When Selling Your Message - Focus On The Desk

When Selling Your Message - Focus On The Desk Using personalized merchandise to advertise services, thank clients or motivate employees continues to be one of the most effective means in leaving your message. Fewer ideas allow organizations the opportunity to reach a laser focused audience or market place at such a low price. It is far easier than promoting via radio, television or print. And when the right items are selected, there are fewer inspirational tools for the workplace.

It's no secret that promotional items like candy, magnets and pens make great giveaways to lure attendees at trade shows and conventions. And handouts become cherished keepsakes at awareness events, road races, health fairs and charity happenings. But one of the most important uses of promotional products is to promote on a continuing and consistant basis. It is items that will make their home on recipients' desks or work stations that become great marketing and outreach tools. The idea of getting your logo, mission statement, or contact information seen every day is priceless!

Desktop and office gifts and giveaways can be shipped by UPS, Fedex or mailed, but it is best to present them in person. What a great ice breaker for an important sales call or meeting. And what better way to reinforce your message of quality, service, pride and loyalty to your employees or staff.

Here are some wonderful product ideas direct from our website that once imprinted with your custom message and/or logo will create a measurable level of success to your program:

SHOWCASE ALUMINUM PHOTO FRAME Most people like to keep photos of their family, loved ones, friends and even co workers right in eye's view. Often they will face visitors to show off their children, that big fish they caught or acceptable pictures from the last company party. Photo frames make personalized gifts that can be personalized in a subtle way for office and cubicle dwellars and their visitors to see.

MOBILE PHONE STAND It's time to accept that smart phones and sometimes tablets as well cannot be separated from their owners. They have become man's (and woman's) best friends. Embrace technology and accept that many professionals use their cell phones for business more than the provided land lines phones they are provided. Imprinted phone stands will become another desk fixture that allows you to provide yet another reminder.

DIGITAL SWIVEL DESK CLOCK We all need to check the time. Be it an important meeting, lunch or punch out time. With the amounts of looks from clock checking, you are sure to get multiple looks on every work day. A great promotional gift to give your logo the time of day.

FULL COLOR STONEWARE MUG Who does not drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the morning to get the day going? Better than a basic ceramic mug, a mug printed with full color artwork lets organizations leave brilliant logos and photos that will be noticed with every sip.

Posted by Mike Lerner

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