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Promotional Stationery, Portfolios and Note Pads

Promotional Stationery, Portfolios & Note Pads

Take Note of Promotional Stationery For Your Next Event

Office supplies are an opportunity for organizations and businesses to put a logo or promotional message in the hands of staff members and customers. The usefulness of a promoitonal stationery item such as a note pad or sticky note cube creates a situation where a promotional giveaway will be retained over a long period of time, increasing the effectiveness of the promo. Each time a recipient reaches for a sheet of notepaper or sticky note, the stationery will deliver a message.

While note cubes are practical gifts, portfolios, padfolios and jotters are as impressive as they are practical, elevating their gift status. A custom printed portfolio is a gift that will see daily use in an office, accompanying staff to meetings trade shows and conferences. These promotional tools get a lot of mileage, showing off a logo or brand message each time they are pulled out for notes. A business companion, they give off an executive look and feel that make them desirable promotional gifts.

There are few office essentials that find as much use as the sticky note. This creative stationery item finds itself reminding users of important dates and meetings, delivering messages when someone is not around or even creating a practical joke when creatively applied to objects that they shouldn’t be. These sticky notes create an opportunity to deliver a custom printed logo or promotional message each time they are used, regardless of the intention of the note.