Celebrate National Nursing Assistants Week

Nursing assistants play a vital role wherever there is a need for attentive, personal health care. They are essential to so many medical facilities: hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, hospice, departments of corrections and any place that offers long-term care.

Working under the supervision of nurses, nursing assistants enable patients to perform all daily tasks, from dressing to feeding to walking to motion exercises and more. They play a vital role in the lives of their clients and apprise nurses of their conditions.

Nursing assistants are qualified professionals. Those who work in a nursing home must pass a state test and are listed in a state registry. Some nursing assistants are certified (CNA), while others are registered (RNA), licensed (LNA) or state tested (STNA).

Due to staff shortages, nursing assistants often have a heavy workload and are under tremendous pressure to care for many patients. That’s all the more reason to salute them for the crucial work they perform. Promos On-Time is ready to help you do so with a variety of products:

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    Whatever you choose, you’re sure to delight your nursing assistants and hold a successful CNA Week celebration!

    Posted by Jeff Tone