Promotional Educational Stickers, Tattoos & Coloring Books

Educational Handouts

Information sliders, stickers, wallet info cards, temporary tattoos and 16 page coloring andactivity books for children help teach lessons on a number of important topics from nutrition information to safety education.

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Educational Coloring Books and Kids Fun Stickers Keep Children Engaged

Whether it is the wait in a doctor’s office or a classroom discussion on fire safety, the attention span of a young child is very short. Using educational coloring books to keep students and young patients active and actually deliver a message in the process is a technique that is used by educators and professionals alike. Doctors, dentists and even barbers have used coloring books to keep children content during visits that may otherwise be traumatic for them. Following up with a fun sticker or a temporary tattoo reinforces the good feeling after the visit is over.

Classroom visits by police, fire and EMS staff can be exciting for students. It can also be a little overwhelming, overshadowing the message of a Fire Prevention Week or Police Week. In order to keep kids focused on the message of safety and what to do in case of an emergency, staff and teachers can used educational coloring books to help discuss the issues. Difficult topics such as drugs and stranger danger can also be more easily taught with the aid of coloring books. Personalizing the books with emergency contact information adds to the effectiveness of the handouts.