No Handle Required – Promotional Tumblers Evolved

Tumblers have long been a staple of promotional product offerings. Seen at trade shows, retail stores and given out as gifts, these handle free drinkware items carry their liquid refreshments along with a brand or message all while maintaining temperature and flavor for the user. So what is it that keeps this product form so popular? Many factors contribute, including ease of use, ability to fit in most auto cup holders, durability and the surging popularity of coffee and tea based drinks. In addition, the simple tubular shape has invited creative minds to elevate the tumbler to include features that may have seemed unlikely in such a basic product.

The number one benefit of using a tumbler is and always has been convenience. Whether a basic thermal tumbler used for hot liquids, or a dual walled acrylic tumbler for cold café lattes, the convenience has revolved around maintaining temperature of the beverage. When carrying a high priced retail coffee shop drink, this can make that purchase seem a little less indulgent. And with more coffee drink lovers making their favorites at home, it’s no surprise that the popular machines such as Keurig and Coffee Ninja are designing their new products with special accommodations for tumblers.

Inherent to reusability is the need for durability. Promotional tumblers offer this to users, making their use even more rewarding to those using the items for advertising, branding or as gifts. Able to withstand wash after wash as a drinkware item, the printing for messaging and personalization has developed to the point that it can last almost as long as the tumbler will. As part of a commuter’s morning routine, or as part of gym gear, tumblers survive drops, scratches and day to day beatings that would render a ceramic mug into shards and a paper cup into garbage.

Adding meaningful features to an elegantly simple item is no simple task, yet with the tumbler format, we see creative additions that add even more practicality and interest. For the active user, one that may include the beverage to go on a camping trip or sport activity, a shock absorbing rubber sheath gives an already tough steel tumbler added range. Built in straws add to the ability to drink during multi-tasking. Another variation that is particularly popular is the "red cup” tumbler, mimicking the look and feel of the popular disposable cup. This spin features a tight fit lid and is a perfect addition to a promotional theme or as a giveaway for team building events.

Using tumblers to promote messages is more effective now than ever. Leveraging the timeless practicality as well as the new and interesting variations, these reusable drinkware items will continue to carry branding and creative themes along with their contents. Whether wedged into a car’s cup holder, carried on a sprint to catch the 5:15 train home, casually sipped while headed to the gym or as a companion while on the way to pick up the kids from practice, they will be appreciated by the end user time and time again.

Posted by Jack Davis