Winter Go-To Promos Ice Scrapers & Snow Brushes

There have been many advances in the safety features of modern automobiles. From anti-lock brakes and airbags to recent developments in driver assist technology that avoid crashes and alert drivers to cars in their blind spot, these advances help reduce accidents, injuries and deaths. Add on top of that the presence of cell phones and navigation services and it is easy to forget simple issues that continue to present themselves to drivers, especially those who live in cold climates, clearing ice and snow before embarking upon a trip. Ice scrapers and snow brushes are an example of simple tools which offer a level of auto safety that is hard to improve upon. For this reason, these items are enduring promotional products, used year after year by companies to promote their services and thank employees and customers. With such a strong foundation of simplicity, it is hard to imagine improving, however simple enhancements to ice scrapers and snow brushes create additional interest in these perennial favorites. Basic or upgraded, these giveaways combine the best of many worlds.

Basic ice scrapers and combination ice scraper snowbrush combinations are welcome trunk finds during winter storms and icy mornings. There is nothing worse than having to wait for a cars defrost to take care of the window obstructions, holding a driver hostage while they run late for work or are delayed in their ride home. An ice scraper can shave 15 minutes off the process, carrying a promotional message to the grateful driver. A snow brush is even more of a time saver, going further to reduce irritation for those who dont have gloves or are used to rigging a make shift brush out of cardboard or other random items in their car. Sweeping snow away at first then scraping ice off windshields and side view mirrors, this multi purpose tool will highlight an appreciation message to anyone who had received it.

Its hard to imagine how promotional products as effective and simple as these can be improved upon, but some novel ideas can distinguish even the most basic giveaway. Adding to the convenience of an ice scraper is a mitten, eliminating the need for a glove to protect hands from the chill of winter. This mitten serves to offer a large imprint area for promotional messaging as well, enhancing the contact information personalization, giving more room for a corporate logo, or more space for a thank you sentiment. A visor clip ice scraper allows the recipient to keep the tool close at hand, right where it is easiest to access. By clipping to a sun visor the imprint gets even more visibility, making it a perfect advertising tool for auto repair and towing businesses. Attaching a scraper to a key chain accomplishes this extended visibility further and is an interesting conversation starter for those who are curious as to the existence of a mini ice scraper key chain.

When looking for a giveaway for the holiday season or a business promotion for winter months, it is easy to see how these useful and cost effective items are chosen year after year. The safety enhancement will be appreciated and utilized by all who receive these, regardless of whether they are advertising tools or recognition gifts.

Posted by Jack Davis