American Heart Month

heart-health-month.jpgFebruary is American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness of the signs of cardiovascular diseases that lead to heart attacks and strokes. Still the number one cause of death in the United States, heart disease can be prevented, detected and treated.

For hospitals, health organizations, senior centers and gyms, education and information is the number one way to start off a campaign to fight heart disease. There are plenty of giveaways, both symbolic and factual. Heart shaped promo items like stress balls, key tags, magnets and clips allow you to print and distrubute a health message to members of your community. Informational handouts cover a wide array of topics related to heart health like diet, exercise, smoking, stress and other much talked about themes.

Some of the most important check points in the fight agains heart disease includes:

Visits to the doctor should be made on a yearly basis, and increase in advanced years when the threat of heart related symptoms increases. A cardiologist can prescribe even more tests to make a life saving diagnosis.

Have cholsesterol checked with a blood test at every visit to a physician. It is an early sign of possible danger, and with the aid of diet or medicine, can be controlled.

Fortunately, blood pressure can be checked as easily at home or a health care center as it can at a doctor's office. High blood pressure can be a symptom of stress. Further steps to improve blood pressure include life style changes, therapy and believe it or not, smiling more.

Staying active by running or taking brisk walks will keep the heart healthy just like any other muscle. Sports, weightlifting and swimming are also great cardiovascular activities that will keep the heart pumping.

Just like a car, the body and heart needs the right kind of fuel. A well balanced diet, low in fat and cholesterol, will lead to a happy heart. Choosing fruits, vegetables over cake, cookies and hamburgers will not only improve one's health, but will also help reduce weight leading to a better appearance.

Smoking is out of the question and excessive alcohol consumption can increase blood pressure, cause dehydration and lead to foolish decision making.

Celebrate American Heart Month by not only handing out promotional or education giveaways, but hang posters and banners around your facility to get the attention of every adult. For a selection of great ideas, click here. For more information on heart disease, visit The American Heart Association website.

Posted by Mike Lerner

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