Foil Wrapped Chocolate Coins & Stock Candies

Distributing tasty chocolate coins and shapes provides a fun way to celebrate holidays, employee recognition, and awareness events. When Handed out at trade shows and conventions, these special shaped and foil wrapped chocolates attract traffic and make a great conversation starter.

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Chocolate Coins and Promotional Chocolate Shapes

Looking for a promotional giveaway that will really "pay off? Chocolates molded in the shape of coins are a delicious way to deliver a message. Foil wrapped chocolate coins can carry a variety of molded designs, enhancing their value when offered as a treat during events. With applications that range from schools and organization events to corporate appreciation uses, these novelty candies will delight all who receive them.

Stock design chocolates can be offered in a bowl for all to enjoy during events such as awareness walks. The candy coins displaying a ribbon design and a foil wrapper that matches the cause. Pink foil wrapped ribbon coins can carry the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness right down to the complimentary snacks at an information table.

Trade shows and holiday gifts are just a few of the ways chocolates can be used in a corporate setting. Foil wrapped chocolate designs can be handed out at trade shows to attract traffic to a booth. These treats will entice attendees to visit for a quick snack, receiving information on the display as well. Holidays are the prefect time to distribute chocolates. Offices can benefit from a bowl of chocolate coins, providing a tasty treat to staff. Employee recognition on the fly is easy when management carries gold foil thank you coins, handing them out on the spot.