Show Social Workers How Much They Are Appreciated

Social workers work hard to make a positive impact on individuals and families in every community. They offer many services to help those who need it most, whether focusing on everyday problems or treating mental health issues.

Those who concentrate on children and the family help them receive the services they urgently need, whether tending to abused youngsters in child protective services, providing clothing and other necessities for impoverished families, or making arrangements for adoptions. Social workers diagnose and treat children and families when required and help them deal with divorce, mental health concerns, dysfunctional family relations and disruptive or traumatic events.

School social workers work in cooperation with teachers, psychologists and school administrators in both public and private schools. They come to the aid of students who are dealing with issues that impact their schoolwork or affect their sense of well-being. They deal with students who have trouble dealing with stress or anger.

Health care workers provide services in a hospital, clinic or other medical facilities. They might focus on hospice care to tend to the dying or elderly care to assist the aging. They also counsel patients, arrange for Medicaid, conduct support groups or teach health care professionals about the impact that physical sickness may have on mental health.

Social workers who focus on mental health treat people who have such disorders as depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems or bipolar disorder. They provide services at clinics, private practices and residential facilities. They conduct group therapy, crisis intervention and offer training in social skills.

Holding a meaningful National Social Workers Month event is much easier with the right items. Choose from gifts of appreciation that are just right for these outstanding professionals. Present social workers with drinkware, bags, sweet treats and more popular gifts featuring themes that thank them for the services they provide: Caring Is The Business We Have Chosen, Im Appreciated and I Make A Difference.

Posted by Jeff Tone