Trade Show Success With Custom Giveaways

One of the best places to create new business is a trade show or convention. The exhibit part of a conference is where vendors display their goods or services to a captive audience that is in the market for what you have to offer. After all, they did pay good money to fly and lodge for the show and there is an expectation to return to work with new ideas.

It is hard enough trying to land new leads or reach existing customers with frustrating cold calls and road trip sales visits. A trade show has a receptive audience just steps away from your representatives and literature. And you spent good money to send your own people and and a booth, so don't blow it by letting attendees walk right by your display.

Start by making your exhibit stand out. Buy or rent a booth that makes you look like you have done this before. Of course, signage is vital also. You want passersby to see your brandname. In addition, display products or vital information prominently. It is important to leave a great first impression as well as one that lasts so you are remembered when attendees return to their offices.

OK, you have are at the show. Familiar faces are coming by to say hi or make inquiries and some curious folks are also dropping by for information. But, there are probably thousands who continue to walk no matter how good your booth looks or how great your waiting sales pitch is. This is where promotional products come in to importance. Trade show giveaways seem like such a small part of the overall planning, yet can make a huge difference in your success. Here's how; a simple box of free handouts can double or triple your engagement with show attendees as people will venture to your exhibit to grap something that catches their eye. Let's face it, everybody likes free stuff.

Some of the best trade show promo items include candy. Walking up and down endless isles can be tiring and a little pick me up could include a wrapped candy or chocolate. Believe it or not, the positive experience of a sweet will long be remembered and associated with you. That is why it is important to print your company name and information on the wrapper. This way, you can throw a couple of extra candies in their show tote bag to bring back home or to work for a reminder of their meeting with you.

Speaking of tote bags, this is an idea that is sure to increase traffic. Custom convention totes allow you not only a gift for attendees to store your literature or samples, but also a means of showing off your organization's name throughout the show. People will now be looking for your booth. Trade show totes come in a wide variety of sizes and Non- Woven Polypropylene material bags allow you to barely dent your budget.

Other items like pens, magnets and key tags will always be appreciated as handouts, but younger visitors with savy technical skills will love getting accessories for their smart phones and tablets. Items such as phone covers and adhesive pockets assure that your logo and contact information will follow them wherever they go.

So, when you are making your checklist for your next trade show or convention, make sure the personalized giveaways is right up there with the plane tickets and hotel reservations.

Posted by Mike Lerner