in cutting-edge presents, don’t miss out on the ever increasing selection of technology and electronic themed gifts. From budget conscious cell phone sleeves and stands to smart phone and tablet chargers, we have imprinted tech items that will help your staff and your customers during the course of their busy day, both on and off the job.

    With so many holiday and Christmas gifts to choose from, it is hard to not find just the right item for everyone who has contributed to your success during the year. A useful gift with a tasteful sentiment is all you need to build morale, goodwill and loyalty into the new year.

    Posted by Jeff Tone and Michael Lerner

    Halloween comes from the Celtic holiday of Samhain. It was a pagan celebration of the end of the harvest at the new year, which took place on November 1st. Pagans believe that the veil between worlds was at its thinnest and the spirits of the ancestors would make their presence known in the tangible world. When Christianity gained a foothold in Europe, the holiday became All Hallows Eve, which is where the word "Hallowe’en,” in the original spelling, comes from. Ghosts, goblins and witches derive from the original notion of the spirit world visiting the living world. America invented the trick-or-treating tradition, which spread to England.

    Promos-On-Time offers you great ways to promote your business during this popular holiday. Our Halloween Bags carry not only plenty of treats, but also your imprinted message from door to door. Choose from Halloween Bags available in Die-Cut Plastic, Paper, Metallic, and Non-Woven Styles. Gain the appreciation of parents by placing the safety message of your choice about fire, the 911 emergency number, stranger danger or Halloween safety. Kids will also love our Pirate Temporary Tattoo and Halloween Boo and Scary Surprise Coloring & Activities Books. Fill their bags with Candy Corn Snack Bags and Halloween Chocolate Coins.

    Remember that Halloween is also a fun event for adults. As they enjoy Halloween parties at work and home, add to their enjoyment with Angry and Smiling Pumpkin Stress Balls, and our Key Ring Light. Provide such scrumptious treats as Custom Pringles Chips, Mint Wrapped Hershey Chocolate Bars and Halloween Chocolate Cookies.

    Halloween is one of the most popular events of the year for all ages. Make it a successful promotional event as well, by tying in your message, logo or theme with fun promotional giveaways. See our full line here

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    tailgate.jpeSeason after season, football’s popularity continues to soar! The game has truly taken over as "America’s Pastime.” This fact gives you a marketing advantage that you should take advantage of every year. When you hand out football promotional products, you associate your business with America’s #1 sport. For months on end, your customers will use and refer to these items, reminding them of your services and keeping your phone number close at hand.

    Football not only attracts and commands the attention of fans casual or fanatical, but it reaches a huge audience. Imagine the impact of your logo being seen in the parking lot of a high school, college or pro game during popular tailgate parties. And even gatherings in the family room offer you a wide group to advertise or promote your message to in a fun way. Bars, restaurants, and all other businesses will score big with customers whenever they present these timely gifts!

  • Pro Football Schedule Pocket Glancer, Wallet Schedule and Wallet Card–Fans will refer to their favorite team’s schedule week after week–and they’ll view your name as well
  • Football Drawstring Backpack–Drawstrings cinch and fit around the shoulders on a backpack that carries belongings and your logo
  • Football Stress Balls–Score a touchdown with customers and provide them with stress relief with these fun toys
  • Deluxe Stadium Seat and Non-Woven Stadium Cushion–Great for providing comfort at football games and all outdoor events
  • Large Foam Football and Rubber Football–Just right for trade shows, recipients will enjoy tossing them around at tailgate parties
  • Pom Poms With Stick Handle, Mega 8” Megaphone and Rally Towels–Help fans cheer on their favorite football team–and business (yours!)
  • Football Outdoor Car Magnet–Your message of support for the team of your choice travels far with this magnet
  • Jersey-Shaped Mouse Pad–Rubber pad in a unique jersey shape advertises your message every time customers sit down at the computer
  • Football Hot/Cold Pack–Thoughtful and soothing, and a great gift from any medical facility
  • Football Sunglasses–Every fan will enjoy wearing these cool shades to the big game
  • Promos On-Time offers you the most cost-effective, varied football promotional products available. Get yours in time for another exciting season of gridiron action! Drive your promotion ahead of the competition with a football theme that will reach your target audience creatively and effectively.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    beach-photo.jpgAssociate your company name with beach time enjoyment through our unique summertime giveaways. They’re also great for parties, weddings, sporting events, trade shows, and company picnics!

    Custom Koozies & Can Coolers keep beverages cold and refreshing and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We’ve got Koozies for cans, cups, and bottles. Be sure to check out our distinctive Drink Cooler with Bottle Opener and Neoprine Wine Bottle Holder. Also review our handy Can Grip and Collapsible Koozie Can Kooler with Carabiner. Choose from creative color choices, from our Full Color Kan-Tastic to the Burlap Kolder Kaddy to the Metallic Reflections Koozie Can Kooler. Remember that you can fold up our Koozies and easily mail them to customers and associates.

