Catching The Wave Of A Fad

By now, you have seen those Fidget Spinners everywhere now. Those 3-prong toys that are ideal for tension and anxiety. Kids have them, adults can be seen relieving stress at their desks and commuters use them to blow off steam in traffic. And now they are the hottest promotional product. No supplier can even keep them in stock to meet the demand. But it is only a matter of time before the fad eventually dies out and the next big thing will draw national attention.

While flash-in-the-pan gimmicks and ideas may lead a few unfortunate purchasing agents with a large excess of unwanted inventory down the road if they gamble wrong, the actual benefits of catching the wave of a fad can create unreal marketing results. If you have something that everyone wants, then you as the provider will be remembered and appreciated. Better yet, when it is a promotional giveaway, your logo or message will be seen. In-the-moment promotional items are perfect for trade shows and conventions or for conversation starters during sales calls and conferences. In the case of the fidget toy, your logo will spin its way into advertising glory.

Not all fads and gimmicks end up on dusty shelves or in the garbage. Some of the hottest trendy promotional products are still used and enjoyed, even if they are not the flavor of the month. Examples are the retro mason jar, fruit infuser bottles and for the older folk: yo-yo's. Hey, before the iPhone, flashlight key tags, cameras, MP3 players and mirrors were all the advertising rage.

So the lesson here is to keep your eyes on the pulse of popular culture and be on that wave before it crests.

Posted by Michael Lerner

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