Helpful Tips For New Businesses

Everyone who’s started a business knows that it involves a great deal of planning and investment. Once a location is secured, employees are hired and loans are established, there’s still the matter of publicity. Promoting your business is a process that never ends. The goal is to make sure that when customers are looking for the type of service or products you provide, you get the call.

Traditional sources of publicity include print, radio and television ads, as well as billboards and business cards. In addition, there are various events that businesses have used to get the word out: charity events, team sponsorships, and golf outings. If a company has the means, it can also play a major role in financing a sports stadium in exchange for naming rights.

In the current digital age, businesses must embrace new forms of technology to communicate their message. It is now common practice to establish a web site, send out email “blasts,” and use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure one’s business shows up during a Google product search. It is also common now to establish a presence on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

One of the best and most economical ways of publicizing one’s business is through promotional products. For much less expense than any other form of advertising, whether traditional or online, a business can hand out products that customers and prospects will use and enjoy every day. A prominent logo on an item can serve as a daily reminder of all that your business offers.

At Promos On-Time, we offer a wide array of products that will help you market yourself day in, day out. When you place your name on a pen, recipients will think of you every time they write. Your business and phone number on a magnet is an instant reminder every time someone opens up the fridge. Apparel displaying your logo is a “walking billboard” whenever it’s worn.

Posted by Jeff Tone