Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

Customized shopping totes are not only an economical handout for trade shows and conventions, but they are a growing staple for retailers who are trying to help the environment by cutting back on the use of paper and plastic shopping bags. Reusable grocery bags also get your logo and message seen repeatedly and show your company or organization's commitment to the earth. Eco friendly shopping totes also provide a cost benefit by reducing the need for plastic bags.

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Reusable Shopping Bags, Imprinted Grocery Bags & Promotional Non-Woven Totes

Non-woven promotional shopping bags are made from eco-friendly, non-woven polypropylene. They are durable and lightweight making them convenient for shoppers who want to tote along their own reusable shopping bags. In addition, they are extremely low cost, making them attractive to stores that want to offer them as a giveaway or as an easy to purchase alternative to plastic or paper bags. Shoppers are looking to reduce their impact on the environment, making earth friendly choices whenever they can. In some cases, as can be seen in Hawaii, legislature is being enacted to eliminate the traditional plastic shopping bags that we see in most stores. As a result, reusable shopping totes are going to become the standard rather than the exception for shoppers. Making sure that each shopper carries their items in a branded bag will be the goal of every retail establishment.

Imprinted shopping totes come in a wide choice of colors, styles and sizes. You can feature a large logo imprint on these durable bags so they can be seen by many people. These qualities lend themselves to organizations who hold awareness runs and walks. Welcome kits can be distributed in the lightweight bags, which can be printed with a logo and carry the color scheme of the organization. An excellent example would be a big pink ribbon design on a white bag, given out to each volunteer and participant at a Breast Cancer Awareness walk. The convenient reusable bag will live on after the event, continuing to support the cause and the sponsors who donate. 

While promotional grocery bags are a natural at food stores and retail outlets, they also lend themselves to trade shows and conventions. Their strength, lightness and environmentally friendly materials make them great for unlimited uses. Trade show attendees can be presented with them when they register, complete with vendor lists and a map of the show floor. Each attendee can use the reusable bag to collect information and promotional products from booths.