    Insulated Cooler Bags serve as prominent billboards for your company. Once they’re loaded up with foods and beverages, recipients can be assured that the contents will stay fresh and tasty. Choose from coolers that accommodate 6, 12, 18, 24 … up to 36 cans! Our seven pages present you with the widest selection of styles and colors, from bags that are just right for a single lunch to those that everyone will want to bring along for a beach or tailgate party. Take a look at the wild variations offered: the Koozie Trapezoid Kooler Bag, Koozie Drawstring Backpack Kooler, Elevation Kooler. Choose a variety, all at our economical prices!

    Sunscreen is one of the best gifts you can provide during the summer. These low-cost giveaways feature a message in the form of your imprint, as well as the message that you care. Many people spend a good amount of time outdoors during the summer months, potentially exposing themselves to the harsh rays of the sun. Our sunscreens, available in SPFs from 15 to 30, help protect your community and remind everyone how important it is to avoid excessive exposure. Choose from Sunblock Lotion Packets, Sunscreen Pocket Sprayers, Sunscreen Tubes, and more.

    Sunglasses enable recipients to keep stylishly "cool” throughout the summer. Place your name on the arm in the colors of your choice and distribute them widely. It’s easy for your company to make a fashion statement with our fun Blues Brothers Sunglasses, sleek Wave Rubberized Sunglasses, or Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses. Take note of our many themes: support a worthy cause with the Breast Cancer Awareness Sunglasses, prove that "it’s hip to be square” with our Nerd Glasses, please sports fans with the Football Sunglasses, and appeal to the ‘60s retro fad with our Peace Shades

    Beach Towels help you to blanket your logo or message all over the beach! Beach goers will wrap themselves in comfort with plush towels imprinted with your message. We have towels that are up to 70” x 35” in size. Choose from lightweight, ultrasoft, embroidered, and waffle weave towels. We also offer Straw Beach Mats, available in 3 vivid colors; a handy Sport Towel in a Bag, and the fun Flip Flops Design Beach Towel, a real conversation starter!

    See our full line of summer promotional items here.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    july-4th.jpgHere’s to the red, white and blue! One of the best ways to build bonds with your community is to show them that you identify with them. Americans love their country, so the Fourth of July offers you a great opportunity to show your customers that this is one more thing you have in common with them.

    When you hand out patriotic products, you share pride in your country with the entire community. Start distributing them two weeks before this special annual event and present them along your community’s parade route. With your imprint on these red, white and blue gifts, your allegiance to your nation will be completely clear.

    You can also present these gifts at your Fourth of July company cookout or picnic. That’s a sure way to promote loyalty to your company, in addition to the country.

    Of course, one should stock up on these items for other events as well: Memorial Day, Veterans Day, church events and other community activities. Patriotism is well received throughout the year!

    To make sure that you’re completely supplied this Fourth of July and all year, Promos On-Time offers a wide variety of all-American gifts:

  • Patriotic and Red, White & Blue Beach Balls are just right for beach fun all summer long, along with Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses
  • Month after month, remind every recipient of your services – and patriotism – by placing your name on the 2016 Celebrate America Calendar
  • Relieve tension with the Heart Flag, Round Flag and Flag Stress Balls
  • They’ll wear their patriotism with pride when you hand out the American Eagle and American Flag Temporary Tattoos, plus Custom Ribbons
  • Stars & Stripes Six-Pack Cooler and Tote Bag boldly carry the red, white and blue theme
  • Treat your community sweetly with the American Flag Chocolate Bar and US Lollipop with Imprinted Stick
  • Appeal to youngsters with the colorful All American Kid Button
  • Motorists will appreciate the Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet and American Flag Keytag

    For a wide selection of red, white and blue themed patriotic promotional ideas, CLICK HERE

    Posted by Jeff Tone

  • Everyone who’s started a business knows that it involves a great deal of planning and investment. Once a location is secured, employees are hired and loans are established, there’s still the matter of publicity. Promoting your business is a process that never ends. The goal is to make sure that when customers are looking for the type of service or products you provide, you get the call.

    Traditional sources of publicity include print, radio and television ads, as well as billboards and business cards. In addition, there are various events that businesses have used to get the word out: charity events, team sponsorships, and golf outings. If a company has the means, it can also play a major role in financing a sports stadium in exchange for naming rights.

    In the current digital age, businesses must embrace new forms of technology to communicate their message. It is now common practice to establish a web site, send out email “blasts,” and use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure one’s business shows up during a Google product search. It is also common now to establish a presence on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

    One of the best and most economical ways of publicizing one’s business is through promotional products. For much less expense than any other form of advertising, whether traditional or online, a business can hand out products that customers and prospects will use and enjoy every day. A prominent logo on an item can serve as a daily reminder of all that your business offers.

    At Promos On-Time, we offer a wide array of products that will help you market yourself day in, day out. When you place your name on a pen, recipients will think of you every time they write. Your business and phone number on a magnet is an instant reminder every time someone opens up the fridge. Apparel displaying your logo is a “walking billboard” whenever it’s worn.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    pets.jpgFor pet owners, their dog or cat is actually a family member. A pet is a source of joy for its owners. Every parent knows that, unlike a child, a pet never engages in backtalk! Plus, unlike people in general, pets are never dishonest. They don’t play games. They just offer unconditional love and loyalty. Pets don’t demand the latest gadget. They’re not status conscious. They ask for nothing more than the basics: food and shelter and love. They give plenty of the latter back.

