Classroom Participation Key To Earth Day Message

Earth Day BagThe annual observance of Earth Day is one that garners quite a bit of media attention, as well as community activity. But the event gets the most attention in schools throughout the country, where educators take the opportunity to teach environmental responsibility to students. This foundation of caring for the environment is one that will translate into the student developing into an adult who is more likely to make eco friendly decisions. But a simple approach of classroom lesson plans can only take the students so far. It is important that teachers engage students in hands on activities and field trips during and around Earth Day. Participation ranging from growing organic gardens on school grounds to visiting water treatment facilities are some of the projects that can help reinforce the lessons learned during Earth Day.

plant GiftsA vegetable garden is an educational tool on many different levels. In addition to teaching biology, agriculture and responsibility, the garden can be an experiment that highlights the benefits of organic gardening. Classes can set up two gardens, one using organic methods and one using common techniques. In addition to the differences in effort, students can take note of the environmental impact of each approach, recognizing the negative effect that pesticides have on the world around us. Additionally, a test can (hopefully) bring to light how much more flavorful and natural tasting organic produce can taste.

Earth Day Coloring BookA field trip to a water treatment facility or lab can be an impressive event for students during Earth Day. Children can be given a tour that shows the different treatments and processes that must be employed to make waste water safe for the environment. Staff members of the facility can speak about how irresponsible waste disposal and chemical disposal can impact the world around us. Facilities can reinforce the lessons of environmental responsibility by handing out educational coloring books and other reminder giveaways to the visiting class.
Posted by Jack Davis

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