Catholic Schools Week January 28- February 3, 2018

Celebrate the accomplishments and inspiration of teachers in Catholic or Parochial Schools by handing out useful gifts and decorations to let you entire student body and faculty know how important educators are in your facility.

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Recognize The Role Of Catholic Schools In Education

A long standing impression of Catholic schools produce visions of overly strict clergy imposing rules on uniformed students. While the uniforms may be a reality, the dynamic of Catholic schools in the modern education landscape is one of success and achievement. These private schools work hard to produce students who have the drive to succeed in their K-12 education and go on to succeed in college as well.

Catholic Schools Week is a chance for the administration of these private schools to celebrate the teachers and students that make them a success. It also gives the parish and community a chance to thank alumni and supporters who contribute to the continued presence of Catholic schools. Decorating halls and schools with banners and posters that announce the event, as well as holding award ceremonies for those teachers and contributors that have distinguished themselves through the year.