    Since pets have such positive associations, it makes sense to hand out products that are associated with them! Every time recipients look at a pet product, they’re reminded of their beloved furry creatures. Further, regardless of fluctuations in the economy, there’s never a decline in pet ownership. If you stock up on pet promotional products, you’re sure to appeal to the many customers who are pet owners. These products are especially great for pet supply stores and animal hospitals. They make excellent conversation starters with new customers. Place your name and personalized message on these products for an economical way to advertise your services to the many feline and canine lovers out there!

    Promos On-Time has the products you need to make a lasting, wonderful impression on pet owners:

  • Choose from our four calendars featuring puppies and kittens. You get 12 months of adorable photos, each a year-round reminder of the joy that people derive from their pets. With your name on a calendar, it’s also a daily reminder of your business.
  • At feeding time, pet owners will appreciate having our pet bowls on hand. Take a look at the unique Paw-Shaped Pet Bowl. The Fold-N-Go and Collapsible Pet Bowls are great for travel.
  • Present pet owners with additional products that are great for vacations: the Pet Accessory Bag and the Fido Treat Container (also perfect for keeping snacks together at home).
  • We’ve got the products that dog walkers will really appreciate. The Pet Treat Holder with clip is useful for giving the dog a treat while on a walk, an excellent way to reward good behavior. Dog walkers will note the convenience of our Dog Waste Pouch, along with our Pet Waste-Bag Dispenser. The Light-Up Pen Waste-Bag Dispenser features a light for evening dog walks. For added safety, the Paw-Shaped Reflective Collar Tag heightens a pet’s visibility.
  • Pet Health Slider contains valuable information about caring for one’s cat or dog. Also, help owners respond to sudden emergencies with the Pet First Aid Kit, which comes with a handy flashlight and clip-on feature.

    Remember: millions of people love their pets! You’re guaranteed to make a positive impact on them with your name on a pet promotional product.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

  • springtime.jpg
    Remember the Beatles song "Here Comes the Sun”? After the "long, cold, lonely winter,” the sun comes and "It’s all right.”

    Lennon and McCartney expressed the relief many feel when the deep freeze turns to sunshine and we see "the smiles returning to the faces.”

    Let’s face it: it has been a long, cold, lonely winter for much of the country! Snowstorms, shoveling, transportation brought to a halt, school closings, freezing weather. What a mess! Many have felt fatigued and fed up, hardly able to wait for winter to end, ready to thaw out.

    Well, the deep winter freeze is finally drawing to a close, to the relief of so many. Everyone is now welcoming the coming of spring and summer, including your clients, staff, friends and associates. It’s time to enjoy the beach, baseball games, barbecues, vacations–everything associated with fun and recreation.

    Warmer weather gives you the perfect opportunity to associate your name with popular activities. When you hand out our seasonal promotional products, you publicize your services not only to recipients, but also to everyone else who sees them during outdoor events.

    Present everyone with gifts that they’ll use over and over during the spring and summer, adding to their enjoyment of these upcoming seasons–and increasing their appreciation of your company! As they make use of these gifts, they’ll be reminded of your business. When they need the goods and services you offer, you’ll get the call!

    Strike Up The Grill!
    Barbecue Sets and Grilling Tools help make the next outdoor cookout a success! With your message on selected items, they’re a sizzling way to share your message!

    Head For The Shore!
    Beach Towels, Mats, Blankets and Umbrellas are perfect for lounging by the pool or shore. Associate your name with fun in the sun! Be sure to hand out Fans to help everyone keep cool. Don’t forget the kiddies! They’ll love our Pool Toys.

    Cool Shades!
    Great for bright days, our Sunglasses have a stylish, contemporary look!

    Enjoy the Ball Game!
    Chairs & Seats add to the fun of a Little League game. They serve as billboards prominently displaying your imprint to everyone who walks by!

    Hit The Road–and Keep Track of Those Bags!
    Luggage Tags bring peace of mind while traveling. Wherever vacationers go, your personalized message will remind them of your thoughtfulness!

    Let Your Promotions Bloom!
    Good things come in small packages! Seed Packets are great, economical giveaways for any promotional event. Place your slogan on each packet.

    Posted by Jeff Tone

    You are here on a promotional products site, so you are already on your way to making a great business decision by using decorated items for your next gift or giveaway. After choosing the correct item or items for your demographic along with quantities and colors, the decision of what to print on them comes up. This is a topic not to be taken lightly.

    If you are a novice at purchasing promo items, then you may be confused with some of the terminology. Personalization, customization and imprinting are three of the most common terms used to describe the printing of artwork or copy on a products. No matter what you call it, the process of decorating your selection is vital in making sure your effort becomes effective when it is presented to the end user.

