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Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2-8, 2010

Looking for ideas to make your teacher and school staff appreciation event more exciting this year?

Here are some great celebration ideas to let your teachers, aids, staff members and administrators know how much you appreciate all they do for your students and community throughout the year.

1. Start the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week with a kickoff breakfast. Serve bagels, muffins and coffee in mugs with your own special message and school name printed on them. Serve fruit, bagels, donuts and juice.

2. Have teachers bring in baby pictures of themselves and have students "guess the teacher". Play trivia games that involve events that happened throughout the school year. Hand out gifts to the winners.

3. Leave little messages in teacher's mail boxes like candy bars and other small items that will remind them that their efforts are appreciated.

4. Hand out useful gifts to every staff member and school contributor like school year academic planners to help them stay organized.

5. End the week with an ice cream party. Serve treats as place settings to end the day or week on a festive note

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