Recognition Candy Bars

Specially designed chocolate bars offer a sweet way to say thanks to customers and employees, as well as reward safety benchmarks and promote awareness events and causes.

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A Sweet Idea For Any Event: Custom Message Chocolate Bars

A party favor at any event is an appreciated sentiment. Guests and attendees look forward to receiving a thoughtful gift from the organizers or hosts. A sweet way to show appreciation to attendees is by handing out custom chocolate bars. These candy gifts come in message wrappers that display any of a variety of themes and slogans. Each full sized chocolate bar will be enjoyed either at the event or sometime after, a treat for their participation. Perfect for a variety of uses, these candy bars can be given out in corporate settings or at celebrations such as weddings.

As a corporate gift, a custom wrapped chocolate bar can serve many purposes. Carrying a safety message, the bar can be given out to those who attend a meeting to review safety protocols. Employee appreciation chocolates can enhance a recognition event or company picnic, putting each staff member in a sweet mood.

Outside of the office, custom wrapped chocolate bars offer a way to make awareness events and party celebrations exciting. With stock designs that honor Breast Cancer Awareness and other cause based initiatives, organizations can reward volunteers and sponsors for their participation with a full sized candy favor. Weddings, sweet sixteen parties, graduations and other celebrations can use custom wrapped chocolates as favors as well. Guests can enjoy a sweet treat while they celebrate.