    Let's start off with the most common imprint, the logo. Most companyies and organizations have some kind of logo or graphic. And many individuals come up with some kind of artwork or clip art for personal events like weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and family reunions. It is the theme, useage, event or end result that is so important in choosing what to print. And then there is the audience. Are your promos geared for business or social themes? Are you distributing holiday gifts to clients or trying to draw people to your convention exhibit?

    For businesses, promotional products are used for trade shows, conferences, sales calls, advertising or employee recognition/motivation. So, what do you want to print on your coffee mug, pen, magnet or tote bag when you are selecting advertising specialites for this purpose? First, your logo or company name should be the star and should stand out. Then, you want to let clients and prospects know how to contact you. Room permitting, the most popular lines of copy under the name or logo arer the website (if you have one, and if you do not - consider obtaining one immediately). From there, phone number, email, then physical address make the most sense.

    When using promo items to recognize employees or staff members, the logo may not be as important. In cases where you are using personalized gifts to reward team members, a sentiment of appreciation, or a celebration theme of their profession is the way to go. For example, using the words "Customer Service Team" or "Teacher" in the sentiment will instill pride that can often be shown off to others who see these gifts.

    For holiday gifts, birthdays or client thank you's, it is important to keep your message less promotional and more friendly. Logo's are fine, but the text should be more appreciation and less sales pitch. Sometimes, just saying 'Thank You' drives home the point in a distinguished and distinctive way.

    Organizations looking to raise awareness, financial contributions or promote an event like hospitals and schools should make it a point to promote the theme or organization name in their imprint. Websites may be important, especially when you are raising money, and event dates also are a must. Non-profit use of promotional products for community activism is one of the fastest growing useage sectors of our industry.

    Other parameters involving your custom imprint include how much room you have. It is important to use your imprint area wisely. Packing too much information into a small area can end up defeating the purpose. For pens, 2-3 lines of text and a small logo is ideal. For a tote bag or a t-shirt, you obviously have room to do much more. And your imprint color is also important. In most cases, promotional products include one imprint color. If your budget is fixed, it is important to choose a color that will jump. For dark items, white, gold or silver are most popular. On lighter color items, darker imprints are the way to goo

    Fortunately, most promotional products companies send virtual proofs of your goods by email before production begins. It is wisely recommened to do a thorough review of your imprint and its appearance at this time as well as showing it to a few other people for their opinion.

    So, while not as complicated as surgery, choosing the best way to personalize your promotional products purchase is as important as the giveaway itself.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    For most states, the mercury does not climb to far above the 50's in the mid to late autumn months. That bit of nip in the air evokes thoughts of a touch winter with heavy coats, gloves and shovels. But you can turn chills to thrills this season by tying in your advertising, marketing or employee recogntion programs with cool weather theme products that feature your logo and/or a message.

    Custom Apparel
    You can put your heart on their sleeves with sweatshirts and jackets that come in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. Winter outerwear features your logo or name in one to full color embroidery right on the chest, so you will get plenty of good exposure. Personalized clothing items provide a unity building uniform for staff members and a coveted piece of attire for clients. For schools, coats with a school mascot are ideal for clubs and athletics. They also make great prizes for participants and vounteers of awareness events.

    The cousin of promotional apparel is the knit ski hat. You can literally get to the "head" of your class by distributing embroidered knit caps at trade shows, conferences in cold climates or for students. When worn by morning and evening commuters, your message will be hard to miss at the train/bus station or on the slopes!

    Ice Scrapers
    The harsh and cruel reality of early winter and beyond is frost and ice. And it can often make the morning rush a prolonged and agonizing experience. Ice scrapers are one of those seemingly necessary tools that so many people seem to be without. Your business or organization can be the hero by providing imprinted ice scrapers and snow brushes that will be ready in trunks or garages on inclement weather days. And the goodwill provided will bring a warm response from participants.

    It's easy to find gift and giveaway ideas for the office, factory or commute, but what about the home. There is nothing wrong with letting your logo or sentiment work a litte bit of overtime. Customized blankets and throw towels are snuggly and cozy. Clients and staff members will love cuddlying with their blankets in front of the televions, computer or while reading a book. Available with carrying bags, most logo blankets can go with travelers on weekend getaways.

    Coffee Mugs
    Finally, one of the most popular and economical cool weather giveaways is the basic coffee mug. There are few things better on a cold winter morning than a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Coffee mugs are available in the basic table or desktop ceramic model, but now there are literally hundreds of choices of commuter and travel mugs, tumblers and double wall stainless steel mugs. And because most people drink coffee year round, this essential gift idea will get your imprint year round notice. Mugs make great recogntion gifts at staff appreciation events as well as gifts to a customer on a sales call.

    See our full line of winter promotional products and gift ideas and choose an item that will be appreciated and seen on a regular basis.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    The leaves may soon change their colors and fall from their trees, but the autumn season is definitely a rebirth for businesses and organizations returning from their summer vacations.

    As employees and students respectively return back to work or school, this is a good time to market yourself. September may just be one of the most active months for just about everyone. Business picks up after the summer slowdown, people start to eat out more (or order in), purchasing increases on a steady basis right into the holidays.

