Promote Good Health and Fitness All Summer Long!

beach-photo.jpgNow that the summer has arrived, your customers will be spending a great deal of time outdoors. This is your chance to encourage them to take care of their health and get proper exercise. We’ve got the products that are great for health and wellness fairs, walking clubs, medical facilities, and gyms, as well as for handing out at your facility. Your personalized message on these items is a reminder that you care about your customers’ wellbeing. Our economical prices enable you to distribute these items widely, to customers, friends, associates, and staff.

Walking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get fit. Motivate everyone to start a walking program with our Custom Pedometers. We offer every size and shape of pedometer, with many different functions. As recipients walk, they’ll enjoy seeing how far they’ve traveled, which will keep them going. Take a look at our Eco Solar Pedometer, which never needs batteries! Get up and go with our Touch Screen Pedometer. The Healthy Heart Step Pedometer is great for heart health events. Keep them entertained with the Walk ‘n’ Roll and Stay Fit Radio Pedometers. ID and Flip Clip Pedometers make pedometers easily accessible.

Of course, there are times when one overdoes exercise, and muscles and joints start to ache or one suffers an injury. Our Ice Packs and Heat Pads offer instant, soothing relief. We offer a wide variety of Hot/Cold Packs that quickly start the healing process. Choose from the Duck, Star, Heart, Cool Sun, Football, Apple, Penguin, Baseball, Tooth, and Eye Mask Hot/Cold Packs–whichever best suits your business. Relieve specific areas of the body with our Cooling Scarf, Head and Sinus, and Lower Back Thermal Wraps. Our Round, Mini Aqua, and Plush Hot/Cold Packs are economically priced, enabling you to distribute these helpful items widely.

Education is an important component for all health campaigns. Our Coloring & Activity Books introduce basic health, safety, and nutrition concepts to children. They love our fun stickers and tattoos with positive messages. For adults, hand out Sliders and Guides and Educational Bookmarks on heart care, nutrition, safety, nutrition, breast cancer awareness and more.

Though National Nutrition Month in March has gone, it’s also advisable to combine exercise with healthy eating habits. Here we also offer many great sliders on carbs, cholesterol, childhood obesity, and eating disorders. The Quick Tips for Cutting Calories and Healthy Eating Post Ups go right on the fridge and provide great tips. Provide instant tension relief with colorful food-shaped stress balls. Promote healthy eating with the handy Lunch-To-Go Kit, Snap-A-Snack, and Salad Bowl Set.

With so much to choose from, Promos On-Time is ready to make your promotions successful all summer long. Make your choices and place your order today!

Posted by Jeff Tone

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Triangle Notebook with Pen Holder
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