Your Name Is “Note”-worthy On Stationery Products!

Stationery: it’s the one group of products that you can be sure will be appreciated and used by every recipient. Every one of your customers has occasion to jot down reminders. Think about the many times you need to make a note or a shopping list or write down an appointment. Your customers do the same.

Stationery, of course, is naturally associated with reading. What’s the first thing customers will read when they look at the stationery products you hand out? Your name. Your imprinted message on page after page amounts to repeat advertising for a long period of time. What’s more, all this repeat advertising comes at a low price.

Promos On-Time offers you the most popular stationery products, great for your promotions throughout the year. Choose from five effective, inexpensive giveaways:

Cube Pads: Whether placed in a kitchen or on an office desk, these pads are always available for a quick note. Your name will also be noted on literally hundreds of pages.

Note Jotters & Memo Pads: Ideal for writing down homework assignments or any daily reminder.

Sticky Note Pads: Popular, multi-colored pads adhere to any surface so they can be placed wherever needed.

Portfolios and Padfolios: Bring them to the next business meeting to take notes, write down ideas and remember job-related tasks.

Clipboards: Powerful clamps hold papers together–and the boards themselves are actually billboards for your business.

Choose an assortment of all five products and distribute them widely to your customers. You’ll reap the benefits of these “note”-worthy promotional products.

Posted by Jeff Tone

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