    Here are some great areas/ideas to tie your marketing budget to:

    This is an obvious one. Back to school is an industry unto itself. From clothing to supplies and fall sports, this market is a big one to tie into. For companies and institutions, a key entry into the school market is through sponsorship. From imprinted pens, rulers and book bags to t-shirts and sports bottles, there is an opportunity to let the community know you are behind the educators and students by making your committment seen and felt.

    Colleges and universities provide yet another plethora of opportunity as they are one of the biggest users of promotional products. Personalized items with the school logo or mascot make their way to athletic events, social functions, dorms and welcome back student orientation. In many smaller towns, major universities are the universal center and a part of every citizens' life. Certainly an ideal demographic to promote your brand, products or services.

    Another huge area for marketing and promotion ties into the autumn sports season. Football is America's most popular game. Not to play, but to watch. From the stands to the parking lot tailgate, millions of folks take part in football. Custom printed products range from low priced items such as pocket schedules and beer Koozies right up to higher end barbecue gear and giant kegs. These events allow you to show off your message to literally thousands of people at a time.

    On a smaller, but more personal scale, soccer and peewee sports allow you to get your name out to local members of the community. Parents appreciate corporate printed folding chairs so they can enjoy waching their kids play fall sports like soccer, midget football and even baseball. Sponsor a team and provide water bottles, backpacks or t-shirts with the team name and your sponsor tag to players and families for goodwill and exposure.

    The conference season picks up right where it left off in the spring. Convention centers and hotels around the country fill up with exhibitors and visitors, both looking for each others' products, service and knowledge. If you market yourself through trade shows, then you probably know the importance of handing out cheap giveaways like candy, pens, magnet or other trinkets to attract people to your booth. There is no better way to attract new clients and welcome existing ones then advertising in a captive audience in your specific niche.

    Major fall staff appreciation events include Housekeeping Week in September and Customer Service Week in October. Recognizing your team members instills pride, loyalty and confidence which motivates them to help your business or facility shine. Providing tasteful and useful gifts allows you a chance to convey a message that will pay dividends throughout the year.

    September and October are busy with nationally known events like Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, National Preparedness Month, Fire Prevention Week, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Red Ribbon (Anti-Drugs) Week. Raising funds and attracting volunteers requires marketing through social websites, flyers, signs and education handouts. Promotional products also lend a hand in driving home a message to community members on topics ranging from health to safety. They also provide a memorable keepsake at awareness rallies, seminars, fund raisers and road races and walkathons.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    You may not play golf. You may not be good at golf (like me). You may even hate golf and think it is an elitist game, but you cannot argue that it is a venue for major business.

    A friendly game of golf or a tournament can attract many business heavy hitters. Often, an important sales meeting will take place right on the links. If you and the decision makers that shape your organization are avid golfers, then using the fairway to drive your marketing can be a hole in one. (sorry - but that was too easy).

    The game of golf can also be an excellent way of blending personalities within your organization. Managers can meet for a day at a local course or take a half day on a business retreat. It is the perfect setting to bring minds together to share something in common while discussing the good of your business.

    Because this game is usually enjoyed by professionals, it is important to give a professional vibe to the outing if you are the one planning or hosting the event. Be it a simple game with just one or a couple of other players or an entire tournament that takes over a golf club, it is vital that you provide more than just a score card.

    First, make sure to start off with a pre match drink and snack along with refreshment (ususally between the 9th or 10th holes). And finish the game with a lunch or dinner at the club house or a nearby restaurant where deals can be closed and thoughts can be implemented for the following business day.

    Second, provide a keepsake for your day for participants to remember this pleasant and hopefully productive day. You can send out golf balls with your logo and tees with your company name days in advance as an invitation or right before a game as an ice breaker. If not driven into the woods or water, you know that quality golf balls made by Wilson, Titleist, or Callaway (to name a few) will be kept and seen the next time recipient play. More permanent promotional giveaways include divot fixers, scoring pencils, accessory bags, umbrellas and sports bottles.

    Imprinted golf giveaways are very inexpensive and are items that would have been purchased anyway. And if your outing is extrememly important and you want to leave a lasting impression, you can find pesonalized golf items golf bags and even golf clubs, plus gloves and so many more items.

    So, when planning a day away from the office to play golf, let your golf ball, tee and accessories do the job for you!

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    One of the best places to create new business is a trade show or convention. The exhibit part of a conference is where vendors display their goods or services to a captive audience that is in the market for what you have to offer. After all, they did pay good money to fly and lodge for the show and there is an expectation to return to work with new ideas.

    It is hard enough trying to land new leads or reach existing customers with frustrating cold calls and road trip sales visits. A trade show has a receptive audience just steps away from your representatives and literature. And you spent good money to send your own people and and a booth, so don't blow it by letting attendees walk right by your display.

    Start by making your exhibit stand out. Buy or rent a booth that makes you look like you have done this before. Of course, signage is vital also. You want passersby to see your brandname. In addition, display products or vital information prominently. It is important to leave a great first impression as well as one that lasts so you are remembered when attendees return to their offices.

