Reaching College Students

Early summer conjurs up thoughts of the beach, pool or vacation time, but for college and university administrators, it means school is around the corner. With most institutions starting classes in late August and early September, it means the month of July is a hectic one for making last minute plans to welcome new and returning students.

For most institution leaders, two of the biggest words are 'education' and 'fiscal'. Providing a great learning experience and growth environment must be balanced with tuition receipts and any state/government funding. Besides providing class rooms and possible lodging, it is important to motivate students to participate in school activities, ahere to safety rules and most importantly, attend class and excel. Finding economical and effective reminders to reach college students can be daunting, but there are plenty of choices for a wide variety of activities.

The only way a higher learning instituion can retain or improve its ranking is by the success of its student body. Promote studying by handing out low priced promotional giveaways like pens, usb memory drives, tablet covers and smart phone chargers. Electronic items are probably the post popular items as just about every student communicates, takes notes and even reads with some type of new technology. Personalized accessories give you a chance to print your school logo or mascot and an inspirtation message to to instill pride and motivation.

Only a handful of students might play for the University's football, basketball or other atheltic team. But since all schools also have intramural sports, this is a great place to reach both male and female students. Imprinted apparel, sports bottles and duffel bags are great giveaway ideas.

Everyone reads the news these days about safety on campus. It is a concern more than ever. There are plenty of promotional ideas to give to students to let them know what to do in the case of emergency. Some of the biggest safety topics include drinking, drug use and dating. And then there are every day issues on what to do in case of an emergency cauased by fire or a criminal activity. Finally, theft in dorm rooms and other university areas is always a concern within the student base. Topical education reminders will inform students that your institution and its safety department does not accept inappropriate behavior.

Custom printed promotional items do not necessarily have to be handed out for free. They can be sold to students who are eager to wear them on campus and at home on breaks to show off their alma mater. Custom t-shirts, backpacks, drink ware, license plate frames and technology items can be sold at school events, games, club meetings or if permissable; at school book stores.

Posted by Mike Lerner