Tee Off Your Logo for Marketing Success

You may not play golf. You may not be good at golf (like me). You may even hate golf and think it is an elitist game, but you cannot argue that it is a venue for major business.

A friendly game of golf or a tournament can attract many business heavy hitters. Often, an important sales meeting will take place right on the links. If you and the decision makers that shape your organization are avid golfers, then using the fairway to drive your marketing can be a hole in one. (sorry - but that was too easy).

The game of golf can also be an excellent way of blending personalities within your organization. Managers can meet for a day at a local course or take a half day on a business retreat. It is the perfect setting to bring minds together to share something in common while discussing the good of your business.

Because this game is usually enjoyed by professionals, it is important to give a professional vibe to the outing if you are the one planning or hosting the event. Be it a simple game with just one or a couple of other players or an entire tournament that takes over a golf club, it is vital that you provide more than just a score card.

First, make sure to start off with a pre match drink and snack along with refreshment (ususally between the 9th or 10th holes). And finish the game with a lunch or dinner at the club house or a nearby restaurant where deals can be closed and thoughts can be implemented for the following business day.

Second, provide a keepsake for your day for participants to remember this pleasant and hopefully productive day. You can send out golf balls with your logo and tees with your company name days in advance as an invitation or right before a game as an ice breaker. If not driven into the woods or water, you know that quality golf balls made by Wilson, Titleist, or Callaway (to name a few) will be kept and seen the next time recipient play. More permanent promotional giveaways include divot fixers, scoring pencils, accessory bags, umbrellas and sports bottles.

Imprinted golf giveaways are very inexpensive and are items that would have been purchased anyway. And if your outing is extrememly important and you want to leave a lasting impression, you can find pesonalized golf items golf bags and even golf clubs, plus gloves and so many more items.

So, when planning a day away from the office to play golf, let your golf ball, tee and accessories do the job for you!

Posted by Mike Lerner