    OK, you have are at the show. Familiar faces are coming by to say hi or make inquiries and some curious folks are also dropping by for information. But, there are probably thousands who continue to walk no matter how good your booth looks or how great your waiting sales pitch is. This is where promotional products come in to importance. Trade show giveaways seem like such a small part of the overall planning, yet can make a huge difference in your success. Here's how; a simple box of free handouts can double or triple your engagement with show attendees as people will venture to your exhibit to grap something that catches their eye. Let's face it, everybody likes free stuff.

    Some of the best trade show promo items include candy. Walking up and down endless isles can be tiring and a little pick me up could include a wrapped candy or chocolate. Believe it or not, the positive experience of a sweet will long be remembered and associated with you. That is why it is important to print your company name and information on the wrapper. This way, you can throw a couple of extra candies in their show tote bag to bring back home or to work for a reminder of their meeting with you.

    Speaking of tote bags, this is an idea that is sure to increase traffic. Custom convention totes allow you not only a gift for attendees to store your literature or samples, but also a means of showing off your organization's name throughout the show. People will now be looking for your booth. Trade show totes come in a wide variety of sizes and Non- Woven Polypropylene material bags allow you to barely dent your budget.

    Other items like pens, magnets and key tags will always be appreciated as handouts, but younger visitors with savy technical skills will love getting accessories for their smart phones and tablets. Items such as phone covers and adhesive pockets assure that your logo and contact information will follow them wherever they go.

    So, when you are making your checklist for your next trade show or convention, make sure the personalized giveaways is right up there with the plane tickets and hotel reservations.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    Finding a promotional product that still serves a need in the smart phone and tablet world continues to be a challenge. And coming up with an idea that can actually be seen by many makes it even harder. Fortunately, backpacks will always be widely used and their size will always attracts many eyeballs.

    Once just a staple for campers, backpacks have become popular in every day use as they let commuters put the weight on their back instead of their hands, arms and shoulders. Most students carry backpacks to and from school from pre-school straight through graduate level college years. And more and more professional are trading in their clunky briefcases for a backpack.

    Contrary to first impression, backpacks are very affordable. And for a marketing campaign or an employee gift, there are different versions to fit just about every budget, demographic, style choice and color scheme.

    For a light weight alternative that is also light on the spending budget, drawstring backpacks accomplish the goal of providing a bag that is manageable for youngsters or those who only need to carry a few things to school or work. Starting with low priced, non-woven Polypropylene material versions to 420 denier Polyester and nylon, these durable, but thin bags feature a drawstring cord that doubles as a closure and shoulder carrying straps. Schools love handing out these bags to students with motivation messages relating to education or living a drug free life. Hospitals often hand out drawstring bags to nurses and health care professionals for carrying a change of clothes or their uniform. A silk screened message on the back can instill pride on every commute.

    The middle child of backpacks is the sling style bag. It sort of drapes over one shoulder and features a tapered design that is ideal for smaller loads and students or employees on the go. Sling backpacks are a step up from drawstring bags and have become quite popular. Usually made of nylon, Polyester or even cotton, these bags are worn by students as a badge of honor as they typically come in stylish patterns and bright colors. Priced from $3 per piece and up with a custom imprint, these bags will be kept for a long time giving your logo or message a billboard like exposure for everyone who follows recipients on the bus, train or sidewalk.

    A close relative to the camping and hiking style backpack with metal frames that serious campers may still use, these full size backpacks still serve a utility purpose as they can be used for short hikes, athletics, travel or a heavy curriculum day at school or work. Many professionals now choose full size backpacks because they can bring work, a change of clothes, food and even their computers to and from the office.

    Just about every backpack, from economical drawstring bags to full size models are available with extra goodies. Many bags feature added internal and external pockets along with outside mesh pockets for holding bottles and electronics devices. There are business backpacks that have internal padded sleeves for laptops and tablets and there are even insulated backpacks that feature compartments for keeping a lunch or meal cooler during the commute.

    For many, backpacks are almost a mobile office. For marketers and employers, this provides a great opportunity to promote your business or organization while providing a great gift idea that will be cherished for many months or even years to come.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    As a giveaway, pens may have reached their peak in the last few years. After all, most people do their writing on a keyboard or touch screen these days. But sometimes tiny keys or an electronic "wand" pen leave a primitive signature that is unreadable. Still, the pen is needed for signing contracts, jotting quick notes that can be left somewhere as a reminder, and even autographs.

    As a marketer looking for a handout at a trade show or conference, pens still are the most economical gift you can leave behind with your name, logo and contact information. They are also as or more effective than a business call when handed out at meetings. And many people like pens because they can be colorful, feature a comfort grip or save fingers from typing onto tiny keys.

    When you can purchase a promotional product with personalization for as low as a quarter, it is hard to argue the fact that custom pens fit into just about any advertising budget. And unlike candy and other low priced items, pens stick around for a while leaving a reminder to your audience long after your convention or meeting is over. And for internal use, pens can be provide effective means to reach your workforce on such topics as pride, loyalty, quality and safety issues.

