National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month - November, 2018

Help raise awareness and help raise funds for a cure with personalized reminders and educational tools that will bring attention to this debilitating disease.

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Promotional Items To Raise Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. A time to raise awareness and research funds for this perplexing disease. Mostly diagnosed in patients over the age of 65, it is usually associated with the aging process. There is early onset Alzheimer’s which is much less common. This disease is crippling both mentally and physically, affecting the patient and all of those around them. The causes of Alzheimer’s is not well understood and the disease desperately needs awareness and research funding. November serves to bring this cause to the forefront in hopes of finding preventative treatments and ultimately a cure.

Organizations can raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease through community outreach, distributing purple ribbon products to local foundations and groups. Purple ribbon auto magnets, silicone bracelets and lapel pins can be used to show support and to raise funds for research. Awareness events can educate the public on warning signs, treatment options and the state of research projects through health care facilities and hospitals.