Top Autumn Marketing Opportunities

The leaves may soon change their colors and fall from their trees, but the autumn season is definitely a rebirth for businesses and organizations returning from their summer vacations.

As employees and students respectively return back to work or school, this is a good time to market yourself. September may just be one of the most active months for just about everyone. Business picks up after the summer slowdown, people start to eat out more (or order in), purchasing increases on a steady basis right into the holidays.

Here are some great areas/ideas to tie your marketing budget to:

This is an obvious one. Back to school is an industry unto itself. From clothing to supplies and fall sports, this market is a big one to tie into. For companies and institutions, a key entry into the school market is through sponsorship. From imprinted pens, rulers and book bags to t-shirts and sports bottles, there is an opportunity to let the community know you are behind the educators and students by making your committment seen and felt.

Colleges and universities provide yet another plethora of opportunity as they are one of the biggest users of promotional products. Personalized items with the school logo or mascot make their way to athletic events, social functions, dorms and welcome back student orientation. In many smaller towns, major universities are the universal center and a part of every citizens' life. Certainly an ideal demographic to promote your brand, products or services.

Another huge area for marketing and promotion ties into the autumn sports season. Football is America's most popular game. Not to play, but to watch. From the stands to the parking lot tailgate, millions of folks take part in football. Custom printed products range from low priced items such as pocket schedules and beer Koozies right up to higher end barbecue gear and giant kegs. These events allow you to show off your message to literally thousands of people at a time.

On a smaller, but more personal scale, soccer and peewee sports allow you to get your name out to local members of the community. Parents appreciate corporate printed folding chairs so they can enjoy waching their kids play fall sports like soccer, midget football and even baseball. Sponsor a team and provide water bottles, backpacks or t-shirts with the team name and your sponsor tag to players and families for goodwill and exposure.

The conference season picks up right where it left off in the spring. Convention centers and hotels around the country fill up with exhibitors and visitors, both looking for each others' products, service and knowledge. If you market yourself through trade shows, then you probably know the importance of handing out cheap giveaways like candy, pens, magnet or other trinkets to attract people to your booth. There is no better way to attract new clients and welcome existing ones then advertising in a captive audience in your specific niche.

Major fall staff appreciation events include Housekeeping Week in September and Customer Service Week in October. Recognizing your team members instills pride, loyalty and confidence which motivates them to help your business or facility shine. Providing tasteful and useful gifts allows you a chance to convey a message that will pay dividends throughout the year.

September and October are busy with nationally known events like Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, National Preparedness Month, Fire Prevention Week, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Red Ribbon (Anti-Drugs) Week. Raising funds and attracting volunteers requires marketing through social websites, flyers, signs and education handouts. Promotional products also lend a hand in driving home a message to community members on topics ranging from health to safety. They also provide a memorable keepsake at awareness rallies, seminars, fund raisers and road races and walkathons.

Posted by Mike Lerner