How To Order Promotional Items Like A Pro

So you've been asked to take care of the giveaways for your company's next trade show. Or maybe you have been left in charge of an appreciation party. It could be a fundraiser, volunteer recognition day, awareness walk, wedding or hundreds of other events. Some people panic when it comes to ordering promotional products because not only do you have to choose from thousands of ideas, but you have to imprint a logo or message as well.

Here is a quick tutorial on ordering promotional items and personalized gifts the easy way. In fact, the hardest part should be narrowing down what item or items to choose. For that, you only need to know the audience, the occasion and in some cases, the season. It is easy to get feedback from coworkers, friends and family on what gifts or handouts will be the most effective and appreciated. It is also important to think about what you want to print on your items. If you have a logo and 4 lines of text, then you may not want an item with a small imprint area like a lollipop.

Once you know what you want to purchase, it's time to order. Start with the quantity. Always make sure to order slightly more than you need. Especially sought after giveaways like candy. You never know when you may end up short at a convention or health fair.

Next comes the most important part. What to imprint. It all depends on your event. For gifts, a sentiment always makes more of an impact. For awareness and recogniton events, adding the date makes the item a memento for every recipient. And for advertising and branding, your contact information is a must if you want clients and prospects to reach out to you when they need your products and services. If you don't have a logo, or you are a school, there are plenty of stock logos to choose from on Promos On-Time's website.

From there, you want to choose an imprint color to match your organization or your theme. By now, you have chosen the color of the item if there is a choice, so you want the imprint to work well with the product. White on navy; good. Orange on pink; eh. When adding text, be sure to choose a font. You can print in bold block lettering, script and literally hundreds of other typefaces.

Next, choose a method of shipping. If you have waited to the last minute, you don't want to end up getting your items after your required in-hand date. Fortunately, our site contains a calculator on every product page to estimate your time of delivery.

Somewhere in this process, after ordering and before production will be a proof. A virtual image of the item or items you ordered will be emailed for your review. Always take your time and be careful that your images looks the way you want and everything is spelled correctly. You never know when you yourself may have sent information in error.

Once you OK your proof, now just relax and wait for your order of custom promotional items to arrive. From there, you can measure the impact that these items will make on any promotion, event or endeavor you are incorporating them with.

Posted by Mike Lerner