Grocery Related Promos Fulfill A Marketing Niche

Reaching out to customers, prospects and even staff members constantly requires new methods. Obviously, as a promotional products distributor, we believe imprinted giveaways make the most sense from an economical and effectiveness standpoint. But as technology, buying habits and demographics change faster than ever, it is vital to not only choose the right items, but it is even more important to consider the useage and application.

We constantly search for unique opportunities to get your logo, contact information or motivational message seen and absorbed by customers and employees. Sometimes reaching them in the office means adding to a saturated marketing and outreach environment. So, a take home that can be used outside of work makes a great advertising piece that gets recipients thinking about your organization off the clock.

One such area of promotional product marketing and team building is the food store. Yes, those ten to fifty minutes at the grocery store give you an excellent chance to provide a needed gift that will show off your message to your target audience as well as other shopping cart pushers. Just look at other shoppers the next time they are loading up on food and supplies. Notice that few spend time on their phones or have any other distractions other then the task on hand. With such little competiton, this makes a great place to send a little reminder.

Here are some great personalized items that can get you a step ahead of your competitors and also can send a motivational and loyalty building message to your professionals and other staff members:

With many states and municipalities banning paper and plastic bags to help the environment, reusable shopping totes make all the sense in the world. And with a large imprint area, this is one item that will get your company's name seen by others in the aisles. At just around a dollar a piece, these moving billboards are one of the most ecomical, eco-friendly and effective giveaways you can hand out.
Not all states ban the plastic. A related promo is the bag recycler which allows recipients to store and transport their plastic bags so they can be reused as long as possible.

While most smart phones have a calculator app, many shoppers still prefer to go "old school" with solar or battery powered devices. Eight digit calculators feature room for you to print a logo and short message that will get plenty of looks during the shopping experience.

As it gets harder and harder to stretch a buck, more and more shoppers rely on coupons to help them with their weekly food shopping budget. A great giveaway idea is the Shoppers Coupon Tote which helps keep coupons organized within compartments.
And for those who like to display their writting grocery list, the clever shopping cart clip makes it easy for finding store items without missing a beat.

Posted by Mike Lerner

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