    Here are just a few great ideas for incorporating pens in your every day business:

  • Display personalized pens at your trade show exhibit with a small sticky note (also custom printed) and hand out as a set. You will now encourage use of the pen and get more attention to your message.

  • Include an imprinted pen when handing out wall calendars and pocket planners at the end of the year. You cannot use an electronic device to mark paper calendars.

  • Consider pens with a stylus to reach a large audience. Now you will get use when they need to ink it and when they want to save their fingers from the annoyance of extended screen touching.

  • Leave a pen in employee welcome kits during orientations and hand out at safety meetings, motivational speeches and other important events at your organization

  • Most contracts and forms still need a written signature. Why not include a promotional pen to keep? Accountants, lawyers and contractors should always have a pen with their contact information to hand out with important papers, tax returns and purchase agreements

    Pens come in a wide selection to fit every taste. From low end plastic pens to laser etched gift pens in a box, there is just the right one for your promotional needs. They are small and light, making them easy to transport to shows and easy for recipients to hold onto.

  • Posted by Mike Lerner

    It is well known that food gifts make excellent promotional giveaways at trade shows and conferences. And personalized candy and treats also are appreciated by staff members as gifts. And for raising awareness, they are a natural at charity events and road races. Sometimes however, the cost imprinted your company name or organization's message on a box of chocolates or a custom engraved candy bar can be price prohibitive for the instant message you look to provide. Afterall, if the food handout is good, it will be gone along with your message mighty fast.

    Custom lollipops fit the bill for advertising, raising awareness or saying thanks for just pennies. These popular suckers on a stick will leave a lasting impression long after the fruity taste is gone. For under a quarter, you imprint your logo or some copy directly on the lollipop candy itself and also a couple of lines of copy on the stick.

    You can also choose lollipops with imprinted wrappers if you don't want tounges touching your logo. In addition, a wide selection of shapes are available in a staggering choice of colors and flavors. For those just looking to get a special message without customizing, there are dozens of themes available like 'Thank You', 'Think Safety', 'Dial 911', 'Don't Use Drugs' 'It's A Girl' and so many more.

    Dies in the shape of light bulbs, triangles, squares and more are available. There are also jumbo sized lollipops that can be printed in full color. You can show off your corporate logo in all its glory, or print a photograph for a birthday party, wedding or anniversary. There are also chocolate lollipops, the ever popular swirl pop and even Tootsie brand Pops with an imprinted stick.

    I bet you never thought the lollipop had so many uses in business or every day life! Once just a candy placed in a dish at the doctor's office or barber shop to keep young children quiet, these little suckers have evolved into a popular promo idea for just about everyone.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    Koozies are those unique, yet simple little wrappers you see people use over their cans of beer or soda at parties and picnics. The brand name was originally trademarked in 1980 by the Texas Radio Cap Corporation who over the years has been aquired a few times by larger corporations. Bic Pen was the last buyer when they acquire Norwood Promotional Products in 2009.

    Koozies are most popularly know for holding beer cans, but have evolved into bottle holders for not only beer, but soda, sports drinks and water. They are often alternately known as Coozies, Huggies, Can Coolers, Cozies, bottle jackets and coolies. Made of either foam material or neoprene, Koozies main functions are insulating drinks while keeping hands warm and dry.

    For the classic can Koozie, there are two classic models. The flexible cylindar version which always retains the shape of a can, or the collapsible koozie which folds flat for easy shipping, transport and storage. As can and bottle coolers became more popular and technology became more advanced, Koozies became available in more shapes and with more bells and whistles. Hmm, the whistle Koozie could be next! In the meantime, there are Koozie wine carriers and Koozie bottle holders with attached carabiner key tag attachments.

    Koozies are one of the oldest promotional giveaway ideas after pens, mugs and calendars. The Radio Cap Corporation happended to be in the promotional products business, so the idea of printing a company's logo on both sides was a natural. For businesses, what better place to advertise your name then in a parking lot full of thousands at a sporting event tailgate party. Over the years, imprinted Koozies came into favor on a personal level when people realized they could turn these foam cylindars as keepsakes and mementos of parties, awareness events, road races, family reunions and weddings. In fact, when doing a search on Google, you will find "wedding Koozies" as one of the most popular searches.

    The Koozie brand name is still the first thing we think of when describing these foam insulated drink holders, but there are plenty of knock-offs and private label brands available with personalization. With their relative low price and fast turnaround time, custom Koozies are a popular giveaway that will stand the test of time.

    Posted by Jack Davis

    Now that Fun-in-the-Sun season is upon us, it is time to consider some entertaining and creative ways to keep your business on everyone’s minds…even off the clock. Many think that once they are out of the office it means getting the word out about their company is on pause, especially when on vacation. Well, with a few company logo imprinted toys, a beach, river, or lake - you can ensure your business will be in the spotlight.

    Why not take your company’s message airborne? You can with one of the most iconic beach toys of all time, the beach ball, which has been personalized with your business’s logo, motto, or contact information. Since 1938, these inflatable toys have been a staple for many beachgoers. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors. Therefore, when you have some printed with your logo, you can have a great time and put your business in the minds of everyone around.

