A Predicted Tough Winter Presents You With Marketing Opportunities

The Farmers Almanac for 2015 predicts a bitterly cold winter, including December snow in the Pacific Northwest, above average precipitation in New England, and icy conditions in the South.

These frigid, difficult conditions actually give you a unique marketing opportunity. Winter is a special time to show customers that you care, with Promos On-Time products sure to make a tough season easier.

As winter driving becomes more hazardous, every recipient will appreciate having our ice scrapers and brushes on hand. We have the widest variety of scrapers available: heavy duty, Number 1-shaped, foam grip – even a lighted ice scraper! Keep hands warm with our unique Ice Scraper Hand Mitten. Be sure to check our combo brushes and scrapers, perfect for dealing with snow, ice, and frost. Your name on the handles brings instant recognition.

Everyone knows that it’s essential to keep one’s head covered during cold weather. That’s why our knit caps and beanies are essential promotional apparel. Choose from knit caps with stripes, pom poms, cables–plus one that’s actually luminescent! Complete the outfit with Cyber Gloves and the Knit Scarf with Tassels. Your logo is sure to be seen wherever your customers go. Our winter wear is also great for school spirit and fundraisers.

For the ultimate in winter apparel, choose from our fine collection of jackets and windbreakers. They’re just right for recognizing employees and thanking customers at holiday time, as well as boosting school and team pride among students and staff. Economically priced, these quality items include our pullover, fleece, and squall jackets, among many other contemporary styles. We also offer rain gear and wind shirts to keep every recipient fully prepared for a variety of weather conditions. Be sure to add your embroidered logo to these handsome items.

Winter will be here before you know it. Prepare your customers for the chill – and prepare your business for promotional success through Promos On-Time!

Posted by Jeff Tone