    There is another iconic toy that one can usually always find at any fun summertime get together – the flying disc, also known as flyers and frisbees. Although around longer, in the same year as the beach ball – 1938 – the flying disc became a popular toy for all ages. However, they were originally tin, until WWII. Later, they were recreated in plastic and look almost unchanged today. These great highflying toys can also be customized to your company’s message. They are available in many sizes and colors to grab anyone’s attention.

    You don’t have to stop there, just think of the possibilities while on vacation or just taking it easy on the weekend, you can head to your favorite fishing spot with company imprinted lures and bobbers. You can stay cool on the golf course with an umbrella and get the word out with your logo printed tees and golf balls. The possibilities are endless.

    Be sure to keep everyone thinking about your company while having a great time this summer. Marketing does not have to stay in stuffy office strategy sessions with these fun flying toys. Get your message out there for everyone to see in a clever and enjoyable way. After all, who doesn’t love to toss around a beach ball or play catch with a flying disc? Weather you bring them along on your next vacation, give them out to staff, or offer them to your customers as great promo gifts, they will be sure to bring enjoyment while working as your personal mini billboards.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    With people under the age of 30 making up over 35% of the consumer market, it is important to include them in any marketing plans your business might have. However, simple TV, radio, and billboard marketing will not work as well on the younger generation, because they have so many things distracting them. Here are some of the most current ideas to advertise and effectively reach younger consumers:

    1. Always have a social media page. Young people love to talk to their family and friends through Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus is similar to Facebook and is substantially and continually growing in memberships. Younger consumers also love to research new products, so it is imperative to have a page on each of these websites describing what your business sells and how your products can benefit the young generation.

    2. Linkdin! Believe it or not, this is one of the first places many turn to when looking up more information about a business. In addition, it is a great website to be on to make business connections with young people. Afterall, Linkdin is one of the most popular places recent graduates go to look for new jobs.

    3. A farily new website called Vine is making it easier than ever to upload videos of products for potential customers to enjoy. Young people will connect much faster with a fun, attention grabbing video then plain text. Make a short and clever video and maybe it will go viral!

    4. Instagram is ideal for uploading intriguing photos to show young consumers how practical your product is for their life.

    5. Making your website mobile and tablet friendly is necessary for any business! Young people love smart phones, iPads, iPhone, and Google Glasses because it keeps them connected to the world while they are on the go.

    6. Accessories are also a great avenue for advertising. Putting your logo and name on iPad covers, iPhone stands, smart phone chargers and auto chargers and giving them away at concerts, sporting events and public places is a great way to get people to wear your companies name in a fashionable way around town and get the word out about your products.

    So much advertisement takes place around technology today. It’s important to cover all of your advertising avenues in order to capture the vital sales revenues from the younger generation of consumers. If not, you may be left out with the dinosaurs.

    Posted by Mike Lerner

    So you've been asked to take care of the giveaways for your company's next trade show. Or maybe you have been left in charge of an appreciation party. It could be a fundraiser, volunteer recognition day, awareness walk, wedding or hundreds of other events. Some people panic when it comes to ordering promotional products because not only do you have to choose from thousands of ideas, but you have to imprint a logo or message as well.

    Here is a quick tutorial on ordering promotional items and personalized gifts the easy way. In fact, the hardest part should be narrowing down what item or items to choose. For that, you only need to know the audience, the occasion and in some cases, the season. It is easy to get feedback from coworkers, friends and family on what gifts or handouts will be the most effective and appreciated. It is also important to think about what you want to print on your items. If you have a logo and 4 lines of text, then you may not want an item with a small imprint area like a lollipop.

    Once you know what you want to purchase, it's time to order. Start with the quantity. Always make sure to order slightly more than you need. Especially sought after giveaways like candy. You never know when you may end up short at a convention or health fair.

    Next comes the most important part. What to imprint. It all depends on your event. For gifts, a sentiment always makes more of an impact. For awareness and recogniton events, adding the date makes the item a memento for every recipient. And for advertising and branding, your contact information is a must if you want clients and prospects to reach out to you when they need your products and services. If you don't have a logo, or you are a school, there are plenty of stock logos to choose from on Promos On-Time's website.

    From there, you want to choose an imprint color to match your organization or your theme. By now, you have chosen the color of the item if there is a choice, so you want the imprint to work well with the product. White on navy; good. Orange on pink; eh. When adding text, be sure to choose a font. You can print in bold block lettering, script and literally hundreds of other typefaces.

    Next, choose a method of shipping. If you have waited to the last minute, you don't want to end up getting your items after your required in-hand date. Fortunately, our site contains a calculator on every product page to estimate your time of delivery.

    Somewhere in this process, after ordering and before production will be a proof. A virtual image of the item or items you ordered will be emailed for your review. Always take your time and be careful that your images looks the way you want and everything is spelled correctly. You never know when you yourself may have sent information in error.

    Once you OK your proof, now just relax and wait for your order of custom promotional items to arrive. From there, you can measure the impact that these items will make on any promotion, event or endeavor you are incorporating them with.

    Posted by Mike Lerner